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An alternate meeting where Neil is Andrews psychiatrist.

I can’t really see them getting together ever with Neil as his psychiatrist because I feel like Neil in a position of power over Andrew would not make a move and Andrew would be super uncomfortable in that scenario if he did.

But I do have ideas about Andrew using Neil as a type of therapy and that bringing them closer. So AU version of Neil’s first year at PSU.

  • “Kyle” is an anonymous guy Andrew’s been messaging and all he knows about him is that he also goes to PSU
  • “Kyle” is really Neil lying and claiming his name is something else because Neil’s mother has taught him to hide his identity and he’s on the fucking run
  • He’s not about to divulge even the slightest bit of information as Neil Josten
  • Andrew immediately guesses it’s a fake name (beyond just the Neil fake name, like he’s layers deep) and Neil only gave him a first name
  • So, Andrew refuses to give his name too
  • The whole messaging thing started off because they’re both bored and okay, a little lonely
  • But they’re never going to admit that or reach out to the people around them
  • Too risky
  • It’s so much easier to anonymously message someone
  • And Neil is still all sorts of careful trying not to give away that he is Neil Josten or that he’s not really Neil Josten
  • So, at first it’s a game of Andrew is bored and this anonymous guy is vaguely interesting
  • Neil doesn’t divulge much at first, but does give out some little truths that shouldn’t feel as heavy as they do
  • In real life, Andrew and Neil are antagonistic and Andrew’s bitter that he finds Neil interesting
  • So he tries to distract himself with message guy
  • And at first, he’s sure message guy couldn’t possibly be Neil because Neil Josten has never shut the fuck up about exy in his life
  • Andrew admits things he would never admit to anyone in person or as himself
  • Neil hands over truths that he would never be able to say when he looks like he does, even if he is trying to cover up his appearance with hair dye and coloured contacts
  • They have a game of exchanging something real beyond just idle small talk
  • Eventually, they end up clinging to having someone to talk to without any real-life consequences for their admissions
  • Neil desperately wants to know who the guy is, but he won’t ask for any identifying information because he does not want to supply any about himself
  • That is too dangerous and he knows that it is stupid, stupid, stupid letting himself get this attached to some anonymous guy
  • But he can’t handle being totally on his own anymore and this is safer than getting too close to his teammates
  • And it’s not like he’s going to rope whoever this guy is into the danger like he roped the team in when Andrew talked him into staying
  • Andrew wants to stop thinking about Neil Josten and wants to find out identifying information about message guy
  • But any time he pushes it a little, message guy stops responding for a day or two
  • And Andrew wants to meet the guy and is also nervous about the idea of meeting some random guy
  • And clearly the random guy isn’t comfortable with it
  • So Andrew just leaves it be for the time being and takes what he can get
  • And I’ll probably post a part two of this at some point with how they find out who the other really is
  • So I’m just gonna throw this here 1/? 

that’s it, that’s the whole show


‘hav i evr told u th story of how mac proposed? we’re at dinner one night nd he suddenly says he wants to ask me somethng. he’s, ykno, turning red, wont luk me n th eye, th whole deal. this guy opens his mouth to speak but he cant! he gets rly flusterd…’


fun No Limits group activity: go all Mercy, form a pentagram with your beams, and have a Mercy with a devil skin use the Caduceus emote in the center of it over and over

we did it for 4 minutes straight and every single enemy that came only stared in awe. lots of Satanism jokes

…and when this Genji killed me in the center we yelled “THE CIRCLE HAS BEEN BROKEN” and hunted him down with our pistols

this was easily the best skirmish of my life. highly recommended.