as jason will always be latino in my heart, the first time hes around to hear about damian losing a tooth, he spends twenty three minutes (damian and duke keep track) fighting with dick about it, as dick insists damian has to leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy, and jason is like “the fuck he will, damian you need to leave it for el ratón pérez, trust me on this”

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Can you not talk like that please? Or post cosplays? It's really cringey and I don't want people to think all trans people are dumb fairies.

Ok, I generally try to stay reasonably professional on here, but…

Nyeeh nyeeh nyeeh! *throws fistful of glitter into the air*

  • Gabe: Wait. You made your Blackwatch name...McCree?
  • Jesse: Yeah.
  • Gabe: McCree? What kind of stupid name is that, Jesse. What, are you trying to be a gay cowboy?
  • Jesse: No. They let you pick any name you want when you get down there.
  • Genji: And you landed on McCree!
  • Jesse: Yeah. It was between that and High Noon.
  • Jesse: High Noon is the most common agent name ever. Read a fucking book for once.
  • Gabe: Jesse, have you ever met any agent named High Noon?
  • Jesse: Have YOU ever met any agent named McCree?
  • Genji: No. That's cause you picked a dumb fucking name!
  • Jesse: Fuck you.
  • Gabe: Gimme that. Okay. You look like Mercy after the team's Genji has spammed for healing for the tenmillionth time in this picture number one. Number two, It doesn't even have a second name it JUST SAYS MCCREE!
  • Genji: One name? One name? Who are you, Sombra?
  • Jesse: I am McCree.
  • Genji: No you're not. No one's McCree. McCree's never existed because THAT'S A MADE UP DUMB FUCKING FAIRY TALE NAME YOU FUCK!

Fairytales are the biggest deceivers of them all,
and these are the greatest lies
that we have been telling our daughters
from when they are so very small.

Because when girls grow up they realise
that not a single one of those fairy tales are true
so instead the tales I will tell my children are going
to be made of these antiquated stories made brand new.

I’m going to tell them about Red Riding Hood
never stopping to speak to any forest creature
and reached her grandmother’s house
just in time to take an axe to the neck of the big bad wolf.

And about how Snow White would have been killed
had she not learnt self defence from her father’s soldiers
and known how to go for the eyes, the nose, the throat
when the huntsman had grabbed her wrist to force her closer to him.

And about how Cinderella did not let her step mother
get away with treating her like she was a servant in her own home
instead she visited the best lawyer in town and
got the witch and both her girls thrown out, all on her own.

I’m going to teach them about how wrong
the Prince was to try and kiss Aurora in her sleep
because consent is the most important thing
and how she slapped his face instead of wept in relief.

And Alice, dear Alice who went into Wonderland
so completely unprepared, was stupid to be
drinking potions that could be poison
Eating cakes that could have killed her then and there.

What kind of lessons would they learn if I told them
being irresponsible and ‘having an adventure’
was more important that being a good, strong
sensible human being?

What kind of a person would I be if I let them think
such behaviour wouldn’t lead them to be
taken for granted, taken advantage of,
or a much worse fate that I cannot see?

Because the biggest truth about fairy tales
is that they lie to little girls about
always being sugar and spice
and they will get a prince if they play dumb and nice.

The fairy tales we should tell our daughters
should be about strong women with real flaws,
immense amounts of courage
and incredible qualities.

Let us raise girls who don’t just wait to be rescued,
but take their destiny in their own hands,
pick up swords and weapons of their own
and charge to battle dragons and their enemies.

—  Nikita Gil, Feminist Fairytales For Modern Day Little Girls
Bigbang as dads

T.O.P : cries when baby is born, tells to every MC who asks that it was happiest day of his life. Overprotective worried dad 24/7, panics every time his child cries, wants to beat up that kid that stared at his daughter at the park (it takes two hours for his wife to convince him that three year old boys don’t have evil thoughts) Has like 5 paintings of his daughter cause SHE IS ART duh. Also occasionally becomes tickle monster.

G-Dragon : Buys a shit ton of clothes and toys for his child. Doesn’t answer his managers calls because he is too busy having a tea party with his 3year old, also he is wearing pink dress with wings (cause according to his child every tea party is dumb if it’s without fairy princess), misses awards shows to watch cartoons. Brings out his kid to one of his concerts (fans coo at cuteness of them) Doesn’t get tired of listening to his kid talk for hours. Likes kissing his kid on the cheek.

