A lot of you guys liked/suggested Kagehina love child so!! (Again, based on this)

Idk this dummy will probably have Kageyama’s resting face but be a huge noob when it comes to compliments like Hinata. And guess who the other kid is~~ 

Hydra Steve!Clone and the Winter Soldier in the battle field.

Headofporridge suggested the clone cannot speak because Hydra surgically removed his vocal cords after the Winter Soldier “malfunctioned” and fatally wounded a lot of their staff due to the sound of the clone’s voice. Either way, he probably uses a combination of ASL and military signing on the field because it is imperative they both remain unseen and unheard.

I like the idea of Clone!Steve being the sniper and the Winter Soldier the brutal force, because eeee role reversals. Also, the Winter Soldier seems less built for stealth and more for absolute carnage, with the guns and machinery he’s packing. It stands to reason the weaker and smaller (for now) Clone!Steve would be his backup from afar, fatally silencing anyone who sees the Winter Soldier.

banana man is returning from the banana market

imagine someone like Darcy Lewis meeting Bucky though. He’s trying to be as intimidating as he can be - his steely eyes are piercing daggers through her own and he keeps clenching his metal arm and she just glances down at it and smugly tells him “Dorothy called. She says the Tin-Man will trade you his newly found heart if you give him his arm back” and his stormy expression gets replaced by crinkles in the corners of his eyes and that’s how the Avengers discover that Bucky snorts when he laughs

heeyoo! <v> so I felt like making a little animal themed playlist for the Hybrid AU. It’s really just a bunch of songs I love that happen to be animal themed, (except for some that I wasn’t able to find/fit genre wise~) so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! <3

[Listen to it here!]

+.☆゚+.☆ 1. My Leather, My fur, My Nails - stepdad // 2. Wolves- Digitalism // 3. We Come Together - Goldfish // 4. Fireflies (remix) - Owl City // 5. Animal- Neon Trees // 6. Animal Arithmetic- Jonsi // 7. Dog Days are Over -Florence And The Machine // 8. Dirty Paws- Of Monsters And Men // 9. Little Lion Man- Mumford and Sons // 10. Howl -Florence And The Machine // 11.  Roar(Cover)- Katy Perry