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Sometimes it truly baffles me and I sit here in awe that a character like Sameen Shaw really exists in the TV landscape. She’s literally like walking representation. I mean a woman of color with a canon personality disorder and canonly likes both genders. She’s all of this wrapped in one smol 5'3 woman like it’s so wild. Plus she’s not some side character either, she was a main and we got to see her grow and see how she views the world and others.

It’s rare to find characters that are that heavily complex. And not only was she all of that but she was never villianized for anything. She was the biggest hero out there tbh. Not to mention mentally strong as hell. That still gets me. Yes she was physically strong too but her mental capacity was just out of this world. I’m still not over her having to endure 7k simulations when the average person wouldn’t be able to even get through one or two. Let alone 7k. Idk I have doubts that she’s human sometimes. But she would’ve done whatever to protect her team and that’s just so admirable.

Plus other little things like the way she eats. It’s amazing; she’ll eat steak off a knife or tear a sandwich completely apart and not give a fuck what anyone thinks. Proper etiquette be damned (actual Shaw dialogue probably).

And also her love of dogs is precious. She’d probably buy ten dogs and would prefer to live like that forever honestly.

What I’m saying is, Sameen Shaw is a fuckin amazing character and catch me still screaming about her 10 years from now. It’s more likely than you think.

  • Lance, yelling at Keith: I'll see you in court!
  • Keith: *watching stunned as Lance hurries away*
  • Pidge: What the fuck happened? What did you do? What did /Lance/ do?
  • Keith, bright red: Uh. I. I'm pretty sure Lance just proposed to me... and I said yes?
  • Pidge, exasperated: What. the. fuck.

Kylo: what do i do grandfather?

Anakin Force Ghost: **sigh** what is it now?

Kylo: i really like a girl

Anakin FG: ah yes, i see, so… i guess u *could* impress her with ur skills

Kylo: i guess i have some skills…..

Anakin FG: yeah, u have all kinds of skills i’m sure…

Kylo: you know, i guess ur right! i have mind-reading skills, mechanical skills, saber dueling skills… i should TEACH her my skills. girls like guys who teach them great skills

Anakin FG: lol ok sure, but where’d u get that scar? was it from ur “mad skills” or did she beat u like a little bitch?

Kylo: ………………………girls like guys with *great scars*………………

Anakin FG: …..u really are my grandson aren’t u? fucking hell u cocky bastard

tpoh ends with rgb taking her back to her house in the early morning, standing with her as she admires the sunset
he extends a hand to hero for a handshake
she takes it but yanks him forward into a hug 
rgb is initially hesitant but hugs her back, and lifts her into his arms where she has a quick sob before falling asleep
he carries her to bed and lays her in it where she begins to dream 
he quickly moves away but before leaving he notices the pictures on her wall, one of them depicting her in a suit of armor 
he smiles 

when hero wakes up a few hours later she rubs her eyes and finds her hands are now sticky with some kind of coloured liquid 
she jumps down from the top bunk and finds paint drops all over the floor, most notably yellow and blue, leading to her wall of pictures 
on one of her pictures, someone has painted a man with a tv for a head standing next to her 
she smiles and starts to cry a little, the liquid on her face now dribbling down her chin, and goes to the bathroom to clean herself up 
hero looks in the mirror to find a big pair of glasses and bushy mustache painted on her face yellow
she smiles and laughs

Extremely Important Claymore Theory #1

At the point in time where the story takes place, we know the ins and outs of Claymore physiology pretty well. Little details about their regeneration and limitations are revealed with time in the series, and there’s a lot to suggest that we understand their half-yoma bodies about as much as we could ever hope to. But when you think about it, even though the Org has scientists, most of the information had to come from the Claymores themselves, as human scientists can only learn so much through observation. Most of what we know about them has come from a decades-long process of self discovery on their part. And that makes sense, given that most of their special abilities shine through in combat, and they do a lot of fighting. Of course they’ve learned a lot about themselves that way.

But you know what isn’t combat related? The weird way their body processes alcohol. Now, it’s not strange that they would drink and eventually figure it out, but you’d think that they’d assume they just have much higher alcohol tolerance than humans, and not that they can completely control how much alcohol effects them. The fact that they understand it to the degree they do speaks of some form of deliberate research effort.

So like, what I’m getting at here is, at some point in history, at least one Claymore set out to get absolutely shitfaced for science.