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Because my dumb face is dumb and I’m trash at photo editing, this looked far far better when @starlity did it: http://starlity.tumblr.com/post/148959789112/it-might-take-time-you-might-get-frustrated-but

ASDFGHJKL I should have asked permission before I did this and if you want me to take it down I totally understand but like the picture is really cute go check it out guys and it’s super encouraging and wonderful go love everything in their gallery it’s all really encouraging and pure.


There are probably more, but those are the biggest ones. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

Me: All right, I love Cinder, but let’s be reasonable, she has done absolutely horrible things, reveled in all of them, and shown zero remorse for any of it, so even though she’s going through awful things too right now it’s nothing she doesn’t deserve and I shouldn’t feel bad for - 

Cinder: (makes this god damn fucking face)


A Picture is Worth a Thousand

Note- Part 2 of “A Way with Words”

               “Anything up yet?”

                “Yeah, a couple of pictures just went up on Instagram.”

                Janel lets out a small groan, sitting on the couch next to Val and pressing her face into his shoulder. She feels his lips brush against the top of her head, but it’s not enough to wipe the frustrated pout off of her face.

                “What are people saying?”

                “Mostly just the usual. They all think you look cute.”

                He’s trying to cheer her up, but she  just grumbles and buries her face deeper against him because she knows he’s beating around the bush, trying to get her to move on to a different topic even though he has to know that she’ll see the comments later when she goes online.

                “So the speculation’s started?” she asks. She already knows the answer, but when he pauses and sighs it still makes her heart drop a little.

                “They’re not really speculating so much as debating. Most of them think it’s just a weird angle, or the way the shirt is sitting on your body.”

                Now she sighs too, her hands moving to rest on the bump hidden underneath the baggy t-shirt she’d stolen from him. This shirt had been her lifeline, the only article of clothing loose enough to continue to hide her belly into the fifth month of her pregnancy, but it had finally seen its defeat.

                And it’s frustrating because they had been so careful. In the beginning neither of them had worried much about paparazzi or fan photos, because they usually flew pretty well under the radar. Living in a city full of stars made it easy to sneak by if you were lower on the hierarchy. But then two weeks ago there had been the announcement that the next season of Dancing with the Stars would be an All Star season, and suddenly it seemed like everyone in the world had their eyes on them.

                They changed their lives around it. They switched up their habits, abandoning some of their favorite haunts for quieter places in different parts of town. They drove different routes to friends’ and family’s houses, or when possible just had friends and family come to them. When they did go out together she stayed glued to his side while he used his body as a human shield against photographers. And that coupled with her wearing his largest and baggiest shirts, flannels, and sweatshirts had been enough to keep the rumors focused on speculation about Dancing with the Stars.

                So it kills her that all it took was one little mistake to bring the whole thing crashing down. The memory plays over in her mind and tears prickle in her eyes. She feels so stupid about the whole thing.

                “Baby, it’s okay,” Val says, setting his phone aside and wrapping her in a hug, “They don’t know anything. It’s just fans commenting on an Instagram picture.”

                “We shouldn’t have gone out,” she whines in response, leaning into him, “It was just a stupid craving, it wasn’t worth it.”

                “It was worth it J, whatever you and the baby want you should have. It made you happy didn’t it?”

                She has to nod at that, because earlier she had been just about ready to kill someone for fries from Five Guys. He had offered to go out and get some for her, but the closest Five Guys was a twenty minute drive from their apartment. In twenty minutes the fries would already be luke warm and soggy instead of piping hot and perfectly soft. So they had gone together, and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit that those fries were like a tiny piece of heaven on Earth.

                “So it was worth it,” he continues, “And anyways, we’re going to Hawaii in a week. I really don’t think you’re going to be able to hide your stomach in a bikini.”

                “Well no,” she sniffles, “But I wanted to announce this on my terms. I didn’t want to have to announce it to stop gossip.”

