dumb things

Signs as dumb things my Taurus sister has done
  • Aries:Got tea from the school cafeteria and then spilled it on herself and the girl in front of her as she tripped going up the stairs
  • Taurus:Was playing her music so loud in the car that she didn't know she was beeping her car horn the entire stop light
  • Gemini:Hit another car while driving to school
  • Cancer:Screamed when she heard a anime theme song that she loved and covered her eyes to not cry
  • Leo:Got a curfew ticket for being at a park past curfew for sitting in a car and cried because she thought she was getting in trouble (got grounded and had to pay off the ticket)
  • Virgo:Forgot her permit on the way to the DMV to get her license
  • Libra:Ran into the door as it was closing and bruised her ear
  • Scorpio:Shattered her phone screen while skate boarding and then a few days after getting it fixed shattered it again
  • Sagittarius:Dyed her hair blue-green on impulse and didn't tell my parents until it was done setting
  • Capricorn:Locked her car keys in the car when it was freezing outside and drank slurpees
  • Aquarius:Slept in her car and said she was at a friends house
  • Pisces:Was rehearsing vines to herself and was laughing so hard she woke the entire house up