dumb things white people say

Image description: badly drawn in Paint. A white person with long brown hair in blue (supposed to be a bus driver uniform) and an angry face points one stick-arm at a coach. It is a red coach, with light blue interior. In the windows are two sad white people, one in pink with plaited hair and the other in orange with a tiny top hat. The side of the bus reads “COLLECTION OF WHITE PPL COACH”. In front of the bus, a sad white person with black hair and green clothes walks towards the bus. Behind them, a black person with a big afro stands with stick-arms on hips, in a purple top and blue trousers. They have an angry face, and a speech bubble coming from them says “get on the coach, heaux!”

This is a picture of me collecting white people from Riley (Dumb Things White People Say). I need a coach to do it.