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Spoilers for season 3 episode 7 (Tales from the Citadel)

So, I do believe my Morties Feeling Worthless is Dangerous theory was correct. 

What the hell happened in this episode? We learned life on the Citadel, we learned why our Rick hates it. 

We also learn we are actually following our Rick! I was for sure the twist of this season was this was a completely different Rick, being a punch in the balls for the viewer. I guess the creators just aren’t as cruel as me?

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We learned Rick’s society… Is society. They are rebuilding what they have lost and we watch the effects of our Rick’s actions, while just the same knowledge and possible education status (probably? Infinite realities, one of them went to Brown) there was still a social latter. 

That surprised me, because before I thought the Citadel was honestly like a mall, hotel, tour area where Ricks and Morties came for supplies, and why our Rick was always in trouble for getting things for his things, but not other Ricks it seems?

It might have been that, before the attack. We see Ricks with injuries, Morties without Rick, and a huge crime problem and I think a Morty strip club? Uh, I never read it, but it sure sounds like Citadel of Lost Children

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We learned how much Morty are taken for granted, they are given zero education in a school, lawyer Morty was seen as a thing to be fun, and when the Morty from the diner tried to get a taxi, they skipped him, going to another Rick. 

If we look back to the first episode showing the Citadel we see a sea of Ricks and Morties, happy.

 We see Morties dumb and happy. However, let’s look at the new Citadel. We see unhappy Ricks, we see dangerous Morties. What else do I see? Morty’s never went back to their universe. Rickless Morties are still forced there to be there. They’re forced to be alone from their families and their entire life has truly stopped. I believe the old citadel was better, despite it all, Morties were treated better, Ricks and Morty were free and they actually had leaders. 

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A law, from the last scene shows, it was against the law to kill a Morty. So while being pieces of shits, the Rick council had enough morals to not allow their other grandsons to be abused as badly as usual. Another thing I caught onto was no Rick went home? It looked to be they lived there and did daily jobs. Does this mean these Ricks never left there? Is that why we never see another pair of our main characters during adventures? This was probably spoon fed to us but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the old plot heavy episodes. 


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We got the return of Eye Patch Morty, who ran for president and seemed to treat Morties better this time around? He’s not torturing them yet, he was quick to fire that one Morty. There is no more council, it’s one person. I know it isn’t a monarch but think about it. He already had killed and disposed of those on the table who had opposed him. He completely avoided the question when asked about his original Rick, using the excuse of being a Morty with an “Aw Geez! We traveled around so much!” He’s already got a Morty killed during his presidency, and he’s shown his violent behavior early on. 

I will forever miss Campaign Manager Morty, he did his best and got shit on for doing the right thing. It’s sad, honestly, this was one of the parts that made me ball my eyes out. I have never cried over this goddamn cartoon before. Why did he have to die? I love him!

Speaking of this scene, look at all those corpses. It’s barely been any time at all and without the Council of Ricks, they have already spilled so much blood. They’re like children who are finally free. They are destroying what made their home, their home. It’s not just Ricks out there either guys, they had no problem killing a Morty. Which, was illegal in the times before. 

Morties could be abused, but now they are truly isolated, dying and having real racism being brought their way. Any Morty in this place is unsafe, any Ricks are unsafe- everyone is unsafe.

(End of major spoiler) 

(Semi spoilers) 


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I love Dumb Ri- Long Morty. But he shows us that they have to put each person in a category so bad that people like Doofus Rick or Long Morty they have to make a lower citizen.

Morties are committing crimes, becoming dangerous and now a lot are using some Rick’s love to manipulate them. They feel worthless, Morty Cop said utterly Mortist comments and shown the lack of respect he had for himself and his kind. He killed them, said they didn’t matter and it was found out he was just as bad, if not worse, than the other Morties. The Rick cop was the most human of the team and the town. 

Morties acting like children hits home with Ricks, I do believe Ricks miss Beth, their family, wives and the normal relationship they could have with Morty. I think those cookies taste good not only because Rick feels successful, but the fatherly love he possesses for his daughter. It seems he had to leave her too, or a freak accident happened. 

Maybe they formed together to protect their loved ones because the government targeting them. No matter what, Ricks are dangerous.

Also, I know this got to be some goddamn foreshadowing. Showing us how cold blooded Morties can be- Rick is in their blood. Yet, Rick is human, he’s not a complete monster.

There is a strip club of minors- Morties, creators calm yourself! 

