dumb vampire

we need less edgy dramatic scary vampire content….. and more funny lighthearted vampire content… where are my blood type memes… my lack of reflection jokes…. my dumb clumsy endearing vampires

Hey guys!! 

I know it hasn’t really been a minute since I’ve been posting like left and right this last month or so, but I’ve been getting a lot of notes and emails and all sorts of stuff so I figured I’d just throw down some quick updoots to get you all in the know (or at least my version of the know, we’ll figure that part out later)

FIRST OFF I want to thank every one of you out there who’s supported my art either through your likes, reblogs/retweets, and even Patreon support (which has gotten up to $200 a month wow!!) It’s only been like what, a year since I started posting art to the furry fandom and it’s been just a heck of a ride the entire way. Like I nearly went from 400 followers about a year ago to literally almost 7 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS???

If you had asked me if any of this was possible on my end about a year ago, frankly I’d tell you it was just a far off fantasy. BUT JOKES ON PAST ME BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME CRY IRL EVERY DAY. SO JUST THANKS. WOW. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! 

(and if you’ve been one of those people behind the scenes pushing my butt in the right direction, I love you just that much more. you all know who you are uwu)

SO AS YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED I’ve been doing a butt ton of art (specifically commissions!) very recently, and it’s been a heck of a refreshing change for me to just do some quick lil animated bits and layout stuff ! But the real world is scary and wants money so i’m also on the hunt for a more permanent job situation while I manage some of these upcoming projects and commissions. I will say definitively I’ll be closing off commissions for the upcoming month (but I’ll get to that in a sec)

The big one being my Chuck and Deen reboot, which is now officially going under the name HOW I LEFT TOWN (AND GOT LOST FOREVER)

The comics going under a serious overhaul in terms of tone, style and writing, but you’ll be seeing a return of all your fav characters in something I’m hoping will reflect a lot of the themes my artworks been giving off this last year. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be super gay, and it’ll have lots of spooks! So here’s hoping I can deliver something special when I find the time to get posting.

The elephant in the room for me atm is my unfinished senior film that’s been sitting in limbo since I graduated from SVA. It’s literally just waiting to be finished (after some technical issues regarding time and coordination) and tbh it’s just a load of demo reel/portfolio material waiting to be unbenched, so I’ve decided to make that my first priority before my next big contract this coming month. I’m hoping I’ll have a good film to show for and finally a finished project under my belt by the beginning of July, so cheer along and look forward to some dumb teen comedy about vampires and terrible pizza!!

From there, I can definitely see myself dedicating my free time to making progress on my new comic and just tons more of the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing me post recently. Here’s hoping I can pay back all the kindness and love I’ve received this last year uwu


Need to finish my student film before I get rolling on the new Chuck and Deen to get them sick career opportunities. Commissions are kind of closed. I love all of you. Deuces. 

  • Me, When I First Started Studying Dracula: Oh my gosh! Everyone knows more about this book than I do, and they are probably right about it being about Victorian apprehensions about sexuality and reverse colonialism and stuff. My dumb vampire feelings are probably misguided.
  • Me, Midway Into Studying Dracula: Wait! Everybody is actually wrong and ignoring a lot of useful primary documents! How dare people mischaracterize Lucy as subtextually promiscuous!? Haven't they made an extensive study of Stoker's Edwardian romances and listed sources on mesmerism!? The fools!
  • Me, Now: (staring languidly into space, possibly drinking) How do I work around the time difference so that I can ship Quincey Harker with Renesmee Cullen...? (pushes paper draft due tomorrow off of table) If I stat vampire Mina using 3rd Ed... what sort of Koldunism do I give her...? (drinks more, pulls up Thomas the Tank Engine theme on Youtube, lies on floor using unread textbook as a pillow) What if Bram Stoker was... a train?

thevorpalbook  asked:

Hi there! I'm the Anon who submitted the ask about Older!Jane + Alec being good with women, because I looked at and went "this is dumb and I will be laughed at". On a similar note, what headcanons do you have for everybody's fav sad vampire twins and the coven being parental at them? Because I am 100% here for the coven being the mom/dad figures for the twins x5. They need adults who love and value and care about them damn it, their canon life is way too sad and lonely

[A point of order: your older!Jane + Alec ask was a goshdarn delight; thank you so much for sending it along.] And now, without further ado, time for ridiculous familial fluff. 

  • Aro, for the most part, is extremely emotionally open. As a result, when he’s proud of his tiny vampire kiddos which is always, he can’t stop telling people about it and taking pictures and scrapbooking them and reminding Jane and Alec that they’re the best. The twins have never had to ask themselves whether Aro loves them because there he is right now, being enthusiastic and reassuring. 

  • If Aro is Unconditional Positive Regard Dad, then Sulpicia is Scarily Overprotective Mom. She’ll take Jane and Alec’s side reflexively because they’re hers; nobody else gets to be angry with them. Also, she totally lets them look at/play with all the cool stuff she’s hoarded over the years, which is a privilege she doesn’t extend to many. Jury’s still out on whether letting kids play with skulls counts as reasonable parenting. 

  • Caius is bad at feelings. In related news, water is wet and the sky is blue. Instead, he worries about the practical stuff. Are the twins safe? Do they have socks? Did they pack said socks? Are they consuming age-appropriate media that makes them happy? Caius has a lot of frantic lists in his day-planner pertaining to Jane and Alec. Somehow, they are very important to him, and how did this happen?? 

  • Athenodora is great at distracting the twins when they’re sad. If Jane has a bad day and hates her appearance, she curls up with Athenodora and they watch crappy 60s horror movies. Meanwhile, when Alec is bored, he can usually convince Athenodora to set things on fire with him. She’s pretty good at making stuff explode in entertaining ways. ( Felix is better, but he can’t pull out the “It’s science and therefore educational” defence as well as she can.)

  • Marcus is gentle and patient and legitimately fond of talking about feelings. As a result, he’s the perfect sounding-board for all of the twins’ crushes. When either of the twins meets a pretty girl, he’ll happily listen to (extremely florid) descriptions of her hair and freckles and eyes and smile, quietly suggest good topics of conversation, and reassure Jane and/or Alec that yes, they’re perfectly lovely and worthy of relationships.