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Trans Day of Visibility!

My name is Kal (he/him). Two years ago I came out to all my family and friends. A lot has changed in those twenty-four months: a name, a voice, a smile — a perspective, among other things. I like to think who I am has not changed, but more how much of myself I share and how am with others. I’m the same as before, except I’m more honest.

I still carry sadness and find myself still dissatisfied with my form, my state of mind, my living situation. I suppose that means I have more growing to do.

Two years down, one lifetime ahead.

important be more chill hc

michael has really refined music taste. he only listens to bands you’ve never heard of or albums from before the year 1987. there’s only one exception: the jonas brothers. michael is inexplicably obsessed with the jonas brothers. he can’t get enough of Those Boys. nobody knows why. he doesn’t know why. he just loves. the. jonas. brothers.

getting married on Halloween would be great because
1) never have to worry about forgetting the anniversary
2) forget formal wear, guests should arrive in costumes
3) pumpkin pie wedding cake???
4) also I’d want to toss a pumpkin instead of a bouquet. just a whole pumpkin. just freakin launch that sucker behind my head. get wrecked

callout post for: john locke, the father of liberalism

- stated that the aim of the liberal state is to protect itself first and only then actual people

- said that this is a good thing ™

- stated that the state of nature (anarchy) is inherently good, possessions are equally distributed, people are equal and peaceful

- hence stated that the only reason to have a state at all is to assemble private property and defend it against others who need it

- said this was a good thing ™

- stated that killing humans isn’t bad because it’s immoral, it’s bad because humans are god’s property

- was a bourgeois little dickhead