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How intelligent do you think Zack really is? I think half of his stupidity comes from the lack of education. He did have some moments of intelligence, like when he was trying to figure out the writing of Ray's name.

Actually I think Zack isn’t that dumb. 

You’re right, half of his stupidity probably comes from his lack of education and when he tries, he can do it. He read Ray’s name, but at Eddie’s floor, he also thought of going to the other room with a crack on the wall because he deduced himself that it was connected to the room where Ray currently was. He deduced himself as well that the rock in front of Ray’s tomb was his tomb. He thought of asking Ray to get a lighter weapon for him in Episode 3 after he was hurt. He can wrap and unwrap his bandages himself. Once Ray told him that the cell bars were made of steel and he tested it once, he knew not to hit the bars again. In the game, he himself thinks of the vent as a place where Ray hasn’t searched yet in the poison room. He has survived alone during all this time without ever getting caught by the police. 

Also, the syringe’s room: he plans things out, there. If Ray dies, then he’s basically done for. However, if he dies, then Ray will have a problem, and as Cathy said, the syringe’s serum is not deadly. He think about that and that’s why he takes the two syringes. Knowing his vitality and strength, plus maybe the effect of the vitamins, he had good chances of surviving. Zack taking the two syringes was actually the best decision to get out of this dilemma. 

So yeah, he’s not an idiot. If he had received a proper education, went to school, etc. he would probably be way smarter. 

But as his resumes says, thinking is not his forte and he’s poor at planning. He just doesn’t think things through. That’s not how he works. He’s someone who acts a lot on instinct: act first and think after. He doesn’t take his time to think: when he has an idea, he goes for it.

That can be really stupid (aka breaking the card in the poison room, thinking that Ray could have gone through a locked door at B6) but that can also be really useful (aka throwing Ray into the vent) because he doesn’t ask himself too many questions.

He doesn’t hesitate often. That’s not how he works. He does things and if it doesn’t work, well fuck it. Planning is not his thing. 


So I would say that Zack is naturally not a thinking person like Ray - he wouldn’t be a top grade student for example - and his lack of education doesn’t help. However, he’s far from being a complete moron: he has an instinctive kind of intelligence and can be quite clever. 


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preston ‘The Romantic’ goodplay must be stopped

Me at my house: jackets are for squares

Me on the 10 minute walk to school in windy 20 degree weather in only a long sleeved shirt: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

Me 5 minutes after a get to school: lol jackets are for squares

this was sent to me weeks ago but I never actually did it until now… I really should start pacing myself because this legit took me all afternoon to finish

so y’all better read this and enjoy it because it’s long but oh so good. obviously, this isn’t as convenient as a full-on typeset, but I do recommend looking at the comic on a separate tab while reading this translation in order to follow along! and if even then it’s hard to follow along… I’m sorry

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Karamatsu: Heh. I look good today, too. Perfect.
Todomatsu: How long are you going to keep staring at your mirror?
Karamatsu: My mirror is just fascinated by me and won’t let me go.
Todomatsu: How painful~ Look, Ichimatsu-niisan’s giving you a really amazing look right now.
Karamatsu: Eek… Th-That’s right. It’s time for me to meet my Karamatsu Girls. I have to go guide them towards fate.
Todomatsu: Okay, okay. Take care. (after he’s gone) Geez, what a pain…
Ichimatsu: …Ughhhhhhhhhhh…
Ichimatsu (thinking): It’s like daily torture… It’s totally like I’m being shown the old me… That way of speaking as if putting on a performance, that behavior of trying to act cool… That wasn’t something Karamatsu started. It was me. This is something that my brothers all know, which only makes it even more embarrassing… I just want to forget anything ever happened…

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Do you enjoy being shipped with people and does it makes you laugh, or you don't and it makes you feel uncomfortable?

