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Something that happened at my school today, but also imagine your OTP
  • Teacher: Compare answers with friends around you.
  • Boy: what if you don't have any friends?
  • Teacher: Then compare answers with your nemesis.
  • Boy; *sighs and turns towards the guy next to him WHO IS actually his friend* What did you get?
  • Guy next to him: *pushes the boys paper off the desk without looking up from his phone*
  • Boy: GOD DAMN IT
Three Simple Ways to Celebrate Samhain

not all of us have the lore, tools, ability, or spoons to go the whole nine yards. here are the most basic (and still fully valid!) ways you can celebrate the holiday. you can do one, two, or all three, up to you.
1. eat or drink something with apple, pumpkin, or pomegranate
2. take a walk outside and reflect on Autumn (it’s okay if you lack the ability or spoons to do this)
3. remember the dead

that’s it.

Namjoon probably
  • Jin: babe come over!
  • Namjoon: Can't, I'm contemplating surrealism and the abstract concept of thought
  • Jin: My parents aren't here
  • Namjoon: Is anyone really "here"?