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Boyfriend!Young K

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  • there’s gonna be lots and lots of smiling and laughing
  • he’s always gonna do something dumb to make you laugh
  • like if you’re sad about something, he’ll probably do one of those derp faces and cheer you up
  • and whenever you guys are just chilling he’ll just be smiling so hard
  • because he loves you just that much
  • and then it’ll make you smile too
  • and there’s gonna be lots of pda
  • like a whole bunch
  • like if you guys just decide to get up and go to the mall one weekend
  • he’ll just wrap his arms around you and hug you
  • he’ll be squeezing you really tight but not too tight
  • but just tight enough
  • and then he might sneak a little kiss too
  • and then you’re gonna be all in the moment
  • and kiss him on the lips
  • you two will forget that you were still in public
  • and you’ll just be making out like it’s no big deal
  • then you’ll stop once you realize that people are watching lol
  • there’s gonna be lots and lots of gift giving too
  • like one day you’re just relaxing at home
  • watching tv in your pj’s eating potato chips
  • and then he’ll just be coming through the door with a giant box of chocolates and a jumbo sized teddy bear
  • okay maybe not jumbo sized but it’s still pretty big though
  • you’ll get all happy, which’ll make him really happy
  • and you know how he just loves to sing and rap right?
  • yeah, he’s gonna be serenading you like all the time
  • he’ll go and take the time out of his busy day to write a special song just for you
  • he’s gonna make sure that the rapping part is on point
  • and the lyrics are gonna be so deep and heartfelt that it’ll get to you and tug at your heartstrings
  • but it’s still gonna be cute though
  • and then he’ll get the rest of the guys of the band to do the music
  • while he’s playing his bass guitar with those big hands of his
  • like his hands are so big and pretty
  • sorry i got caught up a little there
  • anyways so they’re playing the song and he’s singing
  • once it’s over he comes over to give you a huge hug and stuff like that
  • the both of you blush and things get really adorable and whatnot
  • but then here comes the good part……..
  • intimacy
  • okay so you guys are just in the bed chilling
  • unexpectedly he wraps an arm around you and keeps you really close to him
  • he loves spooning especially when he’s the big spoon
  • he’ll be grabbing at your body a lot trying to get your attention
  • all he’ll want then is to just you know
  • make love and stuff ;)
  • and his kisses
  • hahahaha i’m sure he has to be like the best kisser in the group
  • he’s even gonna try to do some french kissing too because he likes that stuff
  • anyways brian would make the best boyfriend
  • caring, sweet, funny, always making you happy
  • and he’s like really good looking
  • the total package

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hi i'm the british reverse racism thing ask and I just wanna update- First of all, thanks for all the advice from all the anons. But, a few hours ago I got called in by the head of seniro school which is basically the top of the top apart of the headmaster. I got in deep shit. They called us (my friend and I who did the presentation) dumb and laughed when we said "As POC we are most definitely marginalised" because we are HIGH middle/high class students. CONTINUED

CONTINUED and basically we tried to explain white power/racism etc and we used the definition that was racism = prejudice + power,, they said it was NOT the right definition and we needed to use the dictionary definition. I’m just so angry. I’m considering talking to this one teacher, although shes white i think shes pretty woke. My white friend POTENTIALLY will write a statement.. If anyone has any advice that doesnt involve me talking to any other teacher/school board please help. CONTINUED

CONTINUED. I have 4 official days of school left bc im graduating and have exam leave. so i needa deal with it quick. THANK YOU SO MUCH THOUGH.

There is no “right” definition of racism. They just want you to use the dictionary definition because it was written by white people who downplay the meaning of racism.

But anyways, anyone feel free to help anon out here. It’s urgent!

Angry Asian Guy


- I’m David Pumpkins.
- I know. But, like, who
are you?
- I’m David Pumpkins, man!
- And David Pumpkins is…?
- His own thang.
- And the skeletons are…?
- Part of it.