dumb stickers


“keith” akira kogane

guess who is also a school dropout hero with a red jacket and a red cool vehicle ?

(also i used refs from ep1 for the futuristic bike)

I saw a guy with a “Smart Phones Make Dumb People” bumper sticker talking on a Samsung Galaxy as he drove down the highway, and honestly I haven’t seen modern art in motion like that in my entire millennial life

The alternative: “I hate my son, he’s allergic to peanuts” “my stupid daughter can’t eat gluten so I don’t care much for her”

Blake, a question, what about Ruby drew you to her? (Asked by ourmissallison)
  • Blake, with a small smile creeping onto her face: Well...I've been in love with a blade, someone sharp and dangerous who has no issue cutting anything in their path down. Someone who requires constant supervision less you want blood on your hands...
  • Blake, her smile having grown bigger: I thought it was about time I open myself up to someone more soft. From there it only grew and grew. Ruby would listen to my stories, she'd console me when they started to feel like glass in my throat, and wouldn't push me to say any more. She understood that due to what I've been through, I'd be slow to get to the point of what a typical relationship would be from the getgo...she's always there. She can help breathe life back into me when all I want to do is return back into the shadows and hide...
  • Ruby, popping up with a big sticker on her forehead: BLAKE HELP I GOT IT STUCK AND I CAN'T GET IT OFF!!!
  • Blake, shaking her head, laughing: Plus...there are moments like these that make me forget about all the darkness in the world, be it grimm...or people...
  • Ruby, comically sobbing: Blake please I have class in ten minutes and don't want to go with a dumb 'Ka-pow!' sticker on my forehead.

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Faanfic where Tom is really depressed and has a fit over something small and gets comfort for it tho and gets help?

Yes I totally can! This was really sweet and a nice idea! I really hope that when people do things like this because of mental issues they get help, and aren’t just dismissed as being “dramatic”. I hope you like the story!!!!

I had a little bit of a take on this. It’s not too sad or angsty. I was thinking a lot about Tom’s personality and just thought, not everyone is too open to therapy. And one-on-on e situations sometimes make people uncomfortable. So I tried to play and twist it around.

Marco giggled and gave Tom a nudge on the shoulder. “And what about you, ya’ little freak?” He giggled, nudging the demon. But the playful tone ended there and Tom all of the sudden became angry– no, he became furious. With fire surrounding him suddenly and his fists balled up.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” He screamed. Marco gasped and fell back. Tom froze and all the fire died down. He clapped a hand over his mouth and began to shake. “I’m sorry!” He blurted out. “Marco, I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry…” He stuttered. Marco shook his head and stood up, collecting Tom in his arms. He felt how much Tom was shaking.

“Hey, it’s alright.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head and pushed Marco away.

“I didn’t mean to freak out, I realized I was as soon as it started I just…” He trailed off. “… Don’t call me that…” He whispered this part very quietly. Marco nodded and sta next to him.

“I’m sorry, Tom. I didn’t know.” He explained. Tom nodded and wiped away a tear.

“I-it’s fine let’s just… let’s just forget about it.” He tried.

“Tom no. You’re upset about something, talk to me.” Marco pleaded. He knew Tom would keep all this bottled up until the point that he had another episode, and the next one might not be so small. Tom shook his head as Marco asked again, and he put his hands over his ears.

“No… NO! Marco just SHUT UP!” Tom cried, jumping to his feet. Fire collected by his hands and Tom bit his lip, pulling his hands away to hold them by his chest. “I have to go home now.” He mumbled, before running away.

“Tom wait!” Marco cried. But Tom was gone before the human could say anything. Marco sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He knew sometimes it was better not to pry, to let people talk to you when they felt comfortable. But the problem with Tom is he would NEVER feel comfortable. He would keep all of this inside until it came out in the form of destructive behavior. And Marco loved him too much to sit by and let Tom hurt himself. So even if it was invasive, Marco had to push the demon to get some help.


“This is a dumb idea…” Tom mumbled, holding onto Marco’s hoodie. He had claimed Marco didn’t have to stay, and he could leave anytime he wanted. But the death grip he had on Marco’s clothes said otherwise. Tom even had his claws sunk into the fabric.