Taeyang: Tries to convince Hyorin to let kid have dreadlocks. Teaches his kid how to swim. They dance together while he is cooking breakfast for mommy’s bday. Kid absolutely refuses to wear any clothes and Hyorin silently curses her choice to marry someone who takes of his shirt at any occasion (they eventually come to agreement - Youngbae and his child wear matching outfits). Recreates pics and videos of his child on instagram (Gah). Sings lullabies.

Daesung: Tries to be strict dad but fails because his kid’s face covered in lipstick is too funny. Wakes up in the middle of the night to change diapers.
Comforts his child after nightmares by inviting him to sleep in daddy’s and mommy’s bed. Cooks animal shaped pancakes just to see his kid smile. Likes petting his little one’s head. Hosts awesome sleepovers for member’s kids (they all learn look at me, Gwisun dance)

Seungri: Has atleast three kids and is insanely proud of their every achievement. There is a bigger possibility of world ending tommorow than Seungri missing kid’s soccer game or school play. Teaches kids how to do business from early age (after all someone will have to take over his business empire). Sends pics of his children’s trophies to other members.
Gets jealous of Daesung and starts teaching them “the real dance”. Gives best hugs and shoulder pats.

6x19 and Parallels

We are seeing a lot of parallels between Emma & Rumpel, including the fact that Rumpel was meant to be a savior, as well.

The Black Fairy/Fiona wasn’t originally a fairy or evil. Her child, Rumpel, was to be the savior, but he was also destined to die by a great evil that was born. She became so desperate to protect her son that she became the very evil she was trying to protect him from.

Just like Rumpel’s mother is the great evil he was/is supposed to face, are Emma’s parents the “evil” she must face, keeping in mind that evil can be defined as anything that keeps you unbalanced?

Whether right or wrong Fiona/Black Fairy was doing what she thought was best to protect her child and although it wasn’t her choice, she ended up separated from him. Snow & Prince Charming chose to separate themselves from Emma by sending her through the wardrobe to try and protect her from the Dark Curse. 

Could it be that the Charmings actually made a correct choice by sending Emma through the wardrobe? Seeing who Emma became in the Wish Realm showed us that she was actually turned out to be a stronger person for not having been raised by them.

Now that they have Emma back in their lives, are they trying to go back in time instead of accepting Emma for the woman she became without them?

The Black Fairy told Rumpel that even if her choice was wrong, she did it out of love. The same could be said of Snow & Charming concerning Emma and some of the decisions they made concerning her.

Rumpel obviously lied about defeating the Black Fairy. I personally think he will do the right thing in the end, but, just like Emma’s story, he has just found out that the woman who abandoned him actually loved him very much, so there is a desire to be with her and a part of him that loves her.

Another parallel can be seen between Fiona and Snow White, considering the name Fiona means white, fair. 

With the way Malcolm acted when Tiger Lily and Blue brought Rumpel to him after sending Fiona away, I found it concerning that they left a baby with a man who obviously resented him.

Something about Blue still doesn’t sit right with me.


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“[Y/N] you should stay here where it’s safe” Peter said slipping on his armour. He was preparing for battle and you wanted to help but he just wouldn’t allow it.

You flared your nostrils “why because I’m a dumb little fairy I can’t fight?”.

“No” Peter insisted “I just don’t want to see you hurt is all. I care about you a lot”.
You weren’t expecting that answer and you felt your cheeks become slightly pink because of it.


a few of my favourite things ☆ (50/50) female characters: winifred burkle

well, sure. it’s a story. once upon a time, there was a girl who lived all alone in a horrible cave - so far from home it made her chest hurt. and every day in that horrible cave, the girl tried to figure out a way to escape. none of her plans ever succeeded, of course, and she’d almost given up hopin’ when one day, just like in a fairy tale - a handsome man rode up on a horse and saved her, and took her back to his castle. now you’d think that was the end, wouldn'tcha? dumb old fairy tales and their happily ever afters. but see, the minute they got back to the castle, the handsome man went away again. and even though she didn’t mean to - didn’t want to - high up in that castle the girl just built herself another cave. hoping he would save her again. but you can’t save me this time. can you?

Red - George Weasley imagine

“Hi! Maybe you could try a George imagine were the reader is blind/deaf/mute? And he’s really nervous about it and Always sats the wrong thing, bur y/n just think it’s sweet?”

I’m having such a mind block… But I was feeling so bad for not posting anything these past few days… I hope the anon who sent me this don’t get mad as I pictured George and Y/N as being kids. I needed something kinda fluffy on my life… Desperately.


