dumb kids who need to stop looking at each and touching each other and just anything w each other

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Pretty pretty please could you write this bechloe lovechild prompt: Beca and Chloe come home early, only to find Emily skipping school and smoking/drinking with some friends at home

Emily’s reaction from the moment she heard the front door open was in slow-motion. The processing part of her mind - normally operating on high alert - stilled to a stop when she heard the giggles of her moms travel up the staircase, hushed and rushed and whispered, so that when they passed by her door, she didn’t even think to hide the cigarette that was posed precariously between her two fingers. 

They were wrapped up in each other, grinning in a way that normally promised that they wouldn’t notice anything beyond each other for a long while, but there was a movement in their periphery that broke Chloe’s gaze on Beca’s lips long enough to warrant a double-take into the wide-open door of Emily’s room (and, yeah, admittedly not closing the door was dumb. But they were supposed to be at work). 

“Em?” Beca said, surprise coating her tone before she had a chance to process the entire situation. “Holy–”

“Shit,” Emily finished unintentionally, looking down at her hands and the two boys perched on her bed. She scrambled then, all of her slow-moving processing suddenly rushing back to full-speed quick enough to make her dizzy. 

“Language, Emily Beale-Mitchell!” Chloe gasped, stepping into the room. Beca slapped her lightly on the shoulder, glaring. 

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