I’m slightly salty 90% of the Morties shown were just normal Morties with some minor difference. When I saw what this episode was actually about, I was so excited! I wanted Pocket Morties, I wanted Rabbit, Miami, Ghost and more Morties! Not just Glasses, Left, or Slick Morty, thought Liztard Morty was awesome- he was just a DNA test gone wrong. I still love him though

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The cop Rick shows us a new type of Rick, our Rick shows a compassionate Rick who tries to keep his love under-wraps.

Doofus Rick shows us a kind, simpler Rick who is open, and quite wise on certain topics. He made oven less brownies and made Jerry feel better about his collection, he’s awesome!

Long Morty (Dumb Rick) shows us how Ricks are so determined to make little sections of each person that they put their own in the same mistreatment and abusive place as their Morties, he was just a Morty to them. They even are killing him in those tight clothes!

Cop Rick shows a new Rick, fresh from training and wanting to help people, Ricks and Morties alike. He shows us that Ricks can be open with their emotions and have moral high grounds. He better not be a one off character. He wants to help people, but this might have jaded him. I don’t think he has a Morty, but gosh he’s so sweet to the ones he talks to

The cop side story was disheartening, we saw an even darker side of Morty in this episode. They’re all just teenagers, without parents or true lives to go back to. They are forced into a ghetto like town with other teenage themselves.

Expecting to, like adults, to be functional and not depend on a Rick, even though that’s all they’ve done in that crazy, dynamic world. 

The Morty School was just as I expected, a fun adventure before Slick Morty (SPOILER) threw himself in hoping to make a good life for every Morty. I honestly hope he is okay and alive… In the garbage. 

It also shows us Morties are simplified by their Ricks, “Fat Morty, Liztard Morty.”

When the Glasses Morty told Slick Morty he also rolls his sleeves up, I realized something. they’re truly only judged by their appearance, and sometimes a certain character trait. They’re not people in this society. They truly are a shield, sidekick, a joke- nothing unique. So common they are passed around like pets.

in all, a great episode, you should get caught up and check it out.

How The Assassins think.
  • Guard: HEY YOU!
  • Altair: God dammit not this guy again.
  • Ezio: Listen here buddy I'll fuck your sister and rub it in your face.
  • Connor: Im just an indian you fucker leave me alone, I'm to humble for your shit.
  • Guard: Hows it going Haytham?
  • Haytham: You see that indian guy over there in the robes and the weird symbol on his belt? Yeah he just killed like three people would you mind killing him for me?

okay, i know it’s useless to get worked up over random things like this, but, why is charlie out in the middle of the city and no one’s paying him even a tiny bit of attention?? i’m sure i would’ve noticed the giant gray man walking down the street okay

*playin the new rabbids game*

me: this is actually really fun! its so silly and quirky and cute, I am just having a really good time–

*sound of Luigi screaming for his brother in the distance*



“…How can 25 guys look like one guy?”

“You mean they’re viginti quintuplets?”

“No. They’re CLONES.”

“What are clones?”

::sigh:: “A group of organisms or cells produced asexually from one ancestor or stock which are genetically identical.”

“…how did that happen.”

“It’s a long story.”

“I love long stories!”

“There’s no time. ”

“…and they’re not brothers.”

“NO. They’re CLONES.”

Finn and Jake laughing in the background

“Viginti Quintuplets…I’m tellin’ ya…”

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what look would you like for Bellamy in s5?

Oooooooo I like this ask.

Honestly, I’ve pretty much been envisioning - more or less - this look for Season 5 in this gifset right here from Bob at Dragon con.

I REALLY want Bellamy to get glasses next season. Like, the most unrealistic thing about this show is that none of them have glasses and they can all just see perfectly?

No. Let the boy have glasses.

Look how beautiful he is?


Anyway, back to Bellamy’s look. I love the glasses, I want the glasses (the same style as bob has on in that gif). I don’t care if they’re impractical for running in the woods and sparring and aiming guns or whatever. I don’t care. Okay. Bellamy Blake needs glasses cause I said so. There - he has been prescribed Jason.




I personally think his hair is best at the length in that gifset i linked, but if we’re going for a different more mature look for Bellamy is Season 5, I wouldn’t mind if it was a LITTLE shorter. But only if he has glasses. Otherwise, no short hair cut. The shorter hair only works in the way I’m envisioning it if glasses are involved.

also, if he has the short hair + glasses combo I wouldn’t mind if he had a nice shorter beard/stubble/five o’clock shadow thing going on but I also wouldn’t mind if he DIDN’T have a shorter beard/stubble/five o’clock shadow thing going on you feel???

