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Yo, german potterhead here and I don't have a clue what the hell the "Fresh Dumbledore" post is about. Care to enlighten me? ☺

You don’t know abt coldmirror’s german synchronization of the harry potter movies like “Harry Potter und ein Stein” and “Harry Potter und der Plastik Pokal”? haven’t watched them in ages but I remember them being absolutely absurd and just the right kind of humour a 13 year old would enjoy. I think you can still find them on YouTube.

whispers semi-passive-aggressively into the guzma tag……

all you artists are all great and talented and i appreciate all your contributions and i usually always reblog them but are some of you (or tbh? half of you) not aware ya boi is not actually pasty white?? bc no he is not. he is at least half native alolan :^) pls see his mother and official artwork