dumb things


Oh my fucking god

I just kind of wanted more excuses to draw swirly fire breath like on bowz so now Jon can too only its an acid cloud.

the physics of it are like a thick smog and it dissolves anything it comes into contact with. luckily he can only have one good burst of it at a time before needing a while (and probably more to eat) to recharge.

Am reading the anti-BDSM tag and wow people sure are fucking condescending to the people who like the lifestyle.

So yeah, here’s what I’ve learned!

- Femdoms don’t exist

- Gay/Lesbian BDSM doesn’t exist

- That’s because they’re inconvenient to the anti-BDSM narrative that says it’s all about men abusing women

- Safety and watching your partner to make sure they’re okay isn’t a thing (oh wait yes it is)

- It treats women like they don’t know what they want which, let’s face it, is SUPER EMPOWERING //sarcasm

- There is absolutely no way to navigate the exploration of sexual kinks in a safe and non-abusive way

- Vanilla sex in no way gets super fucking boring after a while and mixing things up safely is not okay

- if you criticize both the abuse and the shitty BDSM portrayal in 50SoG you don’t exist, you can only critique one or the other

Gee what else am I going to learn?