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Headcanons for Misfire and Grimlock being yandere for the same human?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I wanted to let you know anon that, for the entire time was writing this, I kept picturing this dumb photoshop edit I made for something else entirely. Please enjoy the mental image. )

✦ Misfire cares for Grimlock a lot, having put a lot of effort and care into helping his buddy return to a state that resembles functioning and independent. They’ve been through a lot of adventures since Misfire and the gang found Grimlock on that nightmarish ship. Nothing is going to get in between the two of them. Not even love since humans have this wonderful saying: Sharing is caring. When Misfire finds out that they’re both after the same human, the one that’s hitching a ride with them in an attempt to get back home, he’s delighted. It obviously means they’ve gotta team up, Grimlock ol’ buddy. With his charms and Grimlock’s… Grimlockness, to put it mildly, they might be able to convince the human that the two of them is enough when it comes to a home.

✦ Assigned as a new babysitter/caretaker for Grimlock so the others don’t have to do it anymore, the human ends up spending a lot of time with the pair. Misfire uses it to their advantage, talking him and Grimlock up to the best of his abilities. If it means he’s gotta make the rest look bad - from time to time, of course! - than he will. It’s not like he’s lying or anything. He’s telling the human the truth on how Spinister likes to shoot anything and everything that isn’t Spinister-shaped or how Fulcrum or Crankercase will never help them out if they’re in a jam. Krok is nice and all though very busy with making sure the Scavengers are getting by. Him and Grimlock? They’re here for the human. They’ll always be here for the human.

✦ Grimlock almost blows their cover from time to time, tipping the human off with his behaviour. From his nastier mood swings and his lashing outs reaching an epic scale if he thinks someone is taking their human’s attention away, it will cause alarm bells to ring in the human’s head. Misfire can talk the worries away however and he does by guilting the human for thinking Grimlock means any harm on purpose. Given what Grimlock has been through isn’t a little unfair to think the worst of poor Grimlock in these moments? Shouldn’t they be a little more compassionate? The guilt and shame wins out in the end with the human apologising to the ‘con and ‘bot for thinking the worse. They promise to be more open-minded in the future and will agree, if pressured, to spend more time with them if it helps Grimlock out. It’s the least they can do.

✦ The human will have an idea that something isn’t right in regards to their relationship with Misfire and Grimlock. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the pair, that’s all it’ll ever reach. An idea that the human won’t spend too much time dwelling on. Not if it means confronting the only members who are going out of their way to look after them. Between Spinister trying to shoot them if they enter a room to Fulcrum loudly gagging if he learns they’re in the room, the human knows they have to stick with the friendliest (if clingiest) individuals on the WAP if it ensures a promise of companionship and safety. Meanwhile Krok does suspect something fishy is going on but is more focused on making sure his crew gets by, day by day, and resigns himself to whatever the two have planned. Long as no one part of the group gets hurt from their obsession with the little human than everything should be fine.

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Hey, I really want to get into art but I seriously don't know how to draw a body? The stick figure just isn't working for me, do you maybe know another way or maybe tips?

so quick disclaimer before i start: i decided to do the female body because i learned how to draw women before i started drawing men… and im also a woman LOL so i have a better idea of how to break down each body part… also curves are really fun to draw!! whereas men im still trying to figure out what goes where

i also think its easier to start off with women and then transition into drawing men? at least that’s what i find… so if anyone wants a follow up tutorial on men just let me know! 

i think when it comes to drawing bodies, i find that it’s a lot easier if you imagine shapes first

by recognizing certain body parts as shapes you can sort of configure a guideline first in the pose and proportions you want first before adding any details

for example this is how i would plan out a (very skinny lol) female body before starting

so in red is my actual organic process, which is really quick and fluid and then in black is just a more defined demo of the shapes i have in mind 

one of the biggest problems i see for people starting out drawing bodies is that they’re so caught up trying to get every detail correct, by the time they’re finished the proportions are all off… so by planning the shapes first i can ensure i have every part the correct length and width i want

ok again this is going to be a really long post so more details on each body part under the cut!

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