It was funny the first time, it lead me into a relationship I was happy in for a while but right now it’s just- dumb. Stupid. The only thing I laughed about in the ‘’tiny shipping fanfic thing’’ was the carrying to plat thing and the pun. Other than that I really didn’t care about it, people can ship whatever they want but it won’t get them anything. 

i have to keep telling myself that i can draw things and no one ever has to see it. like if i don’t like h ow something looks, that’s completely fine. it can still exist if i don’t love it. and i don’t have to post any art or show anyone. i know, realistically, that no one is going to make fun of me for not having drawing skills??? but i think i need to just draw for myself without any intent of sharing it until i feel more confident in myself. 

things that are banned from the attic (nursey & dex)
  • ok the first thing to go: nursey breaks up with some douchebag his junior year (he and dex get r&h’s dibs ofc) and he literally plays like needed me by rihanna on repeat for weeks until dex is like “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET YOU TO STOP BLASTING THAT SONG LITERALLY I DONT CARE I WILL SUCK YOUR DICK NURSEY” and like… its right at the end of the song….. and like ….there is an extended silence………..and then nursey just grins and says “promise?” and dex wants to jump out the window but also throw nursey out of it & long story short chowder has to pry dex off of the window sill & its traumatic. rihanna is banned.
  • dex likes to watch like, tutorials on how to fucking build porches and desks and like comparisons between cedar or oak and like weird shit, right? and nursey hates it bc hell come home and dex is just sitting there intensely watching this dude talk about plywood for 20 minutes like its interesting when HE has things to talk about. he gets so fed up that he literally closes dexs laptop w/o his permission and is like “if u think fucking clark martin’s 21 subscriber ass is more important than me uve got another thing fucking coming poindexter” and they get into a screaming fight at 2am and. home improvement tutorials are banned.
  • nursey starts lowkey banging this lax bro and his cologne is super fucking pungent. also dex is allergic to it. he lays down in nurseys bed and breaks out in hives. its the lax bro or dex. lax bros are banned.
  • nursey also rlly likes candy and he has the biggest sweet tooth & he loves lollipops. u kno where im going with this. dex sees him eat one, one time. instant ban.
  • dex does some stalking on nurseys facebook & learns that 14 year old nursey was ready 2 hop on gerard way’s cock hardcore. so. hence the 100+ pictures of gerard way plastered all over everything nursey owns. banned under the threat of nursey moving into chowders room.
  • dex got into 7th heaven bc of jack their freshman year ((i have this weird headcanon that jacks really only caught up with the 90s the rest is beyond him)) & now he watches it when he misses him so in retaliation nursey watches martin bc theres like no poc in 7th heaven dex & basically they have a 90s sitcom fight is what im saying & it ends with nursey trying to drown out sister sister w/ seinfeld & its a hot fucking mess, so. 90s sitcoms = BANNNNED.
  • any and all mention of the 2016 winter screw. u dont want 2 kno. fuckin unspoken rule right there, brah. banned for the sake of their friendship.
  • the words “fight me” under any circumstances. dex said it once & they accidentally broke nurseys desk chair. then he said it another time & they broke a lamp. but it got banned bc tbh nursey popped a boner one time & that was weird. banned under the pretense that they keep breaking things.
  • any and all memes past 3am or before 12pm, banned 4 self preservation on nurseys part. ((this includes roadies, he doesnt want to talk abt it))
  • the words “no homo” (dex) followed by “yes homo” (nursey). banned right after the first time they kiss. ((then again after they fuck))
Most people don’t mind killing cows and chickens… but they’d probably have a hard time killing chimpanzees, the primary reason being that they can draw pictures. Suppose fish were able to draw pictures…
—  {Shogo Makishima|Psycho Pass:Extended Edition}
Imagine: The Post-Reveal Conversation

So the reveal happens in front of Nino and Alya.

It’s stunned awkward silence from all four (six including the Kwami).

“…I can’t believe you jumped into a T-Rex’s mouth.” It’s not what Adrien meant to say.

Marinette crosses her arms with an incredulous look. “You jumped in front of Dark Cupid and got shot!”

“You almost let yourself get sacrificed to Ancient Egyptian god!”

“You tried to take on an army of knights by yourself!”

From there, the argument descends into a squabble over who did the dumbest thing and scared the life out of the other. 

Meanwhile, each progressively dumb thing just breaks Nino and Alya’s brains even further. A lot of these are new to both teens. 

(Later both Marinette and Adrien are grounded by Nino and Alya for doing a hell of a lot of stupid stunts.)