dumb remakes

milesphoenix  asked:

You'll appreciate this. My dad is a big Death Note fan and he saw the trailer for the new Netflix movie and literally came up to me with his phone, the trailer on display, and say, "What the fuck is this shit?" He's so offended by it and it's so amusing to me. He's been going, "It's like a train wreck I can't stop looking at it!" And saying, "I still can't believe Light managed to kill L. That's just crazy. Almost as crazy as making this dumb remake."


I Don't Get It.

The Raid movies weren’t exactly huge hits over here. So why does some Hollywood exec think going forward with an American remake of a series of movies that few people saw, starring a guy who appeared in two of the biggest flops of 2012, directed by the guy who directed The Expendables 3, is anything even remotely resembling a good idea?

Seriously, the only thing that could make it sound even worse is if they announce they’ve cast The RZA as the villain.