dumb josh


Just two dumb boys ™

Interviewer : how do you guys stay so humble ?

Josh : I think we just make fun of each other a lot. We just like knock each other down. If I do something dumb and I know it’s dumb, than he makes me feel really dumb.Then I can’t think I’m sweet later on, cause I’m like .. “I’m dumb”

Tyler: it’s like my goal to make you just feel dumb

Josh : And than we get into a room with celebrities and we’re both just two dumb boys


i just like how post-bb19, josh has shown how kind, smart, and articulate he is. he’s using his social media presence to raise support for hurricane charities (in BOTH english and spanish because yes, he’s bilingual which makes him smarter than any of these holier than thou houseguests aka elena) and he hasn’t even been shady liking shit about other houseguests. too bad i can’t say the same about these other houseguests!

Who the UD kids would play as in D&D headcannons

Chris - He’d be the DM hand’s down, and he’d be a vicious one, throwing everything he had at them. There would be some favoritism for Ashley’s character, and he’d give her the best personal storyline. Also, he’d constantly be arguing with Josh cause he wants advantage on everything.

Ashley - She’d be a Drow Rouge. She’d love being so sneaky and stealing everyone’s shit. Plus, Drows have an abusive society, so she’d relate to that and try to play her character as True Neutral instead of Neutral Evil, cause even victims deserve friends and love

Sam - She’d be a Halfling Ranger. She’s super into nature and so would excel in it. She’d have a wolf companion name’d Fluffy that she would ride into battle, and would play as Neutral Good.

Matt - He’d be a Dwarf Cleric. All he wants to do is help people, so naturally he’s the teams healer. He’d worship Moradin, and as a dwarf would be the black smith of the team, often making his friends (mostly Mike) awesome weapons. He’d play as Lawful Good. He’d mostly have to heal Emily since she wouldn’t have a ton of HP. Him and Sam’s character get along the best out of everyone and be the teams “parents” trying to keep them all in line and from doing something stupid.

Josh - he’d be a Tiefling Warlock. High Charisma and bad ass dark magic??? perfect for him. He’d be one of the heavy hitters on the team, and constantly want the final blow. He’d play as Chaotic Neutral. He’d also play his character as pinning for Sam’s character, but then would constantly sleep with other people. He’d also be best friends with Ashley’s character. He’d barter with Chris a lot, wanting to do impossible things and saying, “if i get a natural 20 you have to let me”.

Jess - Half-Elf Bard, hands down, she’d be a bard. She would mostly play support for her team. She’s more useful as a negotiator than a fighter. Jess would also inspire everyone, and she’d actually sing while they were playing. She’d play as Chaotic Good, and would sleep with everyone and anyone who was willing. (mostly Josh and Emily)

Emily - Half-Elf Sorcerer. Another powerhouse of the team, but she’d need a lot of healing, and would tend to stay in the back and attack from far away. She’d play as Chaotic Neutral. She and Jess’s characters would be BFF’s and often look out for each other more than anyone else.

Mike - Barbarian Half- Orc. He’d be the heavy hitter in the group, wanting to get close and personal with fighting. Him and Josh would constantly be competing to see who could get the final blow. He’d technically be “Chaotic Neutral” but his playing style would fall more in line with Chaotic Good, cause Mike is secretly a nice guy. He’d also be best friends with Sam’s wolf.