                He’s quiet then, and she hums against his chest, turning the moment over again in her mind. They had walked out of the Five Guys, headed towards the car past a couple of waiting photographers. It was windy, and she angled her body in towards him and went to put an arm around his waist, but then her phone slipped from her hand. She didn’t even think, just ducked out from under his arm and stopped to pick it up, and he must not have been thinking either because he kept walking for a few steps before turning back. But by then she had stood up, and the wind blew against her, and for half a second before the photographer’s flash went off she could feel the fabric of the shirt pull back with the wind, becoming taught against her stomach. Then Val had been at her side again, shielding her, hurrying her to the car.

                Obviously, they had been too late.

                “If we hurry, we can announce it on our terms before it becomes gossip.”

                She lifts her head to look at him as his hands move to cover hers on her stomach.

                “It’s not really on our terms,” she protests, “Our hand is still being forced.”

                “True, but if we announce it now we can at least stop the gossip.”

                The buzzing of his phone fills the silence when she doesn’t answer, and she can see at a glance that it’s blowing up with Twitter and Instagram notifications. He follows her gaze and picks it up, quickly setting it to silent.

                “We don’t have to,” he backtracks, “I’m fine with whatever you want to do.”

                With the hand still on her stomach he takes one of hers, giving it a squeeze. His eyes are gentle and understanding, and her heart aches with appreciation. It’s obvious that he doesn’t understand the full depth of why this is so important, but he understands at least that it’s important to her, and that’s what matters. She squeezes his hand back, her gaze dropping to where they rest against her stomach. When they rest like this they press the fabric to her skin the way the wind did, and she realizes that she doesn’t need to see the paparazzi picture to know the cat is out of the bag. With Twitter and Instagram already blowing up it’s only a matter of time before there are blog posts and news articles brandishing the photo with their own personal speculation.

                “Let’s do it.”

                He raises an eyebrow, as if to ask are you sure? And she scoots to the other edge of the couch in response, pulling her own phone out of the purse she’d dropped on the floor. She turns it on, unsurprised when she’s met with a barrage of Twitter and Instagram notifications. There’s also a number of texts from her friends warning her about the picture, which brings a small smile to her face. She’ll text them all back later with thanks for their concern, but right now they don’t have a lot of time.

                “So how are we doing this?” She asks, moving back to sit next to Val again. He wraps an arm around her shoulder but shrugs uselessly.

                “Can’t we just tweet something like ‘Yeah it’s true we’re having a baby’?”

                “First of all,” she starts, immediately earning a cringe because Val can tell he’s fucked up, “Who’s having a baby?”

                “You are.”

                “Right. Second, I don’t want to just do a generic ‘We are happy to announce that we’ll be adding a new member to our family’ post. I had a plan, a very cute plan, for how I wanted to announce it.”

                “Okay,” he says, kissing her on her forehead encouragingly, “so let’s do it.”

                But she just sniffles and shakes her head. The tears are starting to resurface again but she blinks them back, staring down at her phone in her hands,

                “We can’t, it just… it wouldn’t work.”

                She wants to just leave it at that, but he furrows his brow and she can tell he doesn’t want to pry, but she takes a shaky breath and continues,

                “I have this old picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me standing on one of the beaches on Oahu, and I wanted to recreate it while we were there and then post them side by side for Throwback Thursday,” she gives a humorless chuckle, “It probably sounds really dumb, but-”

                “It doesn’t sound dumb,” Val cuts in, a genuine smile on his face, “it sounds perfect. And you can still do it when we’re there.”

                Now she smiles too, even manages a small laugh, because he’s right. It is still a cute idea, even if it’s not how she announces her pregnancy to the world. She mentally blames her stupid hormones for overreacting as she returns to the problem at hand.

                “Okay, you’re right, but what are we going to do now?”

                This time Val smirks, and she can tell from the glint in his eye that he’s finally come up with a plan.

