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Your secret is safe with me

“Blaise,” Draco fumed, storming into the living room, “what happened to the chest of drawers in my room?”

Blaise looked up from the paper he was reading and grinned at Draco.

“Do you like the new one? You’ve been whining about it so much, I thought I’d just replace that awful old-timer.”

“What did you do with that old-timer?”

“I sold it,” Blaise shrugged.

“You sold it,” Draco repeated flatly.


“Who did you sell it to?” Draco asked frantically.

“No idea,” Blaise said. “I didn’t get a name. Two people came by to pick it up. I think they were Muggles.”

Draco felt like he was about to faint.

“Did you take everything out beforehand?”

Blaise snorted.

“Of course! What do you take me for?”

“Everything?” Draco insisted.

Blaise raised an eyebrow at Draco’s tone and studied him.

“Yes, everything.”

Draco took a step closer and narrowed his eyes.

“Even what was under the secret false bottom in the second drawer, nobody but me knows about?”

Blaise paled and his mouth opened.

“Oh,” he simply said.

“Yes, oh,” Draco growled. “Great, now I have to hunt it down. You’re a lousy flatmate.”

“Hey, I just wanted to do you a favour,” Blaise said defensively.

“You better hope they haven’t found what’s inside it, or I’m going to kill you.”

Doing the locator spell was easy enough. Draco had feared it wouldn’t work, but it seemed there were no wards guarding the flat the chest of drawers had ended up in. Draco apparated to the flat, his heart hammering as he knocked.

When the door opened, Draco was sure he had to be dreaming. Of all the people in the world. Of course. Of course.

“Malfoy?” Potter seemed stunned. He was holding a toothbrush and was only dressed in a green t-shirt and pants. “How did you find me?”

Draco shook his head, willing his mind to work properly again.

“You have something of mine,” he said curtly.

“And what might that be?” Potter responded, a grin beginning to form on his lips. It took Draco off guard for a moment.

“Can I just come in and check something?”

Potter stepped aside and gestured for Draco to come in. Draco wasted no time and quickly found the chest of drawers in the corner of Potter’s bedroom. He opened the second drawer and took out the little book he had been so desperate to get back.

“What’s that?” Potter asked, leaning against the doorframe.

“Nothing of your concern. It shouldn’t have been in there,” Draco huffed.

“Hmmm,” Potter hummed. “You know, I never would have thought you kept a diary.”

Draco blushed, quickly hiding his hands behind his back.

“It’s not a diary,” he said lamely.

Potter nodded, but he had a mischievous smile on his face.

“You want a drink?” he asked, turning around and heading back into the living room. Draco blinked and tried to find his voice again.

“Um, no thank you. You were obviously getting ready for bed. I won’t disturb you any longer,” he said hastily.

“You sure? It might be a great opportunity,” Potter grinned. Draco gave him a quizzical look.


“I don’t know,” Potter shrugged, “after two Firewhiskeys you might get the chance to run your hands through my incredibly infuriating, magnificent head of hair.” Potter tried to keep a straight face, but couldn’t suppress a snicker. “I might even let you touch my strong and marvellous jawline.”

Never had Draco wished more the ground would open and swallow him up.

“You read it,” he said through gritted teeth. “You had no right.”

“True,” Potter replied, nonchalant. “I’d let you read mine in return, but I don’t keep a diary.” He stepped closer to Draco, studying his face intently.

“You look rather cute when you’re flushed.”

Draco made a sound that was something between a weird gurgle and a high-pitched squeak. Whatever it was, it was highly embarrassing.

Potter chuckled, coming to a halt right in front of Draco.

“I mean, I could just show you what kind of fantasies I’d be writing in that diary,” he said in a low whisper.

Draco gulped, not quite grasping what Potter was saying.

“Like what?” he breathed.

“Hmmm.” Potter’s eyes flickered down to Draco’s lips. “Like how I want to grab you right now and kiss you until you can’t breathe.”

Draco’s mouth opened involuntarily. Breathing was already hard with Potter standing so close to him.

“And then,” Potter continued, deliberately breathing on Draco’s lips, “I’d want your hands on the most delicious and perfect arse you have ever seen in your life.”

Draco groaned loudly. This was just too much. But then again, Potter really seemed to be teasing him in a rather flirtatious way. Trying to conceal his nervousness, he raised his chin and fixed Potter with a glare.

“These better not just be empty promises,” Draco said haughtily.

“Oh, they’re not,” Potter smirked, his eyes gleaming as he started pouring their drinks.

I’d like to suggest that we consider Louis’s and Liam’s public personae being so out of their hands right now as indication that Niall and Harry are similarly constrained and that what we publicly see as their “decisions” may in actuality not be up to them.

Why is Eren in Marley? (Theory)

I said that I wasn’t going to make a meta about the identity of the mysterious guy™, because I do believe it’s Eren, but I will talk a little bit about why Eren is in Marley, or at least, my theory about what could be the case. It’s going to be a bit far-fetched because I don’t have a lot of things to back this up entirely. The general idea is the point I’m trying to make, and not specifically the event that I’m about to mention, so keep that in mind.

Also for the record, since we don’t have an official translation yet, I will be using a fan one, here.

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why are you unfollowing people? discourse or drama??

both i guess? there’s just a very loud part of the fandom that’s absolutely…….irritating and embarrassing. 

i genuinely saw one post from a person that clearly didn’t watch the ep (and i bet barely watches the show in general) making a point how kara interrupting the white martians “ceremony” for what was described as a Staff of Evil as rude and Problematic and embarrassing. like yall realize…that was like the equivalent of steve rogers interrupting red skull and his nazi genocidal bullshittery right? that was an instant unfollow of the person who reblogged that. 

