dumb luhan is dumb

let’s be real

trigger warnings: mentions of self harm and suicide

so i’m pretty sure most of you have heard that luhan admitted to being in a relationship with guan xiao tong on weibo this morning.

this post is not about how majority of the fandom is handling the news really well: admiring his bravery of coming out and letting the world know about the relationship, admiring how beautiful and stunning this actress is, going back to past interactions and seeing how obviously cute they were around each other, and etc etc.

this post is also not about how a good chunk of the fandom is not handling the news really: how she “stole your man away”, how “she won’t last”, how she’s cancelled because of who she follows on instagram, etc etc.

no, this post is more of a rant and a plea to the more serious reactions by a few fans. now, it’s not confirmed whether or not these are true, but i just want to talk about it because it has happened in the past. there’s been talk that there has been four suicides and self harming upon hearing news of the relationship. if this is true, this post is in no one shaming or making fun of it. 

i just want to say that, as a fan, you have to be realistic. the chances of you meeting your idols are already slim enough, but the chances of you dating them is even smaller. life isn’t a fanfic. i’m tired of seeing how possessive fans can get over their idols just because they stan them. in no way does it give you any right to control their personal lives. as a fan, you should be happy that he found someone he’s happy with and should be supporting him and his relationship instead of hurting yourself because he’s no longer available. 

i won’t be attaching any picture because it’s sensitive content involving blood, but can people stop resorting to cutting themselves after your idol gets into a relationship? 

this is a pointless rant that no one will see, but i’m so frustrated, angry, sad, and tired? i’m so tired. can’t you let him live a happy life? how would he feel after he hears about it? it took him so much courage and trust to announce it and it’s gonna hurt him when he hears that his fans are crying and hurting themselves because he chose to be happy and in love.

another note, let the other members live too. stop commenting on sehun’s post that “it’s okay” “don’t be sad” etc. don’t take your ships so seriously?? by all means, ship all the ships you want, but maybe let them live a life?

ugh, i’m done. i don’t know why i felt the need to make this post, i’m just so. i can’t find the words. 

idols are human beings too that deserve to live a happy and healthy life that includes being in relationship. don’t get so possessive of them to the point where you’re harming yourself and jumping off buildings because your fav is dating someone. please value your life, it’s precious and something you shouldn’t throw away just because of a celebrity.