(The fairy doodle was a practice. I want to try and watch a movie called Strange Magic. So..Don’t mind that. Or me. Just a practice. XD) The doodles I did today were a few. Just a few doodles of my favorite characters from two different fandoms. These two are so cute and adorable. Luckily I have a plushie of Discord and Sonic the Werehog. I don’t have one of Springtrap and Freddy though. ;~; Well! Don’t mind my rambling! XD Hope you all like my doodling! (THE PICTURE OF DISCORD IS NOT MY ART NOR IS SONIC THE WEREHOG. THEY BELONG TO THE ONES WHO DREW THE CHARACTERS. THANK YOU.) Stay sweet everyone! ~Natalie

Okay so call me the dumbest person on earth but do you realize what very startling realization/question I just came across……. like the other month I was pretty dang upset by being spoiler-ed by the fact that Zeref is Natsu’s brother or whatever (BC I DON’T READ THE MANGA MAN ALRIGHT THERE I KNOW I’M ONE OF THE ONLY FANS WHO DOESN’T KEEP UP BUT LET’S LOOK PAST THAT) but ahem yes ANYWAY the realization being that… for every time I reblogged a Zeref-related post before that time, I wonder how it is that I did not clearly see the tag “Zeref Dragneel” that appears like 0.5 seconds after you type “Zeref” as a tag??? I don’t understand how I was so immune to this all this time???

I cant be mad you wanna do you and thats apparent and I wanna be concerned about us and im the dumb one, the lovedrunk one and youre the realistic one, the “if it works out it works out if it doesnt oh well one” and thats okay cause im in some dumb wanna be fairy tale and its stupid. Im honestly just upset cause of how inlove were, “were” its just sad. I dont even wanna keep going with this post. Gnight