I’m Tired. there are so many things happening that i just don’t care to see anymore. let’s make a list and air my grievances for all the haters to see

  • there are people either super upset about how sanvers is ending 
    • i’ve actually seen people saying they’d prefer maggie to die or be captured by cadmus like…………………………………………………started from the bottom and now we’ve reached full circle
    • people have ABSOLUTELY EVERY RIGHT to want children and to not want children and ABSOLUTELY break up with their significant other because they both want incompatible things 
      • kids…are a HUGE game changer. it changes absolutely everything in your life. you’re taking care of and raising another smaller human being who are 100% relying on you for every single thing. sometimes this is something you really want and are ready for, and sometimes this is a thing you’ve never pictured for yourself and never desired.
  • OR they absolutely don’t like sanvers in general because of floriana lima playing a latina.
    • which i absolutely understand in a sense but also race does not equal ethnicity does not equal nationality
      • this also leading to the insane amount of harassment and invasion of privacy that floriana received 
      • this to the point that chyler herself has passively defended the casting choices and has even the recruited the help of caity lotz to defend the current sanvers plotline (which i still can’t even watch that, i’m getting so much secondhand embarrassment as a fan of the show)
      • which is…Not Okay At All
        • at this point, as much as i enjoy sanvers and as much as it’s gonna hurt, i Do Agree that marrying the first person you ever fall in love with in such a short period is Not a great storyline, and i’m looking forward to them breaking up so these people can LEAVE and move on to something else to nitpick at
          • and so alex can get her gay on with many many other ladies
  • so many people who jumped on the show in s2 for the Gay don’t even like kara or care for anything else, and at this point i absolutely hate the gay migration.
    • s2 fic: lol characterization who? never heard of it
  • a portion of the supercorp fandom are absolutely Insane and also don’t like kara. 
    • i love lena luthor with my entire being. i also love kara danvers with my entire being. i also don’t like seeing one prioritized over the other when they’re canonically written as equals. 
      • this extends to the…Odd dislike for melissa benoist, and i’m talking from Before the sdcc discourse (which is an..entirely different issue i’m sick of seeing. no one’s perfect, people make mistakes and say dumb things, especially in a group setting. let’s move on.)
    • they’re ….also oddly obsessed with hating pod boy and by extension chris wood, who seems like an actual good egg 
  • i’ve always been on the fence about pod boy and disliked his presence at some points in s2 but Yes he did mean something to kara and Yes kara is allowed to mourn his loss and fear for his fate.

so uh…i guess that’s that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

conspiracy theory: not everyone has the same headcanons you do and thus you have no right to bash them for their own

dating hoseok

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

dating hoseok would include:

  • lots of fun and laughter
  • i mean
  • have you seen the guy???
  • he’s the epitome of happiness
  • it’s hard for you not to smile or laugh when you’re around him
  • that’s what attracted you to him in the first place
  • you always thought his personality is too much for you, you’re not that happy or energetic or just excited about anything in general, not as much as he is
  • but you’d slowly fall in love with the way he talks and the way he laughs and the sound of his laughter and you’d realize that you’re becoming more excited about everything just by socializing with him
  • and then one day you’d get into a fight with someone very close and you wouldn’t want to talk about it
  • but he’d notice something’s wrong with you, because he always notices those things
  • he tells himself it’s just because you’re his friend, but deep down, he knows he fell for you a long time ago but he thinks there’s no way someone like you would be interested in him, especially because you’re friends
  • so he’d be content with just being your friend and being around you
  • but then you’d get so sad and he’d just want to make you talk about what’s bothering you so that he could help you
  • but you wouldn’t want to talk about it
  • so he’d crack jokes and get a tiny smile out of you and when he’d see that it’s working, he’d try a lot harder, and that’s when you’d admit to yourself that he’s the only guy who can make you feel that way
  • his energy just pulls everyone in and it’s contagious
  • even when you feel like shit, he manages to make you laugh or at least crack a smile
  • he does dumb things to make you laugh like coming up with funny dance moves or rap lines or songs or he imitates other members dancing until you’re crying from laughter holding your stomach
  • there wouldn’t be that many quiet and chill moments with him
  • but when that would happen, you’d be blissful
  • because hoseok is above all really caring and passionate
  • lying around the sofa with his head resting on your chest as you read your book and he takes a nap was what you would live for while he was away
  • he’d never let a day go by without asking you how your day went, even if he was on another continent busy with work and promos and shoots and practice, he would never forget about you
  • he cares about dancing so much and it pays off, he’s amazing at what he does
  • but hobi always tries to be better
  • so when he comes up with new stuff, he sends you a video to brag or to ask for your opinion
  • because your opinion matters to him, even on things he knows a lot more about than you do
  • he secretly lives for your compliments
  • he’s literal sunshine and all that but he’s a bit insecure
  • he feels like he doesn’t get as much love and attention from the audience, and a lot of times he gets sad thinking about it
  • because he works so hard and he tries so hard to outdo himself, to put on the best performance he ever did, just to make people happy
  • but he feels like he doesn’t manage to do that often
  • that’s the thing that gets him down - he’s always so happy and energetic and playful and he’s trying to make other people happy, too, but he feels like he doesn’t manage to do that
  • he often feels like he’s in his friends’ shadows, but not in an envious way
  • oh no, he loves his friends and he loves the fact they are praised for their hard work and talent
  • and you know all that and it breaks your heart when you see someone disrespecting him or saying mean things about him or doubting his talent
  • you never get why someone would do that, he’s the best person ever ??? he’s everything you ever wanted in a guy and more and you’d hate seeing him insecure
  • seeing hoseok cry would break your heart because it’s so different from what he really is and you’d know he must be really hurt if he were crying and you’d just want to protect him from whatever is making him feel that way, and you’d always end up crying when he cried just because you’d be so angry that somebody made him feel bad about himself when he’s the best person you know
  • god forbid someone said something like that to you in person, you’re usually calm and collected, but all hell would break loose if you heard someone talking shit about your hobi
  • he doesn’t let a day go by without asking about your day, and you don’t let a day go by without telling him how much you love him for what he really is
  • not for what jung hoseok aka jhope, bts member is, but for what he is as a person
  • a smart, funny, talented, beautiful, caring, hardworking individual !!!! who appreciates everyone for what they are and what they do !!!! and always tries to make everyone feel better !!!
  • you praise him all the time and he always gets shy when you do and he tells you to stop as he blushes and giggles nervously and makes dumb jokes, but you know he secretly loves it and that your compliments make his day
  • when you compliment him, he says things like
  • “are you saying that just to get me in bed? cause it’s working”
  • “thanks, but you’re still not getting free tour tickets”
  • he tries to laugh it off, but he’s actually enjoying it so much
  • he feels like you’re the only person that really gets him and appreciates him
  • but you know that’s not true because literally everyone he knows loves him
  • and also millions of people he has never met adore him
  • but since he’s so positive and outgoing, it breaks his heart to see even one hateful comment, he can’t understand why someone would say such a thing, because he would never in a million years treat someone like that
  • but you’d love your hobi so much that he’d just know it, and he’d gain a lot more confidence because he had you, he wouldn’t feel like he’s in anyone’s shadow
  • spending time away from you would kill him
  • but you’d always find ways to talk to him, even if it only meant texting, and he’d always make time for that
  • “i think i did so well today, i can’t wait for you to see what we filmed !!”
  • “taehyung got fucking lost, can you believe what an idiot he is… i felt so sorry for him, though”
  • “did you see the reaction to yoongi’s mixtape??!?!?! i’m so proud of him”
  • “oh and i love you”
  • “i thought about you all day today, i can’t wait to finally see you”
  • “don’t make plans for friday night, i have everything planned”
  • “wow, that picture………………… let’s just say its HARD not to think about it”
  • “what did i ever do to deserve you !?”
  • “good luck with your exam today, you’re the smartest person i know, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll pass”
  • “and if you fail, i’ll be home waiting with food”
  • “i was sad today, but then you texted and i remembered i’m the luckiest guy on this planet”
  • i think life with hoseok would be so much fun because he’s so energetic
  • he’s the type of guy who’d burst out in laughter during sex and you’d be all concerned as to why he’s laughing and it would be something stupid like 
  • “i just saw the face I was making in the mirror, how do you not laugh at me while we do this, it’s beyond me”
  • but he’s also very loving and caring, so you’d just be happy all the time
  • and even if you weren’t, his presence would make everything better
  • just seeing him would make your heart beat faster, let alone hearing his laughter
  • with time, you’d just keep falling more and more in love with hoseok
  • and you’d thank god every day for having such a sweet nice guy in your life
  • brb still crying about his flower costume thing today

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Hi! Just wanted to ask if you're ever going to do another aspects of a domestic cat in black? I didn't have money when you did it first and I'd like it to match my domestic boy print I'm getting😊❤ It's ok of not! I'm just not fan of the blue

there’s still 25 left in stock for the blue variant - I won’t print any more until those are gone

the blue definitely has a different personality, so I can understand why you’d prefer one over the other!

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I've already sent idea about Saeyoung organizing BD for Saeran. There is other idea: while everybody planing birthday for Seven (before RFA party) Saeran kidnaps MC as a birthday gift for himself and takes her to very innocent date (he threatening her, but is very cute while the date). I hope my English wasn't very bad and this idea had sense.

Countdown to the Cake: 5

The Match


“Don’t you dare take the blindfold before I allow you to, you heard me?”

Yeah, you did. You heard all his continuous threats from the moment he showed up in Rika’s apartment and made you get inside this car right now , telling you to follow him or he would blow up the restaurant where RFA was meeting to throw Seven a little birthday party. Deep inside, you knew he was bluffing, but would you really risk it?

“You’re quiet. Talk about yourself.”

“I have the feeling you already know a lot about me… Unknown.” He laughs.

“What a smart girl! Yes, you’re right. I already know everything about you.”

“And I don’t know anything about you. Don’t you think it’s unfair?”

“Oh my… so feisty! Maybe you’re not that smart if you think you can talk back to me like that when you’re clearly in disadvantage here.”

“I’m just assuming you’re not stupid enough to do anything to me before the RFA party, you need me more than I need you.” Oh my God! What are you doing? Shut up!

“So fucking smart… how did a clever girl like you end up tricked by me to go into that apartment, after all?” Ugh… he has a point. “Why so quiet?”

“I’m sorry if I don’t see the point in talking to my kidnapper.”

“Kidnapper? Try rescuer or, better yet, savior.”

“Hmm… last time I checked, taking someone against their will is kidnapping.”

“It’s just against your will because you don’t know how much of a favor I’m doing for you, but you’ll thank me later, I’m pretty sure of that.”

“So maybe you are that stupid.” You mutter, already regretting what you said. You can almost foresee a hand hitting your face or a fist against your stomach or… is he laughing?

“You’re so mean! How cruel of you being so harsh on a guy’s birthday!” what the fuck is he talking about now? “Yes, MC. Now you know something about me, today it’s my birthday!” is he serious? Probably, why would he say this so out of the blue?

“Good for you, I guess?”

“No Happy Birthday wishes? You really are mean, ain’t you? Be careful, MC, mean girls don’t make it to heaven… or paradise.” You wish you had the blindfold out just so he can see your eyes rolling.

