dumb hair and all


i guess they’re bad guys or something, idk. I was just thinking about Godzilla dat boi for some reason so have this catbro who is some villain posse with his big buff cheeto puff partner, and basically uses his powers to score free wifi, dick around, and bring memes to life. He totally does sailor moon and jjba poses when doing his magic junk I bet

but when am i going to get my past!b99 episode

kid!Jake and kid!Gina hanging out at nana’s apartment, watching house party 2 way too many times because it was a pajama-jammie-jam and they had no choice, their hands were tied. all their school shenanigans; getting into trouble every now and then; Gina manipulating other kids to help them do their homework while Jake feels guilty but goes along with it because he doesn’t want to do homework

academy!Jake and academy!Rosa meeting and becoming friends after a few weeks when she realizes he’s not just another annoying white guy and actually a pretty sweet dude that she’s gotta protect a little. also Rosa’s hair is a non-human color assuming she’s still not out from her phase in ballet school when she had her hair dyed pink. them groaning together about all the dumb drills and coming up with stupid fun things to do (usually instigated by Jake) which gets them in trouble and causes them to have to do more drills which they then complain about again

Terry and Holt working together at the One-Eight, putting all those prejudiced cops in their places and doing such good work for the community no one feels comfortable saying even one racist slur in their presence

Charles and Jake meeting for the first time and becoming friends- it’s not immediate but Jake realizes that Charles is a truthworthy friend who has his back and what kind of person would he be if he didn’t have Charles’s back too?

Jake and Amy meeting for the first time- because please we need this

Gina meeting everyone for the first time

Terry meeting all the detectives for the first time and finding out their little quirks and flaws- Jake can be a little bit of a lone wolf sometimes because he wants to have the glory of solving a huge case to himself, Amy can be a little too uptight and let her stress cloud her mind and affect her decision making, Rosa punches anything that pisses her off, and Charles has accidentally punched himself once while facing off with a criminal he was supposed to arrest. But he sees all their good qualities too- and he believes in each of them early on and knows that they’re all amazing detectives who are going to be great at their jobs, and he loves watching them prove him right over the years like the proud mama hen he is

I feel like Normani and the girls had a photoshoot for a cover today… maybe for a magazine or even an album

I have this friend who I call ‘best friend’ only when I talk to her.
If someone asks me who my best friend is or if I have one, she never crosses my mind.
My answer is ‘haha no’
I love her and I know she loves me too.
We met each other when we were 11 and despite our starkly different personalities and lives, we connected immediately.
2 years later I shifted to another city and we lead our different lives but were always there for the big moments.
On my 16th birthday, she sent an employee in her dad’s company all the way to my house with 16 gifts which had sentimental value. Like a box full of hair bands because I had the longest hair she ever knew anyone to have but never enough hair ties and my hair always got in the way and annoyed me (yeah i was just dumb to not have hair ties all the time).
And she wrote something on the lines of 'so in a way I can always be there for you’.
It’s been a while since I returned back.
We’ve met a few times and always made sure to never miss birthdays!
But I don’t know her anymore.
And she doesn’t know me anymore.
I love her still. I know she does too.
I am hurt and need someone.
She’s happy and in a really good phase of her life.
I’m not going to bother her. I can’t.
Because even though Tams, I call you my best friend, it’s only when I’m with you. And I’m hardly ever with you.

Dating GD would include:
  • dumb hair jokes all the time
  • “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”
  • “Depends on the outfit.”
  • asking Taeyang for help when shopping for GD because oh my god what would he want do i even have enough money for that shirt
  • Dealing with ‘holy shit everyone loves me hahahahah royalties’ GD 
  • and ‘hey can you just hold me for an hour and a half’ GD 
  • and ‘wow don’t you just love the color of the sky? I’m deep and need constant creative energy, GD
  • and ‘I’m my own problematic fav’ GD
  • “Honey I’m home!”
  • “Is that another fur coat omg it’s so pretty. Thank you, babe.”
  • “I know. It really compliments my eyes, right? Channel is so nice.”
hello i am sick and tired of all these mchanzo headcanons where hanzo’s embarrassed by mccree so pls consider:
  • hanzo and mccree being very close friends for a year or two, maybe three
  • they’d always say platonic “i love yous” at each other and cuddle sometimes
  • mccree saying he loves hanzo more than just platonically one day, hanzo admits to feeling the same way
  • mccree and hanzo being a ridiculously sappy couple
  • mccree and hanzo holding hands in public and hanzo’s SMILING because he’s NOT EMBARRASSED AT ALL
  • hanzo not being a huge fan of pda but still lets mccree kiss him in public, even in front of the overwatch crew, bc he’s proud and happy about his dorky cowboy bf
  • mccree singing cheesy romantic country songs and hanzo loving them
  • mccree and hanzo hugging for extended amounts of time because its comforting 
  • hanzo loving mccree’s lil dorky habits like tipping his cowboy hat and doing that dumb finger gun thing
  • mccree playing with hanzo’s hair, braiding it, tying it all sorts of ways, etc
  • forehead kisses !!!! hanzo doesnt like being short but it allows his tall bf to give him forehead kisses so he’s more comfortable abt his height
  • hanzo proudly introducing mccree as his boyfriend. he smiles whenever he says mccree’s name
  • hanzo and mccree comforting each other when one of them is upset w/ shitty country songs and cuddles
  • mccree staring at hanzo because he cant believe that someone as amazing as hanzo loves some scrappy guy like him
  • hanzo staring at mccree because he cant believe someone as amazing as mccree is his bf
  • they love each other a lot ok

A little change in hair… temporarily! For a few weeks or so, I actually dyed it for a show. The things drama students do…

After this I’m going silver 👌🏻

//I feel a lot better about life when I remember that someone had to animate Prince Hans laying face-down in the snow and shaking himself like a dog.