dumb things

I want a girlfriend that I can send cute messages to whenever I want and dumb selfies and she won’t get scared away and when we’re together we can just absent mindedly touch or brush against each other or I can rest my hand on her butt or all of those things and kiss her cheek when she’s cuddled in my arms and UGH man I want a girlfriend

I’m sorting/deleting my old word files in all of my flash drive’s folder and i found some old ideas from 5 years ago that i had in my nuzlocke which are fucking beautiful

Beta Noah was a happy character and then right after I think I crossed that idea out and made Beta 2 Noah with canon Hayes’ personality who kinda accidentally punches Beta Gabe’s face??? Thinking that he was a Rocket member??????????????? damn gabe gets no fucking breaks in this nuzlocke

Beta Azel was planned to be like… 3 years older than canon Senna… Basically around 19 years old? And during their first encounter in the Sprout Tower, Senna uses Foresight and fucking kicks Azel in the package when he just appears out of nowhere and I am kinda sad that this did not happen in the comic

I am…………….going to keep these files…………………….


If you ship Pewey and you’re on the rise                                                               You can count on the lesbians blocking your ass                                                   Cause you’re really fucking lesbophobic                                                                 Pewey is shit and you should know it                                                                   Cause Pearl is a lesbian                                                                                       It’s coded in the show                                                                                           She banged Rose in space 8,000 years ago                                                     That’s why if you ship Pewey you’re a dumbass                                                     Pearl is really gay                                                                                                   Fuck off                                                                                                                   You are trash                                                                          

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I just wanna share this. I had a weird dream that I was going through my old stuff and found an adventure zone novel that looked like it was from the 70′s/80′s. Like it had a book cover with the edges worn and it still had a used book store price tag of about 2.49. I actually start thumbing through it and from the brief stuff I read it’s essentially Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs it was muppets. I remember reading this one part where Taako wanted to know of the muppets had people attached to them or if they had muppet legs, but you never see them from the waist down and it just kept pissing him off.

MUN VS MUSE. ––– bold which applies.

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b a s i c s

which of you is —
Older? muse / mun
Taller? muse / mun
Richer? muse / mun
Neater? muse / mun
Nicer? muse / mun
Smarter? muse / mun
Funnier? muse / mun


Who is a better friend? muse / mun

Who lies the most? muse / mun

Who swears the most? muse / mun

Who reads more? muse / mun

Who is more creative? muse / mun

Who is more troubled? muse / mun

Who has better morals? muse / mun