Okay honestly, Rucas shippers aren’t even asking for much… 🙃 like we’re not asking for a kiss to happen or a whole episode just about rucas (but that would be cool) but like seriously…. A hug???? That could’ve lasted like 5 seconds…. Like why did that need to be cut?🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

… getting into the SAME accident that almost cost you your carreer either shows great stupidity, great recklessness or somethig entirely more worrying. Are you just carelessely stupid, or are you depressed enough to just sabotage everything you worked for?
I mean, i know driving in Korea is a LITTLE different (and idk it felt a lot more dangerous :’D) than in France, and I know i’m a lot more uptight about driving while intoxicated than a lot of French people, but omfg Kangin can’t you see how dangerous it is? Not only for you but for others? Could you live with someone getting hurt/paralyzed/killed on your conscience?? I LOVE YOU BUT IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE DO IT WITHOUT ENDANGERING ANYONE??
I mean
I’m just going to worry abt your well being/your careless stupidity now THANKS

When you instinctively bottle up your feelings so much that your mom says she doesn’t even know what your face looks like when you’re angry or sad or upset

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ok i have a dumb question but bear with me cause im still a baby witch. i was making eggshell powder to use in future protection spells and which i was crushing them, i was watching a video about it. while making her powder, the woman already set the intents and prayers and etc. but do i need to set the intent right away? can't i do that while making my spell? like i was crushing and not even thinking about anything...

Not a dumb question! You don’t have to do it yet. That would be like saying that you have to have specific intent already in mind at harvest or when buying any other supply. Nothing wrong with setting up blanks for future use!