“How’s ‘red’, Georgie?”

The toddler looked at the little girl with bright green eyes next to him.

“What, Y/N?”

“How ‘red’ looks like?”

“Hm, I don’t know… I’m not quite sure…” little George gazed at his friend’s static beautiful eyes “Why?”

“Sooner this morning mum said to daddy that search for your daddy was easy. As he had a red-flaming head”.

“We all, actually” he laughs “Its a Weasley thing”.

“I do know what ‘flaming’ is” she laughs, squeezing his hand with excitement.

“Do you?” George sounds genuinely curious, watching her carefully while walking at the Burrow’s garden.

“Yeah, I burned my finger once when I touched a candle” she laughs, and he laughs with her, gazing at the empty space on her mouth without a teeth.

“Y/N, do you want to hear something curious?”.

“What, Georgie?”

“Muggles believe that fairies exchange your teeth for money!”

“Really?” she widen her static eyes, truly impressed.

“What a stupid thing” he shakes his head “Dad loves muggles. But sometimes they can be so dumb. Why would a fairy give you money if she can exchange your tooth for some candy to ruin the rest of your teeth?”.

“You’re brilliant, Georgie” the six-year-old smiles and George blush “But Georgie… How ‘red’ looks like?”.

“Well, just like my hair” he laughs, but then he cover his mouth with his hand, shocked.

“Georgie?” she frowned, worried about his silence.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…” he mumbles, full of regret “I didn’t mean to…”

“To what?” she stops, turning her head to the direction from where she listened to George’s words.

“Mum said to… Well, nothing” he sighs, gazing at your static green eyes “Did you know your dress is red?”

“Really?” she’s’ truly amazed, touching the fabric with her small chubby fingers “How it looks like?”

“Well… It’s, uh, red… “ he began to regret it “And full of dots…”

“How full of dots?”

“Hm, like this…” he starts to poke her arm multiple times, but in a gentle way, making her smile and laugh.

“I feel tickles!”

George laughs, hugging her and kissing the top of her head. He blushed and for a second he feel relieved by the fact that she can’t see him, but then a feeling of guilt engulfs the little seven-year-old boy.



“Charlie went to Hogwarts too?”


“With Bill”.

“Oh, yes, he went”. he frowned, taking care for her little friend not stumble on some roots at the garden.

“When you go there with Fred.. Would you write to me?”

“How are going read it?” he said abruptly, blushing violently as he paralyzed with shame “Y/N…”

“It’s okay” she smiled, squeezing his hand “Mum can read it to me”.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“You need to write about everything, okay?”

“Okay…” an instantaneous sorrow made his eyes filled with bitter tears “Y/N…”


“How… How will us manage to do this?”

“What, Georgie?”

“For you… to go Hogwarts too” he stared her at length, analyzing any change of her expressions. The only thing that George saw was an amused smile.

“I won’t, Georgie” she shrugged, laughing “Mum and dad will teach me at home”.

“But we need to do something, this is not fair! It’s not because you’re blind… Oh, Y/N… “ he cried with regret “I don’t…”

“You’re cute, Georgie” suddenly, she froze in place moving her free hand in the air, until he clasped them together “Promise me that when you grow older you’ll teach me everything you learnt at Hogwarts”

“I do!” he swore wholeheartedly “Everything!”.

“But Georgie…”

“What, Y/N?”

“How’s ‘red’?” she asked with a laugh, hearing him sigh.

“Annoying creature” he smiled, biting his lip, nervous “I… I don’t know how to explain it to you… as you can’t… sorry”

“Can I touch your hair?”

“Uh? Oh, sure” he leaned a bit, and her chubby fingers grabbed, softly, a lock of his red and slightly dry hair.



“That was how red looks like?”

“What do you mean?”

“Thorny” she giggled, amused.

“Nice one” he was blushing, watching her touching the fabric of her dress “A different red”.

“It’s nice to have red hair?”

“Yeah, it is” he shrugged.

“I wish I could know…”


“How red looks like”.

“Why are you so obsessed about it?”.

“Because mum told me it’s your mark and your family’s. She said it’s not quite common… Seems special”.

“It is…”

“You’re a clever boy, Georgie, can’t you… can’t you tell me?” her green clouded  eyes seemed suddenly full of life, like there was something working behind the stalled iris. George felt a punch at his gut.

Biting his lip and taking a deep breath, he leaned to her, kissing her cheek gently. He was sure his face was burning red, like hers.

“Well, It’s how ‘red’… Uh, feels like…”