The rest of your… ride is silent. You don’t know if this is better or worse than when he was threatening you. You should not have called him stupid, what’s gotten into you? You don’t know if the guy has a gun, your cellphone stayed in the apartment, you don’t even know what he wants from you. And neither of the possibilities you’re thinking can be good for you, so pissing the guy it’s a very dumb move.

“We’re here.” Here where? Is it a dark alley? You’re so sure it’s a dark alley. “Don’t make a move yet or I’ll shoot your brains out!” Oh, so he has a gun, there’s your answer.

You hear the passenger’s car door being open and the cool air from outside meeting your skin.

“Out.” He commands, and you obviously obey because you don’t want your brains being shot out. “I still don’t like you’re so quiet, it feels like you’re up to something.”

“I… don’t really have anything to say to you.” Actually, you do, but none of it it’s polite.

“Ahh, not so feisty anymore? Too bad, I was having fun when you were teasing me.” Teasing? Oh my God… what is he thinking? “Walk.”

“I’m not seeing anything, how am I supposed to walk?”

“Fine, then I’ll escort you.” He takes your hand forcibly and makes you grab his forearm. “Now who needs who more, huh?” Shit…

Judging from what you can sense, you’re on a street, now you passing through a door and it’s quite chilly inside, okay, it’s more like freezing, actually. Like you’re inside a… fridge. A fridge where your corpse will lay beside many others this fucking weirdo probably killed.

“Take the blindfold off.” And meet your corpse friends, you’ll be joining them pretty soon.

You take it off and… no corpses. Good, so you’ll be the first victim, what an honor! Then you see these giant white tubes, it looks like…

“Ice cream?” you ask, he doesn’t answer and just throws a jacket in your face.

“Put this on or you’ll freeze.” He says already dragging this tube out of its place. “Hurry! Help me with that!” you put it on. And since it looks so baggy, you can only assume it belongs to him.  “I’m not asking you twice! Help me!”

You pull the tube while he pushes it, it’s so heavy! How many kilos of ice cream are in there? And why does he want this? You make one stronger effort to bring it towards you and he stops pushing it, making you fall in your ass. Another laugh from him, and now you can finally glare at him since you don’t have the blindfold anymore. You get up rubbing your hands against your butt.

“Ahh, poor thing, do you want me to kiss it to make you feel better?” he chuckles, looking straight at you. Are his eyes really minty? It’s so unusual…

You help him carry the tube out of the fridge and put it on this dumpster in the alley. You knew there was going to have a dark alley, didn’t you?

“Now what?” you ask.

“Now we eat, obviously.” He says, offering you a spoon. Did he steal these too? “You don’t want it? Good. More for me, then.” He lifts himself up to sit in the dumpster and takes the lid out of the tube. You observe everything as an outsider, what the fuck is happening here? “What are you staring at?”

“I… have no idea what is going on here.”

“It’s my birthday, I like ice cream. I want ice cream for my birthday. Simple.” He takes this full spoon of ice cream, looking at you again. Is it that cold here? Why are you shivering?

“And where do I fit in all of this, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I needed someone to help me get this tube, I’ve been studying how to take it for a few days now.  You’re helping me because you belong to me. Again… simple.”

“Belong to you? I… what are you talking about?”

“You do. You have belonged to me from the moment you entered that apartment.  And yes, you’re right, I still need you planning the party for a few more days, but today I made an exception, since it’s my birthday. So… feel honored and consider yourself as this tube of ice cream: a birthday gift.”

“I’m feeling a lot of things, honor is not one of them.” It’s fast, you just feel your body slammed against the wall, his body boxes yours while he holds your wrists next to your shoulders.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, then. Anger? Fear? Excitement?” he whispers the last word against your ear.”I like when you talk. Mean girls always have something salty to say, until they end up against a wall and are reminded of how weak they are. You’re so mean, MC. Why is everybody so mean to me?”

He presses his body against yours, one of his hands lets you go so he can grab your chin and force you to look at him. You can smell the sweet scent of the ice cream, you can even feel the coolness coming out from his mouth, he’s close, too close. Well,it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming, you only regret you didn’t even try to take any information from him to share with Seven if you could have escaped. But now… you won’t escape, will you?

“All I wanted for today was a little fun, MC. I never had fun on my birthday, everybody was mean to me, my mother, my brother… and now my gift.” He lets go of you, turning his back and going back to the dumpster. “You can go if you want.”


“Go. I already have what I wanted. You’re free to go.”

That’s it? Easy like that? No, there must be a catch, he’ll definitely shoot you in the leg if you run out of there. No… but he already confirmed he needs you to proceed with whatever he’s planning. Okay , there’s this part of you who yells at you to run and never look back, but… there’s that other part who can’t forget the hurting in his voice and the sadness in his beautiful mysterious eyes… You groan and sit next to him in the dumpster, he looks at you, surprised.

“What? You can’t really eat all of this by yourself!” he tilts his head as you’re doing something suspicious, but when you take the spoon and bring it to your mouth, he looks down and smiles. No, not a mischievous grin, just a sweet, soft smile.


“Out.” He says bluntly, stopping the car in front of Rika’s building.

“I know that there were no candles, or cake, for that matter. But did you make a birthday wish?”

“Birthday wish?”

“Yeah, it’s tradition. You blow out the candles and make a wish.”

“I…” he looks for something in his pockets. “I have matches.”

“Okay, light one up and blow it out.” He obeys, obviously he doesn’t understand shit about birthdays and is trusting your knowledge on it.

“I wish…”

“You… can’t really say it out loud or it won’t come true.”

“That makes no sense.”

