dumb vampire

blood is thicker

shimadacest week day two: alternate universe/mythology
(hanzo hires renowned vampire hunter mccree to find the vampire who’s been attacking members of the shimada clan; he neglects to mention that he knows exactly who this vampire is until it’s a little too late)
(it’s a little mcshimada, mccree is a menace)

In an instant, McCree realizes what he’s been missing this whole time. Fierce-eyed Hanzo and his mysteries, his crack aim, his sadness. The vampire with the green hair makes a sound caught somewhere painfully between a sob and a growl, and suddenly it all slots into place.

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no i didn’t spend all evening drawing dumb vampire stuff SHUT UP

I swear to god my drawing ability has really gone down the shitter lately. This is v frustrating and I blame the weather (it’s cold)

Also I draw the same face constantly go me hahahaha ugh


i look like some ridiculous fratboy in the second picture but it was the only one that could balance the second rip