dumb kids who need to stop looking at each and touching each other and just anything w each other

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Heyy can i'm a new dan of sterek and i want yo know what episode of teen wolf that there is sterek moments? Maybe you have a list?? Thank you! Really love your blog btw ^^

1.01 bam straight away first episode. the beginning of it all. scott n stiles are in the woods and suddenly creeper!derek comes out in his cute black ensemble trying and failing to be menacing whilst saying “this is private property.” cue a flustered stiles and Gazing and Silence and Looks and this is his ACTUAL face when derek walks away lmaooo

me 2 stiles. me 2

1.02 derek gets arrested and so of course stiles goes to confront him in the sheriff’s car. there is lots of Gazing and Silence and Looks and derek asking “why are you so worried about me?” and honestly the LOOKS

literally chill the fuck out guys .. literally just kidding don’t ever stop

(this got long guys. this got real long and real messy. i’m pretty sure it just devolved into me putting in almost every stiles x derek moment. LUV IT)

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Pretty pretty please could you write this bechloe lovechild prompt: Beca and Chloe come home early, only to find Emily skipping school and smoking/drinking with some friends at home

Emily’s reaction from the moment she heard the front door open was in slow-motion. The processing part of her mind - normally operating on high alert - stilled to a stop when she heard the giggles of her moms travel up the staircase, hushed and rushed and whispered, so that when they passed by her door, she didn’t even think to hide the cigarette that was posed precariously between her two fingers. 

They were wrapped up in each other, grinning in a way that normally promised that they wouldn’t notice anything beyond each other for a long while, but there was a movement in their periphery that broke Chloe’s gaze on Beca’s lips long enough to warrant a double-take into the wide-open door of Emily’s room (and, yeah, admittedly not closing the door was dumb. But they were supposed to be at work). 

“Em?” Beca said, surprise coating her tone before she had a chance to process the entire situation. “Holy–”

“Shit,” Emily finished unintentionally, looking down at her hands and the two boys perched on her bed. She scrambled then, all of her slow-moving processing suddenly rushing back to full-speed quick enough to make her dizzy. 

“Language, Emily Beale-Mitchell!” Chloe gasped, stepping into the room. Beca slapped her lightly on the shoulder, glaring. 

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Preference #13: Previous Relationship With Another Member

Luke: Luke stormed into the bedroom, causing the door to rock on its hinges. Siting on your shared bed, you winced as the vibrations shook through the whole house. “What the hell, Luke?” You exclaimed, pushing your book from your lap to stand up. Without answering, he pushed a blurry photo into your chest, before standing back rudely. You felt your stomach drop, knowing without looking what that picture entailed. “Luke-” “Are you fucking kidding me?” He yelled, cutting you off immediately. “You had a thing with Calum?” You winced slightly, looking down to stare at the picture in your hand. The two of you were locked in an embrace, his arms wrapped your waist, clutching you on his lap. Your lips were just slightly touching as the two of you laughed at something, your hand stroking his face. “Look, it didn’t-” “The worst part is neither of you even thought to tell me! Don’t even try and tell me that it meant nothing, when that picture that you kept in   a scrapbook clearly says otherwise.” His normally caring face was upturned in a scowl, and you knew he was more hurt and insecure than anything. Sighing, you threw the picture onto the floor, wishing you would have thought far enough ahead to get rid of it. “Luke, we were fifteen! We didn’t know a thing about love, and thought we were crazy for each other!” He scoffed loudly, before beginning to walk closer. “And that makes it better?” “Luke!” You shouted. “We were kids. We were just doing what everyone else was, and it didn’t mean a damn thing. You knew that Calum and I were friends before I met you, and that’s the only reason why I kept that picture in the first place.” You sighed, before walking closer to his body. He stood frozen in place, staring harshly at his shoes. “I didn’t even know what it was like to actually be in love with someone until I met you. That’s why that picture doesn’t mean anything to me.” You reached up to wrap your arms around his neck as you felt his body instantly relax. “I love you.” You sighed lovingly into his ear. “I love you so incredibly much, and there is absolutely nothing in the world that is ever going to change that. Not another person, or any bump in the road, okay? I love you more than I ever thought was possible.” As he turned to look at you, you could see the tears glinting in his eyes. “I know.” He whispered. “I love you more." 