“I don’t make the rules, dude. It’s just how it is. Do your wish inside your head.”

“Fine.” He groans and looks at the match, blowing it out. “Done. Now get out and go back to plan the party. Go back and act like nothing has happened, you heard me?”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m not dumb, you know?”

“I still have a few things to go over before moving on with my plans to destroy RFA, so be a patient girl for me, ok?”

“Does that have to do with your wish? Destroy RFA?”

He chuckles, “So mean and so disobeying, you don’t follow the rules not even yourself invented, huh? I can’t tell you my wish, or it won’t come true, right? So get out of here if you know what’s good for you!” he starts calm and finishes the sentence reaching for his pockets, yelling. You don’t know if he’s looking for the gun, you’re not even sure if he has a gun, but , again, will you risk it? Well, maybe a little…



“Happy Birthday.” And you get out of the car, running inside the building.

He rolls his eyes, what an annoying pert little bitch you are! He’ll make sure to tame you when he brings you to Mint Eye. Yes, he was planning on just locking you in one of the dungeons, but maybe you’ll be useful if you stay beside him. Well… it is something to consider, he still has time before reaching you out again… he can’t wait for it!

What? He has to meet you again, you stayed with his jacket and he needs it back, after all.

You can see the other days here!

Boring Board Game: Sam x Reader Smut

Imagine: Fooling around with Sam after Dean falls asleep.

Warnings: Smut

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Fandom: Supernatural

Notes: I wrote this at 3 am.

“Can you guys shut the hell up? I’m trying to sleep.” Dean groaned from the couch. He had chosen to sleep in the living room because he had spilt water all over his bed.

You rolled your eyes and Sam smirked, looking back down the the game you were seated around. You were bored and found some old timey board game, Sam suggested you try it out. You replied with a ‘why not’. It was pretty dumb, a basic roll the dice move your piece kind of thing.

“How about we make it a bit more interesting.” You huffed in boredom as you moved your piece up three squares.

Sam looked up to you, adjusting his legs. The floor was a bit uncomfortable but it was in the middle of the living room, so you had plenty of space. You would have used a table but the board was way too big to fit on any table in the bunker. “How so?” He asked with an amused smile on his face.

You smiled innocently, shrugging it. Looking back to Dean to make sure he was asleep, you leaned closer to Sam. Locking eyes with him your smile turned not so innocent. “If one of us rolls a five, we remove one article of clothing. The other player gets to choose.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Seriously? Are you twelve?” He asked but when he saw you were deadly serious he swallowed hard and looked over to Dean, who was snoring. He sighed before his hazel eyes flicked back over to you. “Alright, sure. You first.”

You smiled and changed sitting positions, now sitting on your feet. You shook the dice in your hands and let it fall on the board with a clatter. You rolled a three and a six. You smirked in triumph and moved your piece up nine squares.

Time was slow as Sam picked up the two small cubes, shook them in his hands and let them fall onto the board. A four and a two. You mentally cursed and Sam saw your look of disappointment, smirking and shaking his head as he moved his piece.

The process repeated until you finally rolled a five. You hadn’t counted on you being the first to roll a five. And two, at that. Your cheeks heated up and you looked up at Sam. He was smirking, a look of smug success on his face.

“Screw you.” You laughed quietly and looked back to Dean, who had his face planted in his pillow. He was fast asleep. And thankfully he was a deep sleeper when he knew Sam was awake.

“Socks.” Sam said and you looked back to him, raising a brow. He just shrugged. “Don’t wanna start off too quickly, or we’d be naked in three turns.” He said and your cheeks heated up as he spoke. He sure was serious about the situation.

You took your feet out from under your thighs and removed your pink socks, tucking them into each other and tossing it towards the dining room. You’d get them later. You smirked once you were done, but the look on Sam’s face got you worried.

“And, your shirt.” He said and your breath caught in your throat. Blood started to flow between your legs and you looked at Dean again, which was starting to get annoying. Sam noticed your hesitation. “Want to go to my room?” He offered and you tried not to whimper in excitement.

You just nodded and grabbed the two dice, your two player pieces, and let Sam grab the board. The walk to his room was silent and full of tension, as you walked up the stairs you could feel him staring at you and it made your movements hurt in anticipation.

When you finally got into his room he shut the door behind you, locking it. The pieces in your hands felt extremely heavy as Sam laid out the large board on his floor, sitting down cross legged. He looked up to you and you swallowed, sitting down in the same position as you. When he didn’t speak you remembered you were supposed to take off your shirt.

You looked down to your button up silk nightshirt nervously, your trembling hands reaching up to the bottom button. It slipped out of the hole with ease and you continued on upwards, the last button leaving you almost bare. You had forgotten you had a tank top on under it and you almost laughed at the irony, you were so scared for nothing. You threw the shirt behind you, the cool air raising goosebumps on your newly exposed arms and shoulders.

Sam smirked, rolling his eyes. “Fair enough.” He sighed and put the pieces back where they were, picking up the two dice cubes. He shook them in his palms and let them loose with a deafening clack on the wooden board. You leaned forward with your heart pounding. A five and a two. You looked up to him with a wicked, cocky grin.

“Shirt.” You said and leaned back with your arms crossed, confidence back. But it quickly faded as Sam pulled the plain tee-shirt over his head, his practically impossibly perfect muscles making your mouth water. He was golden tan, his skin littered with a few scars here and there but otherwise perfect. Of course, he noticed you staring and he smiled, looking down. His smile wasn’t cocky anymore, he looked bashful. Sam Winchester? Bashful? Hah! That’s funny.

But when you saw the blush on his cheeks you knew that it was exactly his current emotion. Your heart lurched and you smiled, he was so cute it broke your heart.