“You agreed to do this.” Marco reminded. “But you don’t have to. That’s fine too.” He added fast, not wanting Tom to do this out of guilt. “It’s your choice.”

“Do you think I should?” Tom asked meekly. Marco nodded.

“I think it’ll help.” He admitted. “I made the appointment and took you here to give you that first push but you need to decide in the end.” Marco continued. Tom seemed to shrink in a little bit, and Marco gave him a kiss on the nose. “It’ll be okay.” He assured him.

“Hello, I’m Laela.” She smiled and held her hand out. “You must be Tom?” She asked the demon. Tom nodded and greeted her a little nervously. You could tell he was unsure and unused to this sort of thing. Therapy was something you did in the underworld, and his previous life coach sort of was terrible. “Marco ust have told you, we thought you’d like to do the first few appointments together?” She asked.

“I don’t WANT to do the first few sessions… alone… but I don’t NEED Marco here.” Tom tried to twist it around.

“Then let go of my arm.” Marco mumbled. Tom shook his head and gripped on tighter. Laela smiled and led the boys into her office.

“Now I was told you were to come here last week, but you rescheduled. Why is that?” Laela asked. Tom just shifted his feet and looked at Marco. Marco sighed and ran his fingers through his hair when Tom gave him the signal to respond.

“Tom got his foot stuck in the gas gauge of my parent’s car… on purpose, he later admitted to me.” Marco explained. Laela looked at Tom.

“Why did you stick your foot in the gas gauge?” She asked. Tom sighed.

“So I wouldn’t have to go to therapy.” He responded.

“Why didn’t you want to come here?”

“I shouldn’t say it.” Tom rubbed the back of his head and got a guilty look.

“You can say it.” She assured.

“I don’t think any of this is going to work!” Tom cried, nearly yelling at the woman. “I don’t think you can fix me. I had a life coach before and he made stuff ten times worse. He would challenge me not to get mad for like, months at a time! I wasn’t allowed to say my bad thoughts, and he even gave me a final exam! And I’m only just now realizing that sucked! And it was destructive!” Tom rambled on. “I came here for Marco.” He admitted.

“I told you, you didn’t need to.” Marco tried.

“I know… but I still wanted to make you happy.” Tom replied. “But I don’t wanna go through all that again. I’m too tired! I don’t want this lady’s dumb badges or stickers that say I have repressed rage!” He continued.

“Tom, the only connection between this therapy session right now, and your previous bad experience with a life coach, is that you are using the previous bad experience as a reason to not try again. You’re terrified of being hurt like you once were, so you push away everything that reminds you of it. And it’s understandable.” She told him. “Can you tell me how you and Marco got together?” She asked.

“It took a while for me to even notice I liked him… then I was silent for a while.” Tom explained.

“Why were you silent for so long.”

“Same reason everyone is. I was worried he wouldn’t like me back and I was nervous.” Tom explained. “I didn’t think he’d have feelings for me… I was always so mean to him.” He added.

“Exactly.” Laela spoke. “You let your fear keep you from forming a beautiful relationship. And you let it cause anger towards Marco, because you were scared of the new feelings you got for him.” She explained. “Just like how now you’re scared new therapy won’t help you because you had a bad life coach.” Laela continued. “You use anger to cover up the fact that you’re scared. You think lashing out and screaming, will make you appear less weak than breaking down and crying. So you bottle it up until it comes out at tiny things, that normally wouldn’t bother you.” She explained. “But the strongest and bravest thing you can do, is admit when you’re scared.” She ended on that note, checking her watch. “And that’s our time, I hope to see you again.”


“She was crazy.” Tom mumbled. Marco laughed a bit.

“Was she?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“She was totally nuts! Did you hear all the stuff she was going on about? What a monologuest.” He huffed. Marco laughed and the two kept walking. But Tom stopped and squeezed his human’s hand. “Uh… Marco?” he asked.

“Yeah Tom?” Marco turned around.

“You don’t think I’m a freak do you? Like really truly you don’t think that’s true?” He asked, blushing and Marco could feel his hand shaking. Marco smiled a bit and kissed his head.

“I think you’re perfect.”