Calum: Walking into his bedroom, you quickly went to shut the door behind you. ”(Y/N)?“ He questioned, his body turning to face you. "What are you doing here?” He said. “Not that I don’t love you being here, just I thought you couldn’t tonight.” His hand was lazily slung over a guitar as his back hunched over the pages strewn across the bed. He looked absolutely gorgeous, and as always managed to take a little bit of your breath away. “I-I need to tell you something.” You said softly, your mind returning to your original purpose. You watched as a look of seriousness fell over Calum’s face, as he softly pushed his guitar to the floor and attempted to brush off his collection of papers. Walking over to him, you automatically dropped your purse and coat to the floor, before collapsing onto his bed. You lay on your back, as he sat next to you still cross-legged, waiting for you to speak. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this for the past few hours.” You said quickly, your gaze trained on his ceiling. “Because I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about it.” You risked a glance in his direction, a little startled to see him staring at you so intensely. Looking quickly back up at the ceiling, you forced yourself to continue. “W-we were talking the other night about sex, and stuff. And you were telling me how much it means to you. Which is why I need to tell you something.” You said softly. Sitting up, you finally looked into his eyes, hoping it would somehow make it easier. “And you also asked me about the whole virginity thing?” You started to cringe, knowing what was coming. In all honesty, you knew Calum wasn’t a virgin, and he knew that it was the same situation for you. You watched as he nodded slowly, his eyes beginning to grow in confusion. “It was Michael.” You said softly. “I lost my virginity to Michael when I was sixteen, and I couldn’t tell you because I know how much this kind of thing means to you.” He moved suddenly, as he jerked away from your touch. He stood up quickly as his feet planted themselves on the floor. “What?” His voice shook, looking at you like he almost couldn’t quite believe it. “You fucked my best friend, and you only thought to tell me now?!” He said, his voice rising with every word. You grimaced slightly, as you watched his hands clench into fists. “Cal-” “No, don’t.” He said, his nose beginning to sniffle. You felt your heart crack in two as his eyes began to pool with tears. “It doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, and to be honest I haven’t thought about it in years. And you know why?” You asked rhetorically, as Calum continued to stare at you unmoving. “Because I’m in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you, even when we were teenagers. A-and Michael was there when everyone told me that sex was the normal thing to do.” You said, all in one breath. You watched as the look on Calum’s face began to soften, his hands beginning to unclench. You could see the imprints his fingernails had made in his palm, and you couldn’t stop staring. “I’ve been so crazy and completely i love with you for as long as I can remember, and meaningless sex when I was sixteen, that quite frankly was awful, isn’t going to change that.” You walked closer to him, and forced his face to look into yours. “Nothing in the world is going to change that.” You said, breathing softly. “I love you,” he whispered softly. Instantly, his arms wrapped around your waist, colliding your hips as your lips working together effortlessly, seemingly managing to take your breath away. 