“Your turn.” He said as he moved his pieces and you snapped out of your daze, picking up the two dice. You shook and rolled, getting a two and a three. You sighed in disappointment and moved your pieces, handing the dice to Sam. He got a four and a six, which seemed to disappoint him as well, and he handed them back to you.

You almost prayed as you let the dice roll out of your hands. They flipped and spun, finally deciding to land on a five and a three. You moved your pieces and looked up, biting your lip. “Pants.” Your voice was barely a whisper and he swallowed hard, glancing down at his sweatpants.

“What have you gotten me into?” He muttered to himself and you bit your bottom lip, watching him as he stood up and untied the strings on his gray pants. He let them fall and he kicked them away, staring at you and waiting for a reaction.

Your throat and mouth dried, everything seeming to freeze. He was so beautiful it was unbelievable. His legs were toned as well, his boxers hiding too much. When he sat back down you suddenly felt you were wearing too much and you hoped he’d roll two fives.

Your wish came true as he let the dice fall, the tension so thick you could taste it. His eyes flickered up to yours, which were glued to the five black dots on both white dice. You slowly looked up, licking your lips and waiting for him to speak.

“Shorts.” He said and you struggled to stand, the undeniable lust making you shake. Your fingers went to the hem of your pajama shorts, slipping them into the waistband. You took your time sliding them down your thighs, letting them pool around your ankles. You kicked them away, right next to Sam’s sweatpants, and you sat back down cross-legged.

Sam’s eyes shamefully landed between your legs, which were giving him a perfect view. He shifted, swallowing hard as he looked back up to you. “Tank-top.” His voice was deep now, deep and serious. You shuddered at his voice, chills running up your spine as you grabbed the bottom of your tank-top and pulled it over your head. You heard him sigh as you threw it behind you, his eyes roaming over your bare chest. He licked his lips and looked up to you, his eyes flittering around nervously. If you hadn’t known Sam for so long you’d think he was a virgin.

You didn’t know what to say so you reached out to grab the dice but Sam’s hand grabbed your wrist, stopping you and startling you at the same time. You looked up with furrowed brows, a question forming on your lips but Sam stopped you.

“I think, we both know it isn’t about this stupid game anymore.” Sam said breathlessly, looking into your eyes. Your lips parted and your breath caught in your throat, his gaze was so intense it shook you. You could feel wetness forming between your legs and you closed your eyes, letting out a sigh. This was so much you could orgasm right then and there.

You nodded at his words and Sam leaned forward, smashing his lips against yours. His lips were so soft and plump, they matched your perfectly and you sighed into his mouth. He used one hand to run through your hair and the other to steady you at the small of your back so you didn’t fall backwards. He gasped in pain as the player piece dug angrily into his thigh and you looked down, smiling nervously. “Bed?” You asked and he nodded, grimacing.

You stood up and all but flung yourself onto his soft, comfortable bed, your legs spread wide and eager for him. His mouth gaped open and you felt self conscious for a moment, but it all ceased when you noticed his erection through his boxers. He walked forward, sinking his knees into the bed and settling between your thighs. He leaned down to kiss you, using his hands to pull your thighs around his waist. Through both of your underwear you could feel each other so well, you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold off your orgasm long once he was inside you.

Once his lips touched yours again he slowly rubbed his hips between your legs, stimulating you immensely. You gasped into his kiss, arching your back and fumbling to grab at his hair. Once you got hold of it you tugged and he groaned, removing his lips from yours to find a new target. He sunk his teeth into your neck, gently biting down as he thrusted against you. You cried out, rubbing yourself on his erection, trying hard to get any friction you could.

“Sam, enough of this.” Your voice was a whisper as he kissed and sucked on your shoulders. “Make love to me.” You said and he sat up, looking down to you.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said as he smiled, taking his boxers off. He took the liberty of taking your own underwear off, tossing it over his shoulder. He wasted no time in slipping two fingers inside you, causing you to gasp sharply. He closed his eyes and groaned feeling how tight you were around your fingers. “(Y/N), you feel so good.”

“I’ll feel even better wrapped around your cock, fuck me Sam.” You groaned and he happily obliged, settling again between your thighs and rubbing his tip against you. You gasped and moaned, hungrily biting your lip and reaching up to sink your nails into his shoulders. He pushed his head inside you, stretching you almost painfully. He waited a moment before continuing to push, finally buried to the hilt. You didn’t dare move, you knew if you did you’d cum. And you wanted to hold off on it as long as possible.

He waited painfully long before he started moving, yanking your thighs up to him. You cried out in surprise at the new angle, his head rubbed against that perfect spot and you felt yourself starting to approach your orgasm. Sam felt you tighten around his cock and he started slowly, deeply thrusting, making sure to roll his hips in a way to hit your magic spot every thrust. You soon came, toppling over that high edge. Your body stiffened and you shook, gasping and letting out a short groan before you went slack onto the mattress.

“Already?” Sam teased and you were tempted to slap him. But when you opened his eyes and saw his sunflower eyes and his dimpled smile, you couldn’t help but smile back.

“You don’t know how beautiful you are, Sam.” You said quietly and he started to move again.

“Keep talking.” He whispered with closed eyes and you grinned suddenly. Sam had a praise kink. You couldn’t blame him, he wasn’t appreciated enough.

“You’re so gorgeous, not only on the outside, but in as well.” You panted as he thrusted inside you, slowly speeding up. Your body rocked back and forth on the mattress and you moaned. “God Sam, you’re perfect, so good, you’re so good and pure. My pure Sam.” Your voice got choppy as he sped up, thrusting harder and faster. Your cries turned to loud grunts that you couldn’t hold back, deep guttural growls emerging from Sam’s throat.

