gonsthighs asked:

here's a preemptive bey ask for you, imagine the hilariosity that would be a takao & kai role reversal. them keeping their main personality characteristics but kai being the protag in the dojo w his grandpa. this idea doesn't work out at all but i laughed at it myself ok (actually the grandpa reversal made me laugh the most for reasons)

first kai with grandpa is the sole reason i have that dumb au where gramps adopts kai get real.

BUT NO KAI WOULD BE THE WORST PROTAG ??? s1 ends abruptly when he refuses to go rescue kenny in episode 2. from…. takao having a street gang. by which i mean takao has a bunch of friends who insist that they are A Street Gang and he’s just “lmao u gaiz :)” 

this is terrible and i am laughing too NO TAKAO DOESN’T DESERVE KAI’S GRANDFATHER SAVE HIM