Michael: “(Y/N)? Can I ask you a question?” He asked, his legs beginning to shift under your head. The two of you were sitting on his couch, watching a rerun of some show from the 90’s. Quite frankly, neither of you had been watching it, instead exchanging longing glances and careful touches. “Sure.” You smiled, sitting up so that you could face each other properly. “Can you tell me about Ashton?” You flinched slightly, your gaze automatically falling to your fingers that interlaced with each other. Michael knew even before the two of you started dating that you and Ashton used to be together. It was before you had met Michael, and up until this point he had been careful not to mention it, knowing that it was unshared territory. “Please,” he whispered. “I just really want to know.” You sighed, before forcing yourself to look into his eyes. “I was fifteen when we started dating.” You whispered. “And we were together for two years. And god, I was so in love with him.” Michael inhaled quickly, and your hands shot out to grab his. It was hard, but you also knew it was something you both needed. You absolutely despised keeping secrets, and for the past few months you had been together, you couldn’t help but feel like you were keeping something from him. “I thought he was the most… amazing thing that had ever walked the planet, and for two years there wasn’t a moment I didn’t spend thinking about him. He was so kind and gentle with me. He was so damn romantic, with all his dumb songs and the dates he would plan for us. He would text me at all hours of the day just to tell me how much he loved me. He was my first boyfriend, and the first person I ever loved which is why I thought what we had was forever.” You began to drum your fingers on your knee, just like you always did when you got nervous. You could feel your stomach twisting into knots as you tried to imagine what Michael was thinking. His face looked unchanged as he continued to stare at you, almost like he was preparing himself for the worst. “I don’t even know when it started to change, but it was like we stopped being in love.” You said softly. “And I know it sounds dumb, but it was the truth. I didn’t think about him all the time anymore, and I could care less when I saw him. The ‘I love you’s started to come less and less and at some point we finally realized that it was all gone.” You flipped your hands over and began to draw small circles on his palm with the tip of your finger. “ I think that’s why it hurt so much. I couldn’t stop remembering how much I used to love him and I couldn’t let that part of me go. I was so used to the two of us being a team that I couldn’t imagine what it was like to just be myself. When we finally broke it off, I was completely unstable. We both knew we didn’t love each other anymore, but it didn’t make it any easier.” As you finished, you looked up into his face, the blankness starting to scare you. “Please tell me what you’re thinking.” You whispered. For the first time, your heart leapt as he opened his mouth to speak. “Thank you for being so honest with me.” He said quietly. “W-what’s it like when you see him now?” You smiled slowly, looking him in the eye. “We weren’t meant to be together. Our romance ran its course when we were kids, and when I look at him it’s like thinking about an old friend.” He was staring at you, his eyes still wide. “And honestly, despite how much I loved him, it comes nowhere close to the way I feel about you.” A shit-eating grin immediately lit up his face, as his body pounced over yours. Your chests collided as he pushed you back on the couch, his face hovering over yours. “I love you so much.” He whispered softly, before your automatically reached up to press his lips to yours. 

Ashton: “What the fuck?” Ashton said, storming into the kitchen. You stood at the stove, stirring the pasta you were trying to make for dinner. You snorted before turning to face your boyfriend, who looked like he was ready to shoot through the roof. “Good evening to you too.” You said, knowing you were probably only adding fuel to the fire, internally bracing yourself for what was about to happen. You had no idea what his problem was, but Ashton rarely got angry. He was always the level headed one, who was usually trying to calm you down about something that always ended up being totally irrelevant. It was something you loved about him, that he was always able to balance you out. Obviously, tonight was not going to be the case. “Don’t fucking give that to me.” He said rudely, before walking over to the counter. Pushing his phone towards you, he mentioned for you to scroll through the pictures that he had obviously previously loaded. Your eyes widened as you realized exactly what the pictures were. “You were with Luke?!” He yelled, not giving you a chance to explain. “Why the fuck didn’t either of you tell me?” You sighed, before letting your face fall into your hands as you tried to find a way to properly explain it. “Ash-” “Don’t you dare lie to me (Y/N).” He said, his words practically spitting across the table. “Are you kidding me?” You said, finally blowing up. “I honestly don’t see what the big deal is! I get it, you’re mad I didn’t tell you but I haven’t said a word and you’re already accusing me of trying to lie to you!” You yelled back, your fingers clutching the counter in front of you tightly. “Look at the pictures (Y/N).” He said, shoving his phone in your face for the second time. The last pictures were of you and Luke at a party, your bodies all over each other at various times in the night.  "I don’t get-“ "Are you cheating on me with Luke?” He said, as his face tried to seem hard. You could see straight past him, watching his eyes started to water. Realization started to wash over you, as you realized just what this was about. “No (Y/N), I get it. He’s better than me at everything. He’s smarter, he plays the cooler instrument, and he’s more popular. A-and you were together before me. If you wanted to be with him, you could have just told me.” He said softly. It was like all of his anger had disappeared, and instead he just looked broken in half. “Ashton,” you whimpered, walking closer to him. “Ash, I’m not cheating on you. All these pictures are from when we were together, three years ago. Honestly, I haven’t even thought about it, or him for the matter since I’ve been with you.” He looked down at you, as a single tear fell from the corner of his eye. “Really?” He whispered, his eyes never leaving yours. “Really. There’s not another person in the world that I could possibly love more than you. I love you so much, Ash.” You said softly. The two of you still stood apart, not looking away from the others eyes. All of sudden, it was like the tension had been cut as your bodies collided in the middle of the room. His lips instantly found yours as his arms tightened around your body, as if there was nothing in the world that could make either of you want to let go.