Have we ever discussed the fact that 2001 - 2012 Disney channel’s shows all had strong female leads, with the exception of Zack and Cody but they had a black man in charge, a smart poor white blonde girl and a dumb rich Asian so still beautifully diverse.

Disney was 100% female empowerment and showed diversity. Who did they employ to create the shit they have today?

Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.


MTV Decoded | Do These Celebs Look Alike?

We all know, that some celebs look eerily alike. But some people regularly confuse celebs of color who don’t look the same at all. And it’s not just the celebs! Lots of people say dumb things like “All Asians Look the Same” or “All Black People Look the Same.” And this is because of scientifically documented effect called Own-Race Bias. What is it? Watch the episode to find out!!!

Locker Troubles?

Since we’ve seen that it was in fact, Kimberly’s locker that was vandalized, here’s a fic. Warnings: Rasism, Homophobia, Transphobia, fighting, and being a dick.


  Just for the record, Kim had never been picked on in school before, so it came as a shock to her when kids started writing things on her locker. At first she didn’t think much of it, then she went and cut her hair and all bets were off. The only thing worse was that Kim thought she deserved it.

  Trini had already got detention for ripping her locker door off once, so it wasn’t surprising when she did it again.

  “Babe you can’t just keep ripping my locker up when someone writes on it.” Kimberly says one day after Trini ripped the door off for about the third time

  “Can and will.” Trini said.

Kim sighed but let it go. That is, until lunch came around and she and the gang turned a corner.

Kim had been on her way to get her biology textbook from her locker with the team, when Ty and Amanda had cornered her.

  “Hey there Kimmy. How are you?” Amanda sneered.

  “Fine. Can i get to my locker?” Kimberly asked.

  The two moved over to let Kim open her locker, only for her to find it had been vandalized. Again.

This time they had written across her locker ‘go back to India,’ along with a picture of Donald Trump holding what looked like her head. 

Under that was a bunch of racial slurs and just plain curse words.

  “Wow Kim, I can’t believe how far you’ve fallen. You used to be one of us, now look at you, hanging with the dumb Asian, The trans Kermit the frog, The retarded kid, The school dyke, and Jason Scott.” Ty spit.

“Shut up Ty.” Zack said angrily.

  “Are you talking to me? Sorry I didn’t know you came to school enough to actually know how to speak correctly.” Ty smirked.

  “Back off Ty. Leave him alone.” Trini said.

  “No one asked you Dora. go back to Mexico before i call border patrol. No one likes filthy dykes like you anyway.” Amanda spoke up.

  Trini was fuming and glared at Amanda and Ty.

  “Can you just go away. I just wanna get my stuff.” Kimberly asked stiffly.

  “Sure Kim. Just admit that you’re a loser and a dyke who can’t decide on what she likes.” Ty said.

Out of the corner of her eye Kim saw a flash of yellow cross her and go straight for Ty. The rangers stood shocked as they watched Trini and Ty scuffle on the floor. Ty managed to land a punch on Trini’s jaw.

Kim ran over to them and pulled Trini off Ty.

  “Watch your fucking girlfriend Hart. Next time I’m calling border patrol.

Ty and Amanda walked away mumbling more profanities.

  “Damn T, way to take one for the team.” Zack cheered.

  “Yeah well, my girl was having locker troubles.” Trini blushed.

  “Yeah yeah Trini is a hero, gay shit, can we PLEASE go get some food now?” Tommie yelled.

Kim wrapped an arm around Trini and kissed where a bruise was forming on her jaw.

  “Your my hero Trin.” Kim whispered.

story time that no one asked for

I was at marina barrage (tourist spot here in singapore) with my friends yesterday and this caucasian woman comes up to me and asks,
“do you speak english?”
and I was in a semi-bad mood so I responded with,
“everyone in singapore speaks english”
“oh good, because you can never be sure with asian people; they’re less-” and she pointed to her head like she was suggesting asians are dumb
she looked dutch, but didn’t have an accent so I wanted to ask her,
“can you speak dutch? because I’m willing to bet you can’t. at least I can speak my native languages” (I’M FUCKING TRILINGUAL YOU DUMBASS ok not really but shhh)
she asked me for directions, paused and said,
“you can understand me, right?”
I was so done at that point so I said, “indubitably. it would be ludicrous and idiosyncratic for you to think otherwise.” in a really pretentious voice
so whatever I told her how to get there and she said thanks but just as she was walking away my friend blurted out,
“the top 4 countries in terms of academic calibre are all asian countries, by the way!”
and the woman looked so dumbfounded yes I love my friend

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dude did u even R E A D kosme's callouts she's done some bad shit

This is the only one I found: https://kosmecallout.tumblr.com/post/155030521417/callout-for-kosme and the link on it to another callout doesn’t work (it just sends me to an ad, idk if it’s a problem on my end or with the link).

…and the first thing on there is a Snow filter being called yellowface. I use those filters, they’re not yellowface, they just make your eyes look bigger and your face look smaller. They’re just cute.

