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no I’m totally not doing a specific one because you were the one that asked. nope. never do that stuff ever.

Okay so there’s that theory going around that is ‘Morty is the next Rick’ but I totally disagree- if it’s ANYONE it’s going to be Summer- I mean come on. She displays so many of the same traits, good and bad, as Rick- a lot more then Morty does. First off, she is incredibly intelligent, not only in school where I believe it was the Rickstaverse / instagram Rick and Morty thing that stated she was technically a Valedictorian, but also incredibly quick witted when needing to be and piecing things together quickly. But like I said, she also shows the same negative traits- she is willing to do a lot of bad stuff to get where and what she wants or needs (both The Rickshank Redemption and Something Ricked this way Comes are great examples of this but there are others). She is also just as inclined to verbal abuse, mostly seen with Morty and the biggest example again being The Rickshank Redemption. Lastly she seems to be more inclined to violence when necessary and seems more numb to it much quicker then Morty was (ever since The Ricks must be Crazy she seems to be more numb to it, especially given what we’ve seen of season 3 so far with the one episode and the trailer). Her use of violence is more seen in the comics themselves, though arguably that is a different dimension’s Summer the two dimensional version seem very similar. 

She honestly has one of the best character developments in the show, going from a really minor ‘run of the mill teenage girl’ character to the badass she has become and honestly one of my favorite characters- who i would have tons of merch of IF SHE HAD SOME GOD DAMN MERCH OF HER there is literally nothing for her and that makes me disappointed af.

this became less of an unpopular opinion and more a rant on why Summer is a awesome character but who cares? Summer Smith needs more love people.

5sos call a fan
  • Ashton: hi this is Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer and here’s the rest of the band
  • Int: this is Manny
  • Fan: it’s Mally actually [pronounced like Mali]
  • Calum: is that my sister?