He thrusted inside you for god knows how long, it felt like hours of pure heaven. In that time you praised him, kissed him egged him on until he finally came with a loud groan inside you. His muscles seemed to bulge out from his skin and you watched him cum, the sight of it forcing you to orgasm as well. You both panted, coming down from your high, sweaty and exhausted.

When you were back to your senses you sat up, running a hand through your sweaty hair. You looked at Sam, gleaming with sweat, naked on his bed for you. You smiled at his beauty, which caught his eye and he smiled back.

“I liked that game.” He said quietly, tired from his orgasm.

“I liked it too.” You agreed and stretched, standing up to pick up your underwear. Sam sat up with furrowed brows, watching you step into them.

“Are you going to your room?” He asked cautiously and you picked up a hint of disappointment in his questioning voice.

“Well, I didn’t know if you wanted me to stay or not. I don’t want to be that annoying one time thing who thinks they can stay.” You said, looking anywhere but at him.

“It wasn’t a one time thing.” Sam said quietly. “I mean, I hope it wasn’t. I really like you. And the things you said about me… Well, I’m not good with words. I get shy. Can you just… turn off the light and sleep with me?” He asked in a hopeful voice and you almost cried at how adorable he sounded. He looked at you with puppy eyes and you smiled, nodding.

“I’ll sleep with you tonight. Scooch over.” You stepped back out of your shorts and turned off the lights before climbing into bed with him, wrapping the sheets over your naked bodies. Sam wrapped an arm around you and you rested your head on his chest, falling asleep to the steady beat of his heart.

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I’m tired of reading posts and asks saying:”I’m excited for pinof! It’s going to be so gay!” Like wtf why does it always have to be like this! There are other reasons to be excited not only because they could (probably won’t happen) mention something phan related! They are actually putting time and effort into pinof we should be able to see that and not only concentrate on shipping :( Also just saying we don’t actually know if phan is real...

First, I don’t know who you’re following where the only thing you ever see is how gay it’ll be. I’ve literally seen posts with thousands of likes and reblogs saying to please not ask phan-related questions and don’t make it all about phan. 

Second, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people hoping they’re as cute, sweet, and giggly with each other as they have been this whole year. I think saying “it’s going to be so gay” is a shorter version of “we’re going to see them without as much of a guard up and we’ll get to see more of their personalities. maybe phil will talk about his love for ryan gosling, maybe we’ll hear more about dan and evan peters. maybe the cute looks and innuendos will be left in and we won’t get ‘no homo’ moments.” tumblr likes short posts, so you gotta read between the lines.

Third, pinofs are probably the easiest videos to film, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if people concentrate on one thing. They move around on a bed, answer dumb questions, maybe change into a silly outfit, and then edit an original and a blooper version. While I appreciate them, they’re most definitely not the videos that dnp put their most time and/or effort into. They’re just chill, easy, and a tradition. 

Fourth, dan and phil are millionaires so I’m sure they don’t give a shit as to why people care about pinof. It’s all good. They’re fine, happy, and chompin’ on mince pies so they know where to get the best ones next year. Whatever reason you’re looking forward to pinof, it’s a-okay.

I thought about more and I think what bothers me about pvp requirement in phone destroyer isn’t having to play other people but the fact that I’m going actually have to like, think seriously about the cards. I honestly just want to play through the story but the farther I get along, the higher up in rank I go and the higher up in rank I go, the more likely it is that I’m going to encounter hackers and people who have paid for packs which ofc is going to make it SO much harder to win and get to the next levels meaning I’m going to have to devote time to actually strategizing and such just to get to a new stage =/ and I don’t want to spend that much time doing that! TBH I wish it wasn’t a win requirement, like, it would make more sense to have be like “play 4 pvp games to pass” instead of “win 4 pvp games to pass” if they’re that committed to us all playing pvp.


SHINee 5- Ghost Hunters

With increasing reports of things going ‘bump’ in the night, a team of 5 guys formed, and they travel around South Korea. They film their findings and post them on youtube.

Onew- Research Analyst

  • Didn’t believe in ghosts
  • Has also gotten locked in a room before
  • But he sure does now
  • Joined becuase he was Jonghyun’s best friend and figured why not
  • Now all he reads is nonfiction on the supernatural
  • Really into the concept.
  • Upset he didn’t pick up on all this sooner
  • Can sprout facts whenever though
  • Can also answer basically any question
  • Only mildly afraid of ghosts
  • But the posibility of demons, or possession scare this bunny
  • Only one other than Minho allowed to use the equipment.
  • M: It’s becuase you’re the least likely to scream and drop it or get possessed and break it.
  • Always scares Key by tripping or running into something 
  • He is fine
  • Really.
  • Never gotten touched by a ghost, or possessed
  • Has seen it happened enough though
  • That wasn’t fun.

Jonghyun- The Leader

  • He was a dumb 13 year old
  • Him and Key decided to use an Ouija board during a sleepover once
  • They were laughing about how dumb it was
  • Until is moved by itself
  • Next thing he new
  • His house was haunted
  • He was interested in the paranormal
  • Invited Key and Onew to help him
  • They started with crappy Iphone recording and a cheap voice recorder
  • A lot changed once they proved their was something in his house
  • The word spread
  • They were internet famous after Key posted their shitty recording online
  • They got a lot of emails
  • Once Minho and Taemin joined his team, they were complete
  • Scared easily though (Not as bad as Key)
  • Screams sometimes becuase of Key
  • Skeptic of Taemin, but he wont admit it
  • Always gets scratches on his legs
  • Can’t wear shorts anymore
  • “No, I don’t own a cat”
  • Dresses up as a ghost for Halloween every year

