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this went in a completely different direction, i am so sorry, it’s 2am

preston ‘The Romantic’ goodplay must be stopped

When you have mad crushes on someone but they have no idea so you just

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when you’re putting together a little platonic playlist for moana + maui and you come across a ridiculous playlist of “songs about friendship” on youtube and decide to look up the words to the first one your eye catches on to see if it would fit just for fun and giggles

and the first line is LITERALLY

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea I’d sail the world to find you


Today’s look: the new Potions mistress.

First Dates With The X-Men

Charles: a coffee shop or early evening bar, somewhere to grab a drink and have an intelligent conversation

Warren: to a scenic view, like a cliche ‘Make Out Point’, that he can fly up to

Hank: rental movie and pizza, he wouldn’t be into flashy first dates

Kurt: going !!! to !!! the !!! movies !!! (advice via Scott Summers™)

Erik: perhaps a theme park, he’s certainly not afraid of heights

Jean: backyard campfire late at night, roasting marshmallows

Scott: rollerskating AKA “check out this sick move” *falls on his stupid cute dumb nerd face*

Peter: Las Vegas, yeah he lives in New York now but he could run there without breaking a sweat, the lights !! the Atmosphere !! and you can bet he’ll be playing games and win them all

Alex: probably would go to a Carnival, cheesy 'winning a stuffed bear for bae’ and 'kiss at the top of the ferris wheel’ stuff from that (only slightly suaver than his brother) loser

Logan: motorcycle ride on an open road and then a picnic at sunset

Kitty: starts off with a plan for a nice dinner, ends up in a rad game of hide and seek using mutations and finally cuddles

Anna Marie: bowling, good compromise because she doesn’t have to be afraid of touching anyone at a bowling alley but it’s still fun and leaves room for conversation, there’s not really any competition though

Jubilee: shopping!! fashion montage style, everybody leaves beautiful and happy, and with more knowledge on the others’ tastes

Emma: a private candlelit dinner, relaxed but the room is charged with her strong persona

Raven: sneaking into a fancy event, she disguises herself as a VIP guest and brings her 'plus one’, Raven goes for impressive and bold like herself

Ororo: a trip to the beach, Ororo has taken up an infatuation with swimming since moving to the US and always wants to share her love for the beach