dumb in glasses


Professional Cyber Hitman
Soft Block: $1000$
Hard Block: $2500$
Call-out Post: $5000$
Ghost Write an Incriminating Post About How They Love Feet Juice: $7500$
Dox: $8000$
Hack Their Main and Publish MLP Inflation Art: $9500$
Delete Their Blog: $10000$
Just @ me, or call 1-800-jory-kill


everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy
playlist full of songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

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thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

*whispers* Percival Graves........ With glasses.

“Wake up, Mr Graves.”

UM YES GLASSES. He fell asleep with them on, work was too tiring :’) 
Also I hope a pencil sketch response is okay! I ended up turning to traditional means to fight the Art Block™ in the middle of night yesterday, haha
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ok but….highschool au where jefferson is a jock but he’s bad at school and needs a tutor but is really embarrassed abt it,,,,also alexander thinking he’s showing friendly affection but is high-key swooning over him ft. alexander “im to tired to brush my hair” hamilton

I caved y’all. I tried to resist the temptation, but @zephyrine-gale ‘s crop top trend was too strong and I just *clenches fist* had to;;; so…behold: crop top with finger-less glove sleeves (my dream shirt tbh)


H̨̫̲̥̖͈̙̀e̢̲̝̖͚͞ͅ'̞̞͔͈͚̖͚͡s̭̩͖̗͈̻̥̱̪ ͏͍̹͈̙̘͇͉̬w͎͓̰á̤̳̖̥̝͈̜̖͉͟ṯ̵̡c͞͏̣̞h̨̢̧̼̘̞i̸̝̣̲͕͕̻̗͝n̴̖̤̲g̨̤̟͚̹̬̬͙̙̕͞.̛̹̺̕͜ͅ.̦.̖͇͚̕

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I hadn’t felt motivated to draw at all for a while but I took the screen protector off of my iPad and began to doodle on it. Of course Jack(or Anti) was the first figure I actually had fun to draw after months :P 

and it’s Anti, so why not glitch it out? I’m extra.


Jekyll and Hyde where everything is the same but after Jekyll drinks the HJ7, it’s a Sailor Moon transformation sequence into Hyde.