Key- The Comic Relief The True face of the group

  • This guy is scared of ghosts
  • Doesn’t know why he let Jonghyun join this group
  • Tbh he was only in it for the camera and face time
  • Overjoyed when they went viral
  • Became a meme instantly
  • OT4: lol Key Look
  • “I KNOW”
  • Got possessed once
  • For like, 10 seconds
  • He cried and almost quit
  • Taemin had to talk to him
  • T: It happens to me all the time, and I’m still fine
  • Tae wouldn’t talk to him for like, 2 weeks before Key apologized
  • Now he brings dolls or stuffed animals to places
  • “The ghost can possess the doll instead of me”
  • 2min hides his dolls sometimes to make him think it worked
  • Also makes them go to the library before every new place to do research
  • The fun cop
  • “Jonghyun, stop putting paperclips in Taemin’s hair”
  • “Onew, I said put the chicken away, we can eat once we finish”
  • “Where did Minho go?”
  • “Taemin, wake up you’re drooling all over the phonebook from 1987!”
  • Done with them
Minho- The Man behind the Camera

  • He was lounging at home one night, and Tae showed him a youtube vid
  • OT3 was hunting ghosts
  • “Look at that crappy camera work, who let that happen?”
  • Mind you, he is a film student
  • Appalled. 
  • Left and angry comment telling them to get a proper camera man
  • A week later he found an Ad on craigslist
  • In search of extra crew to help inverstigate paranormal
  • “YO Tae, wanna become ghost hunters?”
  • Were the only ones serious about it
  • He told them that he was there just to handle equpiment and be a camera man
  • Given a crash course on the good angels of Kim Kibum
  • Purposely sooms in when he screams
  • Never gets used to  what happens
  • Especially when he watches his best friend get possessed
  • Did not cry
  • One time he saw something when no one else did.
  • Took a peek
  • It was a skunk
  • Now he checks the site for animals before sundown
  • Also keeps tomato juice in the trunk of his car
  • for emergencies

Taemin- Mr. Medium

  • When they asked Taemin what he could contribute to the team he just deadpanned
  • “I see dead people”
  • They asked if he had seen a therapist
  • He almost cussed them out for being closedminded when they were the ones hunting the ghosts
  • He is a self acclaimed Clairvoyant and a Clairsentient
  • He found out at a young age that he wasn’t normal
  • His Mother died in an accident when he was 7
  • When his father got home to tell him the news
  • “Don’t joke! She’s right behind you!”
  • Therapy sucks.
  • It’s a touchy subject for him
  • He has fun with this though, he is able to feel and see the ghosts when they don’t hide themselves
  • This makes him a valuable asset to the team
  • He got fangirls from this though
  • Like oh hello, how did all these flowers end up at our house Minho?
  • Gets possesed all the time though
  • OT4 asked him why he was the one to get targeted all the time
  • “What can I say, I must just be irresistible”
  • “They like me becuase I sympathize with them and my emotions are easily manipulated to suit them”
  • Jokes around a lot outside of the site and when around OT4
  • But once they arrive, he is all business
  • Randomly stares off into the ditance all the time bc he sees a ghost
  • Lowkey afraid of ghosts, but only becuase he has gotten really hurt in the past from them
  • Prays all the time to try protect himself more

A/N idk what this was for honestly, I just thought that OT5 as ghost hunters would be hilarious, and Taemin has said multiple times he has seen many ghosts, so I thought it’d be cool to make him a medium.

If you want ore of this let me know!

Requests are open!!

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Can you do 7 with egobang? I can literally hear it in Dan’s voice lol

7. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.” 

“Arin, you get mad over the dumbest shit.”

Arin glared at the screen, then at Dan, and Dan had to hide his amusement at the real anger on Arin’s face at such a dumb thing. “But I don’t want to move on to the next world until I find the bonus item!”

“Yeah, well, we don’t know where it is, and it isn’t in the walkthrough,” Dan explained for the millionth time. “So let’s just defeat the boss and keep going. We can always come back.”

Arin huffed, ignoring Dan as he continued to look over the same area they’d been a thousand times. 

“Fuckin’–if you’re gonna keep looking, we might as well pause the episode–”

“No! Not until I find this damn item!” Arin’s face was set in a stubborn mask, and Dan couldn’t find it within himself to be irritated when it was so amusing. Arin’s stubbornness was part of the reason he was so endearing.

Suddenly, Arin’s face filled with glee as he turned over a rock to reveal the elusive bonus item. “Ahaha! Told you I’d find it!”

Dan rolled his eyes fondly, blowing out a breath. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”

Arin turned to grin cheekily at him, and Dan added: “You’re lucky you’re adorable. If it’d been anyone else, I would’ve smacked you.”

“I know,” Arin responded affectionately, and Dan snuggled a little closer as they continued the game.

I made a Dumb Mom Move. 

Thing 1 has been reading through all my old Runaways comics, so I told her we’d watch the series together (provided it’s not Daredevil-level violent, which I haven’t seen evidence of). Trouble is, now I’ve got the torrents downloaded, but she goofed off instead of doing her homework this afternoon.

So now she’s doing homework and I’m glaring at the files sitting. right. there. Because I can’t watch without her now that I’ve promised. [groan] 

Come on, kid. [tappy fingers] How long can it take to write a reading reflection, anyway? /rhetorical

Despite the fact that the whole thing was a fucking dumb move….you want to know another complication with the whole Rogan baby mess? 

 You know who ships Logan and Rory super hard? Emily Gilmore. You know who likes interfering in peoples relationships? Emily Gilmore. 

No way Emily Gilmore finds out Rory is pregnant with Logan’s kid and just sits on her thumbs.