dumb lawsuits

It seems like every time an aquarium wants to expand a killer whale enclosure, at least in the U.S., people want to prevent that expansion and unfortunately they always seem to succeed. To make matters worse the very same people who prevent the expansions from happening constantly bombard these facilities with lawsuits, which in result, forces them to spend more money. Of course the animal rights groups are not concerned about the amount of money they loose while making lawsuits. Their money hardly ever goes to animal care anyways, but for the facilities that they sue, it’s a pain in the ass because this money could’ve easily gone to conservation, veterinary care, improvements to the enclosures, environmental enrichment devices and so much more, but these organizations are constantly harassing them with dumb lawsuits.

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eric church has the players gonna play in a song fleetwood mac has the same lyric in a song the lawsuit is dumb and just a hope that they can score some money

I don’t think it will go anywhere. But if it does, she has a phenomenal legal team.