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In the DSOD sub, Yuugi says he and Atem talked during that scene, even though we as the audience didn’t get to see it. I’m going to pretend that the conversation went something like this:

Atem: So why aren’t you and Anzu married yet?

Yuugi: …………………………

Yuugi: Please go back to the afterlife now.


Basic YouTube Etiquette

This is for all the assholes who seem to think they’re really Edgy™️ for being incredibly rude for no reason. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

- Don’t type, “First.” Not only does no one care, but it is also annoying to the creator. They value thought-provoking comments or critiques made by fans who care about their content. Seven thousand “First!” comments clutter up the feed and can prevent the creator from viewing these well-meaning comments.

- Don’t complain about ads. That’s how creators make their money. Before you start moaning about how greedy they are for wanting money, you have no idea of their financial position. They might have family issues, medical issues, or just basic life issues that they never bring to the public but still need the paycheck in order to work it out. No, I don’t care how big of a channel they are. You don’t. Know. Their personal life.

- Don’t demand content from creators. They aren’t your slaves. No, you don’t pay for them. Whilst I’m sure they appreciate the time you place into watching their videos, you are not their boss and are not in charge of the content they create. If they create content you dislike, certainly speak out, but be respectful. Don’t give a basic, “Hey! Your stuff is dumb now. :I Make more Let’s Plays!”

- Don’t say, “Your channel is dying.” I shouldn’t really need to explain myself here. They know. They probably know before anyone else if their channel is not doing well since they have access to all the information to their channel. Imagine if you were falling on hard times and someone said, “Wow, you’ve fallen onto hard times.” It’s inconsiderate, and making a joke out of it simply makes it worse.

- Don’t kick creators while they’re down. This irritates me more than the “First” commenters. It’s kicking a YouTuber when their channel is already dead. “Hey, remember when this channel was relevant?” “Lol, ur channel is so dead.” It’s laughing at someone who practically lost their job. You’re an asshole if you do it simply so you can appear cool and relevant because you know who’s successful and who is not.

Please be considerate. I’m not trying to silence those I disagree with. If you want to speak your mind, I encourage it. However, it is taken in a better light if you do it in a respectful manner.