Okay, here’s the thing, the problem with blackface is that it’s got a cultural history of being used to insult and mock black people via caricature, so when someone paints their face black or brown in that style and for the sole purpose of being a black caricature it’s bad, but when someone paints their face black because of a separate cultural practice (ie Morris dancers here paint their faces because the miners who used to dance painted their faces black with coal, to help people focus on the bright colours and movement of the dance rather than individual people or faces) or paints themselves for a cosplay (like the person who cosplayed Garnet) it’s an entirely different scenario and it’s not blackface, and when someone tans or uses fake tan it’s definitely not blackface. It’s also not blackface to wear clothing or makeup that is popular among black people, and so wearing clothing or makeup that is popular among Asian people is not yellowface… and using a face morphing feature on a popular app definitely isn’t.

Before I go on, I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what this girl has done - there is absolutely no excuse to stalk and harass someone irl.

Moving on with the callout post.

Oh it has links explaining why Snow is yellowface! Let’s see…

1. It’s kawaii and an Asian person says so.

2. It’s “imitating” people who are striving for features they don’t have.

3. Another girl did the same makeup with the goal of looking like an Asian.

So, for one, kawaii fashion is a fashion, it’s not poorly imitating an Asian person’s skin for the purpose of mockery like blackface. Cultures and fashions are shared amongst people who enjoy them, that’s life. For the second one… like… neither the Asian people doing the makeup nor the white people have those features or necessarily appeal to the beauty norms without the makeup, plus individuals doing it on both sides do it for far more reasons than to “imitate features” like that they simply like the fashion. I mean, your argument is “society tells people to look like this so we try to look like this but you’re not allowed to try to look like this”??? And for the third, first off, they’re imitating a fashion style, a makeup style, not parodying a person’s skin colour and race; secondly if you think calling an Asian fashion trend that was inspired by English fashion “yellowface” then you’re dumbing Asian people and cultures down to a fashion that originated in western culture and saying that wearing that fashion is a parody of Asian people, which is bollocks. The girl who did the Korean makeup tutorial on YouTube (a different girl to the one the callout is even for) is clearly a YouTube makeup artist showing off her makeup abilities. Sure, the YouTuber is dressing up as an Asian and some people might take offense to that and I can kinda understand, but it’s not the same as blackface - blackface doesn’t even involve trying to look like an actual black person for one thing; they smear on black or brown facepaint and giant red lips, it’s a mockery, an insult. Calling it “yellowface” is undermining what blackface actually is, just as calling things that aren’t blackface “blackface” is. (PLUS none of that actually addressed the Snow filter, it’s all about makeup and fashion.)

Back to the callout.

She insulted a Mexican one time (no context for that so no idea why she said it - everyone uses insults that they later regret while in heated arguments or when annoyed at individuals, I have no context for whether she said it because she actually hates Mexicans or whether it was just one individual that she insulted, but in the context of the callout it’s being used to make her look racist when it could easily be a spat between two people that she went too far in, so I’m reserving judgement on that). She also sassed back to anons and people going after her, oh the audacity.

Whether she apologized to this Mexican person is apparently up for debate, but all of the screenshots the callout post claims to have are showing up as URL not found. So I’m reserving judgement on that one too.

The IDing outside of her race thing confuses me - are we talking kintypes or Dolezal? I’d like some more context on that. What Dolezal and people like her do is insert themselves into minority support groups and advocacy things under false pretenses, appropriate transgender language and thus imply that there’s a “white brain” and “black brain” which simply isn’t true (and has gross race realism vibes), and they don’t appreciate the culture or share it pleasantly but instead claim to be something that they’re not in order to feign what would be seen in their ideology as a “legitimate claim” to that culture - if that’s what she’s doing I’ll complain about that, but if she just has a kintype or something that’s Asian then that’s not a problem, it’s not the same situation. Again, this fucking vague ass callout is making it hard to actually judge the situation.

As for the last thing, yeah, she fucked up on that one; telling people to slit their wrists and die is not cool. One question though: why does this callout once again claim something without providing links to the majority of the claim… it says that she’s talking about one specific group, mixed race people, but doesn’t provide proof that that’s actually what she was using “race faker” to mean? I mean, this callout post needs to provide proof of that because that sentence, telling anyone to die, is bad enough, but if she genuinely does mean mixed race people then you can report that as hate speech.

…notice how I said “report that as hate speech” not “go harass her and then stalk and bully her irl at a convention”. Vigilante mob justice isn’t the solution to this or anything.

~ Vape

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Do you know how to explain to parents that you're too dumb for the AP classes they're forcing you to take? I'm assuming you don't though, cause you're p smart. But I figured you might know.

Nope I’m a mythical creature “ the dumb Asian”

Can we talk about Japanese Percy please?