                “Well, today is Tuesday, so Transformation Tuesday? I’m sure we can find a good picture of you standing sideways…”

                He begins to scroll through his phone’s photo gallery and she just sort of chuckles in agreement. It’s not perfect, but in a pinch it will do. By now there’s probably at least one or two “breaking” news articles or blog posts up, and she just wants to get this over with before there are more. And it’s kind of sad, because she had been looking forward to this for weeks. She had been excited to have a cute way to officially announce her pregnancy, and it’s not that this isn’t cute because Val’s excitement as he searches for the perfect picture is actually adorable, but it’s just not what she had had in mind.

                “Even better!” He exclaims after a few moments of searching. He shows her the picture, one of her from about a week before they found out she was pregnant. In the picture she’s sitting cross legged against the arm of the couch, stretching her back with her arms above her head so that her tank top pulls up to reveal her stomach.

                “The legs might be a problem,” she admits, scooting back on the couch so she has some space. But with some difficulty she’s able to mimic the pose, and the stretch actually feels good on her aching back. As a final touch Val reaches over and pulls the t-shirt up, arranging it so her stomach is out the same way it was in the first one, then he takes the picture with her phone and she relaxes, immediately reaching for it.

                “Let me see it!” She whines, pouting when he holds it out of reach.

                “Why? It looks fine, just like the first one.”

                “I just want to see it before you post it!”

                He rolls his eyes, handing over the phone. And it does look okay, cute even, but still not quite right. The original picture doesn’t have a filter on it, but she thinks the second one probably needs one. She thinks she has one in mind, but it doesn’t look exactly how she imagined it so she keeps flipping through, not realizing how long she’s taking until Val lets out a loud groan of annoyance. She’s about to scold him, to tell him just to wait a minute longer, but before she can he leans over with his face next to her stomach and begins to talk.

                “Baby Girl, your mama is going to drive me crazy if she doesn’t hurry up and finish editing that picture.”

                “Hey!” she laughs, picture forgotten as he rubs a hand over her exposed stomach, “Don’t taint our daughter against me before she’s even born.”

                “Sorry,” he grins, “But she’s going to be a daddy’s girl. Isn’t that right baby?”

                Then he’s peppering her skin with feather light kisses and she giggles uncontrollably at the tickly sensation. And she doesn’t even think about what she’s doing when she deletes the picture on the phone and returns to the camera, because she manages to snap a picture of him just as his lips press against the swell of her stomach and he looks up at her. And then he sits up suddenly, realizing what she’s done.

                “J, what are you-”

                “Nothing,” she laughs, typing in her caption and publishing the post before he can snatch the phone out of her hand.

                The result is almost instantaneous. His phone, sitting on the coffee table, begins to vibrate so violently it nearly falls to the ground. He leans away from her to grab it and she bites her lip with anticipation, watching as he navigates to his own Instagram to see the post. When it finally loads he freezes for a moment, staring in disbelief, then she can see a blush creep up his face and he drops his head into his hands. And she can’t help herself when the laughter breaks through, because she doesn’t care if he’s a little embarrassed there’s no way she’s taking it down.

                “Belly kisses for days?” He asks finally, lifting his head with a pleading look, “That’s what you went with?”

                “It’s cute!”

                He sighs, shaking his head in resignation even as a smirk finds its way onto his face,

                “If it makes you happy J, it’s perfect.”

imagine eren and armin taking selfies. imagine eren and armin taking selfies at literally every occasion. imagine 12 year old eren taking selfies of himself showing off his muscles and armin never letting him live it down. imagine eren following armin with a camera. imagine them pulling dumb faces for pictures and eren getting flustered when armin threatens to put them online. imagine eren taking a selfie of himself with armin curled up, asleep next to him, eren just smiling fondly at him. imagine them taking selfies while kissing, grinning like idiots and blushing cause they know they probably look ridiculous. imagine armin snapchatting the pic to mikasa with a dumb caption like ‘no homo lol’ and mikasa replies with a picture of them when she walked in on them making out and just. 'yes homo’.