dumb les mis text post

Ok so I finally saw beauty and the beast today so HERE WE GO

-batb au EXCEPT
-enjolras is the prince turned into the beast
-enjolras, who is a charming young man capable of being terrible
-(((((see what I’m saying)))))
-so then taire
-my beautiful boy
-who has so many heckin hobbies
-who knows SO MANY things
-((so many))
-but who’s always kinda disregarded as the weird dude
-grantaire who loves his mother s o much
-grantaire switched places with his mother once se gets caught be the beast
-(grantaire who completely thinks it’s his fault and won’t let his mother take the fall for it)
-fey’s lumiere and ferre’s cogsworth I just feel like I need to mention that
-les Amis are all the servants
-so les amis are trying to get them together
-grantaires a romantic who loves love stories and maybe
-just maybe
-enj starts to think they’re not so dumb anymore
-really I just want taire falling in love with enjolras not for his looks
-not because he is “”“Apollo”“”
-but because he’s a Massive Dick who also happens to be wonderful
-also I mean when enj transforms back into enj
-taire would be so fucked
-“holy shit what the fuck”
-“you didn’t mention that you are the most attractive man on the planet”
-enj: “it didn’t seem very important”

joly and bossuet being silly in their flat and it escalates into a water fight that somehow ends up in the hall outside. bossuet accidentally throws a water balloon at a tired, grumpy looking guy who is on his way home, and who goes back into his flat, returning with a super tall and muscular friend. they’re both armed with many water balloons. this is how joly and bossuet meet grantaire and bahorel.

no but real talk why have i never seen an imaginary cd by the barricade boys

i think the greatest thing about One Day More

is Marius just kinda steals this red flag from Mme. Houcheloup

“scuse me, i gotta borrow this”

“i need to make a dramatic point”

goes upstairs, raises it real dramatic


to which everyone else should have been like

well, duh

was this in question?

he’s pontmercying shit again, guys

(of course, brick!marius has every reason to let people know he’s fighting)

(because why would he, really?)

(but musical!marius is supposed to be here for this)