dumb text post mistakes

Hello guys! Here I am with this shitty edit of mine (as promised) doing my first follow forever! So I’ve been on Tumblr for 5 months and I’ve met some pretty dope people! The people I mention here have stuck with me and my blog, through shitty text posts, dumb mistakes, and stupid jokes, and I couldn’t love them more tbh. I want to formally apologize in advance if I forget some of you guys. It’s 2 A.M. and I’m awake for no reason. But yoooo check these guys out if you haven’t already!

Bold = Senpai

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Now here are some very special people I’ve met on Tumblr:

Asvang: Oh my gosh this girl. She’s so pretty (but don’t stare at my waifu, I’ll beat ur ass k) and funny! She’s forever laughing at my lame jokes and I love her to death for that! You’ve been an awesome friend to me and I appreciate that.

Commedesfuckyou: My Flower Dongsaeng Kristina. She’s hilarious okay. She’s so mature for her age (I’m like a year older wat am I saying) and she’s so supportive. She thinks I’m some kinda boy magnet….idek. But ily girl okay! 

Kiteuri: Sweggy Sausages ayyyyyeeeee. But yo Kita, ily okay. This girl is too much for me. She’s a rapper. She’s a sausage. Idk how to follow that so yeah. You get the point.

Wonderingseoul: MY SECRET SANTA! ^^ Oh my gosh I’ve never met someone so nice and caring before! Whenever I was depressed this wonderful human being was always talking to me, making sure I was okay. Thank you so much, really.


My irl homies:

Astronomy-aspirations: This is one of my best friends, Quan. I’ve known this girl since 7th grade and she still loves me…THANK YOU OKAY.

Brayfay: This is one of my other best friends, Braylyn. I hate her. Talk shit get hit Bray. ily tho. 

Dreamsandraybans: This destructive boy omg. I just met him this year but he’s super funny with good taste in fashion ^^


An EXTREMELY special thank you to:

Davinadivinest, my very first follower! You’ve been following me since the beginning and saw my blog transform into what it is today. Thank you for staying with me this whole time! ^^


Annnnnd that’s the end of this follow forever! Again, sorry if I forgot you! I swear I didn’t mean it! All of my followers are lovely and I thank you for following me, even when I have my super shitty mood swings. I hope everyone enjoys New Years and has a wonderful time! Bless!