dumb idiot otp of my heart


It’s the small hours of the morning. They lie under soft flannel sheets, curled into each other like parentheses. Stiles traces the lines of Derek’s face with the barest press of his fingertips, marveling at his tousled hair and unfurrowed brow. Derek sighs in his sleep and chases the contact, fitting his cheek more firmly against Stiles’ palm. The small, unconscious smile that blooms across his face makes Stiles’ heart hitch.

do you ever just have to pause a dan and phil video and take a deep breath and hold your head in your hands because the immense feeling of love for them is just too overwhelming and it just hits you like a shitload of bricks in the heart and your gut is panging horribly and IT ACTUALLY HURTS and your throat clenches and your vision blurs and you just want to sob because they mean everything to you and you just realise how much you love them and its not necessarily the shipping but just the fact that they ARE SO FUCKING LUCKY TO HAVE EACH OTHER like damn I want a friendship like that when I’m older because I want a best friend who is the brightest star in my world and brings a 100 watt smile to my face whenever I look at them and that’s literally dan and phil because come on even if phan isn’t real you cannot deny that dan and phil love each other very very much and are very very dependent on each other and idk I’m really unstable because of this and I think I might have an aneurism if I don’t sort out my feels soon