dumb mcdumb

ok this is dumb but every time i listen to take me away i imagine our sburb session OK BEAR WITH ME FOR A SECOND HERE I STARTED DRAWING PANELS OF ANIMATION PLANNING FOR THIS and ok so with the beginning instrumentals it’d just be pictures of meteors falling on everything we love and stuff and then cut to derse and prospit and you see all of our towers and shit

i haven’t really figured out the first verse but “dream within dream we travel” isaac floating over derse “empires of faith unravel” dave doing 


“sealed with our virtues’ treasures” ??? probably either ash or max

“who’s hand commands this thunder?” cut to gil’s FISTS probably “cry as we’re torn asunder” what “unto what gods do i call?” all of us god tiered backs turned “protect us in our…” ash and isaac being like ‘oh no we are children and also wounded’ and gil and i being like STRIFE at some enemy whatsit

“fall away” ash kingdom hearts style falling into one of his lakes or something “my soul wandered” tallkat fighting strong winds in his land of cold and whatsits “borne by grace” sierra being sierra or something 



I withdrew from my units at university. I’m going home for a bit and my parents will get to me and then I’ll find a place in my home town. I’ll live there and still study (aquatic bio) and then after that do a masters of teaching and basically become a teacher that is both of my favourite teachers melded together.
Hopefully I’ll be as effective a teacher as Helen, and as patient as Garry, and as liked as both of them. I gotta work on it. I can make it happen. I really really can. I really can.
Right now though I just feel awful and I’m going to sit here and watch shows and eat coleslaw at 2am.
When I was a kid I always got the words “coldsore” and “coleslaw” mixed up in my head, along with “silverside” and “suicide” and it made for some weird mix ups when talking to my mum about what we were having for tea.
Am I actually not a kid anymore, is that a thing? I’m pretty sure I’m still a kid.
I’m really happy that I have these people that are kind around me.