dumb in glasses

ok but….highschool au where jefferson is a jock but he’s bad at school and needs a tutor but is really embarrassed abt it,,,,also alexander thinking he’s showing friendly affection but is high-key swooning over him ft. alexander “im to tired to brush my hair” hamilton


everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy
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I caved y’all. I tried to resist the temptation, but @zephyrine-gale ‘s crop top trend was too strong and I just *clenches fist* had to;;; so…behold: crop top with finger-less glove sleeves (my dream shirt tbh)

The problems of having glasses:

-Rain: sure you can take them off but then you can’t see, but if you leave them on rain drops on you glasses make it so you can’t see anyway

-cold days/drinking something steamy: when you get some where warm your glasses fog up so you can’t see

-trying to find your glasses: you can’t see so it makes it so hard to find them, you need to see in order to find them but you can’t since you don’t have them

-trying to adjust your glasses when you aren’t wearing them: you can poke you eye out

-playing sports: always going to be worried that they are going to fall off and break

-3D movies: it bad enough dealing with on pair of glasses but trying to wear two at once when ones a shitty paper pair of glasses is impossible

-dumb people asking if you glasses are fake: it’s like are you kidding me, do you really think i would wear these dumb things all the time if i had too

-people trying to wear your glasses and saying wow you are really blind: it’s like no really? why do you think I’ve been wearing these? for fun?

-people that when you take off your glasses hold of there fingers and ask how many you see: yeah I can see them it’s just blurry as fuck what else do you expect, me to see a crayon? 

-sunglasses: HAHAHA not going to happen, you have to deal with the bright ass sun or wear sunglasses and not being able to see, or buying a really expensive sunglasses so i can see

-wearing them for long periods of time: in some cases you nose and ears will hurt if you wear them for too long

-wearing contacts: not if you want to touch your eye everyday or having your eyes dry out your not going to wear them

-sight even with glasses: you vision will be better with glasses but it will never be a perfect 20/20 vision

-trying to clean glasses: it’s annoying as hell some times it takes forever to get one smudge off, and if you even touch them the slightest bit more smudges to deal with, also you can leave behind small scratches witch can be very annoying

-having long eyelashes: you don’t want to have them, trust me, they will rub against your glasses, and it will feel weird and plus it leaves behind smudges in the area were you see the most. “oh i wish i had long eyelashes”. No fuck you, i wish i didn’t

-taking them off: in some cases people won’t even recognize you, and when i take them off it means my day is fucking done.

-when glasses sit on you face they can get greasy: this is annoying b/c then they always feel like they are slipping or  they are actually are slipping down your face. The can also cause pimples which can hurt very much b/c you glasses are kind of sitting on them.

-when people take off your glasses and touch the lends: this is the quickest way to piss us off. we are going to need to clean that after you give them back, we don’t mind if you a careful and touch the lends on accent, but if your are a careless fuck trad we will hate you

-going on rides in a park: worrying if your glasses will fall off, even to a point to wearing a glasses strap to make sure that they don’t fall off. If you don’t have this you need to take them off but were the fuck are you going to put them then? 

-make like eyeliner: if you think it was hard to put on before you lucky seeing fucks. it’s a whole new level of difficult with us since everything you see fucking blurry. 

safe goggles: the suck even more, it is very uncomfortable, like you can’t adjust your normal glasses. Bless the teachers who count your glasses as safety glasses. 

-telescopes and things alike:oh I’m just going to look though this (clunking sound) oh, I guess I can’t get close enough with them so i’ll just have to take them off…

-buying new ones: Oh do I look good in these ones? I don’t know since i can’t see with the model ones on. also they can be expensive as fuck like depending on your eye sight it can be 200 dollars or 400 dollars or more just to fucking see. 

that’s all i can come up with right now, sorry it’s so long I just wanted to rant, feel free to reblog or add more, sorry for any grammar you spelling mistakes.