  • Sally not being all that surprised when she finds out she’s sleeping with the god of the sea because hey japanese people have worshipped the sea for years
  • she even asks him if isonade is real one night when she’s drunk and can’t stop giggling and he looks at her likes she’s the cutest thing on the planet (because she is)
  • He gets Sally’s silky black hair and her tan skin and Poseidon is h a p p y
  • Percy speaking fluent Japanese !!!!! (and turning everyone at camp on)
  • Sally and Percy refusing to speak anything but Japanese to each other after Gabe said it was a language for “chinks” and being an overall racist prick
  • Percy being able to transition between Japanese, English, and Greek so well it actually terrifies annabeth
  • Fourteen year old Percy wanting to be friends with Ethan because he was the only other Japanese kid at camp and he sympathized with Ethan for feeling like an outsider
  • Percy hating school because of the little shitheads that would tease him and say “you’re too dumb to be asian/i thought asians were supposed to be smart”
  • Percy watching his mom work and seeing how easily she could crunch numbers or watching her finish reading her novel before he even finished going down the slide and feeling s a d
  • Ofc Mama Sally told him he was perfect the way he was, he still can’t shake the feeling of constantly not being smart enough
  • When he meets Annabeth at her egotistical bratty stage and sees how she looks down at him for not being a genius he wants to punch her in the mouth (with his mouth)
  • Little Percy going through pictures of his mom dressed in her kimono looking all types of gorgeous and thinking she’s the prettiest woman in the world
  • Older Percy finding out kimonos are the latest “trend” this year and just    s i g h s
  • Percy being really close to his grandparents and visiting them at least once a year back in Japan
  • Percy really respecting his elders like everyone thinks he’s some punk ass kid but he really helps old ladies with their groceries
  • This even applies to the gods because even though they’re assholes and deadbeat parents for the most part he does respect them on some level
  • Percy cooking super spicy soba noodles and  Okonomiyaki for Annabeth/Jason/anyone that is willing to have their taste buds burnt off
  • Percy being the ultimate sushi snob
  • Percy giving everyone cute lil japanese nicknames especially a certain scary son of hades
  • Percy and Drew talking shit in Japanese
  • Drew meeting Sally and the two of them becoming gal pals who love tea and have the shiniest hair on the block
  • Nico impressing Sally with how much of Japan he’s visited because of shadow travel mishaps
  • Percy taking all the new asian campers under his wing and making sure they felt at home at camp, especially the ones who can’t speak english too well
  • Percy teaching his kids how to speak Japanese and telling them they’re doing amazing even when they fumble over all the words and being super proud of them trying because they know how much it means to him

Japanese Percy warms my cold heart <3 

incomplete list of things this hellsite has done:

calling japanese characters ‘weeaboos’

lucio opening his mouth and it’s just butchered aave

‘it’s a cop-out if zarya’s confirmed to be gay because we already knew she was’

‘widowmaker can’t be black because she’s french’

‘i’m an artist brown skin under very bright light can become white’

hanzo shimada the world’s most unfeeling and abusive man

gabriel reyes the terrible abusive second-in-command monster


(my personal favourite) ‘for the purposes of being culturally and racially insensitive i will now make hanzo a Dumb Asian just for a stupid headcanon’

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night. It was pretty good - it had a decent plot, great humor, great action. I didn’t like Mantis. She was essentially the “dumb, subservient Asian” that most of Western culture seems to jack off to. It’s no surprise considering the history of how Asian women are hyper sexualized and fetishised as submissives.

  • me with headphones in: wow! this song is so good!
  • friends: play it out loud, we wanna hear it now.
  • me: *plays HERO by MONSTA X*
  • that ghostly pale cunt karen under her breath: does she have to play that dumb asian music in bio?
  • me: *jumps on lab stool*
  • me: YES, YES I DO.
  • karen: well can't you turn it down?
  • me: *jumps down from lab stool*
  • friends: *stare at me as i dance in karen's ugly face like a maniac.*
i’m going to push my limit now

i promised i would help my mom with our financial issues and i will.

I won’t ask for donations. My dumb asian pride won’t allow me to; so I’ll WORK my butt off for it. While I have a good row of digital orders to finish on the list, I need a little extra push to hit what i need. so

*Traditional commissions now open.

These are more expensive than my digital stuff as I’m extremely low on materials and cannot afford to get new ones but I will WORK WITH WHAT I HAVE LEFT, thus the limited slots.

* The original pieces can be mailed to you if you’d like (shipping to U.S is around $1.30 - $2).

*Send a message to @sai-shouart if interested.

*Digital commissions list here

*Payment upfront, this isn’t like digital where I can ctrl + z for you.

1. Pencil / Colour Pencil Sketch (3 slots left)

Bust ($5) // Half-body ($10) // Full-body ($15)

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Comes in full-body only ($14) // No Colour ($10)

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6. Laminated keychain / card / bookmark (just add $2 to any order)

If you’re afraid it’ll be damaged during shipping, I can also do this for you if you’d like (these are watercolor chibi samples):

This can be applied for Digital Chibis as well.

*Can be applied into making rectangular bookmarks too (comes with ribbon / string color of your choice).

*Willing to do for non-chibis, but the design has to be suitably-sized for it.


> Currently only working with A5-sized paper ( 14.8cm x 21cm )

> Yes keychain strings will be provided.

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