Me before seeing zootopia: I can’t believe shakira has a fucking fursona what is this dumb yiff fest

Me after seeing zootopia: okay but can we stop making fun of the fact that it’s a movie about anthropormiphized animals????? because that’s actually integral to the very successful metaphors about racism and prejudice that the movie sets up. And by making fun of it we’re deligitimizing a genuine (and I think successful) attempt, to tackle issues of systematic oppression in a way that CHILDREN can easily understand. Like honestly turning a studio’s attempt to explain the dangers of systematic prejudice and marginalization to children into one big ‘YIFF’ joke is so fucking annoying?
dumb fest was dumb

The past two days have been some of the most draining and fun days I’ve ever had. Dumb Fest was a complete success and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. Brian put so much effort and time into everything and gosh darn it sure paid off.

I can’t think of a time prior where I’ve seen twenty bands in a row that all killed it. All the local bands played the best sets I’ve seen them play and all the touring bands were nuts.

Soap Scum set the bar high for the rest of the bands with a trash can being thrown into the pit, broom mosh, and Brian eating trash at the end of the set. I enjoyed both screamo band’s sets and hope to see more of Yusuke and Gas Up Yr Hearse. I had a smile on my face the entire time Lumpy and the Dumpers played with everyone’s goofy antics, including a special appearance from the Black Sheep clown! He’s back!
Mother Leopard made me feel hostile and sounded tighter than ever before. Our Lady… whoa. The intensity of them and the crowd was nuts. There was an echo of sound with so many people, myself included, yelling the words and I was delighted by the sad “circle pit”. 
Angry Gods and Shaved Women were my two favorite out of town bands and it was a pleasure to witness Angry Gods for the first time and Shaved Women for the second. I wonder how many cheese balls were eaten off the floor after the Shaved Women set? Tenement, Big Eyes, Caterpillar Club, Need, Horrible Things, and Bailout were all as I expected and I have no complaints. My feet, throat, and multiple cuts and bruises ache. I’m happy. 

I could have not spent my past two days better. I am overjoyed by the success and fun had in this fest. I could not thank Brian, the bands that played, and the people that helped us enough. I have never felt more comfortable in a large setting of people like that before, which for me was a personally astounding revelation that I am still on a high about. I can’t wait for next year to get dumb again.