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I haven’t written in a while, my bad! With my recent cosplay and trying to improve my art skills this kinda got ignored.

So I have now returned with some Nalu dumbness since I haven’t written for these two in a while.

Please enjoy!

“You wanna tell me again how you got in this mess?”

“C’mon Lucy! I’ve already said it twice! Now help me out!”

She stifled another laugh. Hands gripped her knees tightly when she doubled over, unable to keep it in for long.“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Lucy gasped and wiped away the tears gathering in her eyes but was quickly overcome by another fit of howling laughs, ignoring the glare he shot at her as it died to soft sniggers.

“You done now?” Natsu grumbled, hitting her with a look that conveyed his discomfort and annoyance.

“Yeah,” she sighed, eyes filled with mirth and a broad smile on her lips.

Lowering herself to his level, Lucy quickly assessed the problem ignoring his pout that deepened with each second. Now she’d heard of cases where people had gotten their arms stuck in vending machines but she didn’t think that Natsu- regardless of his crazed experiments and stunts- would join the ever growing list of desperate college students.

But there he was, bag tossed to the side with papers spilling out, his body flat on the concrete and his face awkwardly smooshed to the glass, forcing an eye shut.

The worst part?

The arm he had stuffed up in there was not only twisted at an angle that was surely painful but it was right below the prize he’d fought so valiantly for. A Milky Way bar that dangled cheekily above his outstretched fingers. The end of the wrapper skimmed his fingertips. 

Quite cruel now that she thought about it.

Natsu continued to stare, pout unable to go any deeper, as he quietly watched Lucy. She was lost in thought, eyebrows knitted together as she tried to form a plan for his escape.

Letting out a heavy sigh Lucy sat next to him, fixing him with a solemn expression. She mussed up his hair, “You really wanted that candy bar didn’t you?”

Is that all you have to say?! I thought you were thinking up something useful!! You’re the smart one afterall!!”

“You’re smart too, and you have your arm in this thing.”

“Fine.” he growled,” The smart-er one then. The one who I called when I realized I couldn’t get out of this mess. The one who I figured would tell me off about how stupid this was and then -hopefully-get me out without hitch.”

“And i’m glad I was the first person you thought of,” she replied, slowly rubbing his head, “and that you hold me to such a high standard. But really……..

I don’t know how you even got your arm in there,” she glanced down and his eye followed, the regret clear in his grimace, “ nor how you managed to grab your phone out of your back pocket to call me.”

“i’m flexible.” he deadpanned. 

Lucy hummed in agreement and with the last pat to his head, she finally turned her efforts to get her friend out.Gently, she tugged on his shirt that was bunched up around the opening so she had a clearer view.

Lucy figured that once this ordeal was over she’d have to sit down and ponder how this even happened. Natsu was all muscle- not bulky like Gray or Gajeel- but muscle enough. The opening looked barely big enough for her own arm much less his meaty one.

But like everything else he did, he proved assumptions wrong, and it seemed to be taking its toll. 

Where the metal dug into his skin had turned an angry red and was starting to bruise from his fruitless attempts to free himself before she got there. He whimpered when she brushed over a particularly tender area. “Sorry.” she mumbled.

Lucy still kept a hand near the machine while the other groped behind for her bag. Natsu raised an eyebrow when she pulled out a tube of lotion and began squeezing out copious amounts on him.

“Wazzat supposed to do?”

“Hopefully, help you slide out.” she explained, spreading it around, “I think that should be enough. Now  I want you to try and pull out.”

Despite his position, a wry smile made its way to his lips. Before he could even say anything Lucy cut him off. “If you make a dirty joke i’m leaving.”

His smile died with a mumble when he did as told. Natsu’s sneakers scrabbled for hold on the ground, grunting then stopped a minute later with an annoyed huff when he hadn’t budged an inch.

“Wow you are really stuck in there.” Lucy muttered, crouching for closer inspection. She gingerly poked and prodded, applied more lotion and tried herself this time with no help from Natsu.

 He was too busy having a meltdown.

“So this is how it ends for me. To think, the one time I got caught in a dark place of stress and hunger I actually put my trust in something that belongs to the school. Desperation drove me to this fate and now, with Lucy as my sole witness, I accept it as I know now that I am forever tied-”

“Oh quit your drama!” she snapped “Just because I can’t get you out doesn’t mean you’re stuck here.”

Once more Lucy made another grab for her bag, instead bringing out her phone. She rapidly dialed a number. “I’m calling Gajeel.”

His dramatic monologue- which continued even as she dialed away- stopped instantly, his jaw went rigid and his eye sharpened despite something akin to embarrassment flashing within it. “The metal head? Why him?”

“Who else do you know with enough tools to get you out?”

“But I can’t let him see me like this!” He protested, cheeks flushing pink. “That guy’s already got enough stuff on me to laugh about, we don’t need to add anymore to his list!!”

Lucy ignored him and began to calmly explain what’s happening when her friend’s voice crackle to life on the phone. He agreed (after a roar of laughter so loud even Natsu heard it) and hung up after stating to be there in 10 minutes.

Natsu’s pout returned as she settled next to him. “What’s with the look?”

“You called Gajeel.”


“He’ll never let me live this down!”

“And you think I will?” she smirked. He groaned in response. “But hey, look on the bright side.”

“There is no bright side to this.” He pressed himself closer to the vending machine, as if seeking comfort.

“Gajeel only wants one thing from you in return for helping you out.”

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?”

“A picture.” A flash of light sealed Natsu’s look of mixed horror and betrayal away on her phone as Gajeel’s prize. She quickly stuffed it in her pocket before his desperate fingers could snatch it from her hand.

“I can’t believe you just did that!!”

“Did what?” she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes.

“I should’ve never called you.” he scowled, “I’ll never forgive you .”

“You’ll forgive me by tomorrow.”

“No, i’m serious. When I get out of here we’ll never be friends again.”

“You love me too much for that to happen.” Lucy teased.


anonymous asked:

that dumb Rave Master and Fairy Tail theory you posted is so stupid. Jellal is so much better than Sieghart, and if anything, Rave Master would have come first since it takes place in the year 0050 and Fairy Tail takes place in 791.

alright so ignoring how far back you must have dug to find that post and just about everything else this says…

tada! saying 0066 is just an abbreviated 10,066!