Jack loves bitty SO MUCH. He can’t stand to see him unhappy, or putting everyone else’s feelings before his own. Jack can’t be happy unless bitty is happy–bitty’s happiness is necessary to him. And he’ll do anything in his power to make to make that happen.

Bitty loves jack SO MUCH. He can’t stand it when anyone talks badly about Jack, because he just wants so badly for all of Jack’s good qualities to be appreciated. He thinks Jack is the most incredible person he’s ever met, and he can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t see the same thing.

Conversation between groups tonight
  • Me:How do you spell the word empty?
  • Friend:what?
  • Me:Is it e m p t y?
  • Friend:yes. How did you forget to spell that?
  • Me:I had a brain fart and was thinking it sounded like it has an M in it, but I was pretty sure for a moment it didn't have an M. I thought it was spelled e a p t y.
  • Friend:eapty? Your brain didn't just fart it blew up.

so I’ve been listening to bet on it on repeat all night and my mind had to make it about malec so??? here you go lmao

Bet On It (1148 words) by auclizzy


Alec is only doing what he feels is right. He needs to marry Lydia. But, when it boils down to it, will he choose her or Magnus?


You okay there Nora?

Side note can’t wait for the rest of this season. It looks like it’ll be awesome