Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.

incomplete list of things this hellsite has done:

calling japanese characters ‘weeaboos’

lucio opening his mouth and it’s just butchered aave

‘it’s a cop-out if zarya’s confirmed to be gay because we already knew she was’

‘widowmaker can’t be black because she’s french’

‘i’m an artist brown skin under very bright light can become white’

hanzo shimada the world’s most unfeeling and abusive man

gabriel reyes the terrible abusive second-in-command monster


(my personal favourite) ‘for the purposes of being culturally and racially insensitive i will now make hanzo a Dumb Asian just for a stupid headcanon’

I went to the zoo today and I thought I looked cute

  • me with headphones in: wow! this song is so good!
  • friends: play it out loud, we wanna hear it now.
  • me: *plays HERO by MONSTA X*
  • that ghostly pale cunt karen under her breath: does she have to play that dumb asian music in bio?
  • me: *jumps on lab stool*
  • me: YES, YES I DO.
  • karen: well can't you turn it down?
  • me: *jumps down from lab stool*
  • friends: *stare at me as i dance in karen's ugly face like a maniac.*
i’m going to push my limit now

i promised i would help my mom with our financial issues and i will.

I won’t ask for donations. My dumb asian pride won’t allow me to; so I’ll WORK my butt off for it. While I have a good row of digital orders to finish on the list, I need a little extra push to hit what i need. so

*Traditional commissions now open.

These are more expensive than my digital stuff as I’m extremely low on materials and cannot afford to get new ones but I will WORK WITH WHAT I HAVE LEFT, thus the limited slots.

* The original pieces can be mailed to you if you’d like (shipping to U.S is around $1.30 - $2).

*Send a message to @sai-shouart if interested.

*Digital commissions list here

*Payment upfront, this isn’t like digital where I can ctrl + z for you.

1. Pencil / Colour Pencil Sketch (3 slots left)

Bust ($5) // Half-body ($10) // Full-body ($15)

2. Inked  (sold out)

Bust ($8) // Half-body ($15) // Full-body ($20)

3. Watercolor chibi (sold out)

Comes in full-body only ($14) // No Colour ($10)

4. Ink Brush (sold out)

Comes in Bust ($8) // Half-body ($14)  only

6. Laminated keychain / card / bookmark (just add $2 to any order)

If you’re afraid it’ll be damaged during shipping, I can also do this for you if you’d like (these are watercolor chibi samples):

This can be applied for Digital Chibis as well.

*Can be applied into making rectangular bookmarks too (comes with ribbon / string color of your choice).

*Willing to do for non-chibis, but the design has to be suitably-sized for it.


> Currently only working with A5-sized paper ( 14.8cm x 21cm )

> Yes keychain strings will be provided.

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