As for clothing … so long as he doesn’t wear that dumb guard jacket or any other symbol of being a follower I’m all g. 

But to get into specifics, everyone knows that I’m a #bringbacktheblueshirt2k18 hoe so if the writers actually listened to that, I would be so blessed.

Except maybe something a little darker navy this time? OOoh that would be nice.

I have to say, though, lately I’ve got a little thing for red, and I would not mind at all if Bellamy wore something that was a darker shade of red.

I mean loooooook at THIS

What a fucking look

I could be down for that.

Give me sophisticated looking Bellamy. Glasses. Burgundy v-neck sweater. Beautiful haircut. Short beard maybe???

I am so here for that shit.

if someone drew bellamy like this i would love them forever js

Episode 4x01: "Echoes"
Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps!

Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps! We’re crazypants excited about this episode and can’t wait to yell about it with you! And don’t miss the bonus content from this episode; we talked for about 45 minutes about that Kane/Bellamy scene, and also did some giggling about Roan’s dorky crown.

Also, follow us on our new Twitter!

0:00 – *Octavia Blake voice* WE’RE BACK, BITCHES!
0:03 – The Jasper of It All: Dear Show, Please Don’t Fuck This Up
0:13 – Erin Gets Real About Mental Health
0:29 – Supergenius Raven + Bravenlarke Rising
0:33 – Hot Damn We Have a Lot of Jokes About Extended Warranties for Nuclear Power Plants
0:38 – We Would Like to Place an Order for One Backstory with a Side of Plot Agency for Harper
0:43 – Our Murphamy Hopes Were Dashed, But We’re Psyched About Memori
0:58 – The Polis A-Story: Or, Holy Shit It’s Great to Have the Whole Gang Back Together
1:11 – The Badass Bellarke Leader Squad Is Back on Top Where They Belong
1:25 – Clarke and the Flame: In Which the Show Does Justice to Lexa and the Reality of Grief
1:43 – Clarke & Kabby vs. Octavia & Jasper: Choosing Life vs. Choosing Death
1:49 – The Bellarke/Kabby Power Squad
1:56 – R.I.P. the Azgeda Guards Too Dumb to Spot the Ol’ Live-Person-in-a-Body-Bag Trick
1:59 – HOT TAKE: Roan Is the Lincoln of Azgeda
2:11 – Claire Hates Saying “Heavy Lies the Crown” Because Misquoting Shakespeare Makes Her Stabby; Also, See You Next Week With A SPECIAL GUEST????

Until it stops Chapter 1

Genre: Fantasy, King!Jinyoung, King!Jackson, Princess!AU
Length: 2,215
*A/N  I really enjoyed making this series, and Ooh it’s going to get juicy, just you wait. No, but I really hope you enjoy.


You sigh as you slip your legs in the piece of black fabric. A maid gently pulled it up your body, being careful not to disturb you. You look down at her. She was biting down her lip, focussing on pulling the thin fabric over your smooth skin. Sadly, this was another one of the things that came with being a princess. You had to do as you were told and put up a brave and respectful front, even if you felt horrible. And right now was one of those moments. You didn’t want to go out right now, but you had an important party to attend to. 

In your thought, you hadn’t realized that you had been staring at the maid all this time. “My lady… Am I bothering you?” He voice was soft and shaky, almost pleading. “No. Please continue.” You give her a small smile, to which she quickly continued dressing you. The dress your husband had chosen for you today was a long tight gown, smooth as silk. The fabric wrapped around your skin tightly, showing of your slim body just right, as well as making your breathing just a little bit harder. 

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Breaking In (Blackpink)

Pairing: Jennie x Lisa

Genre: fluff (??)

Note: I’m so sorry it took too long and its so short! I just wanted to make it clear that i didnt specify if they’re a couple or not, but i think it can fit in both ways. It goes from you. Anyway, i hope you like it. x.

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“Okay, when we get in we have to be quick and discreet.” Jennie said pulling down a bag full of work tools. “Don’t get lost from me.”

“I don’t know, Jennie yah, I love you and all but I don’t want to get arrested because of you.”

“We won’t get arrested.” Jennie said cutting some chains with pliers, “We won’t steal anything, we’ll just… see how pretty the night city look from the roof.” She smiled at Lisa when she finally opened the door.

They got in and Lisa quickly locked arms with Jennie so she won’t lose her. The store were really dark and the only thing that was helping them to see was a small flashlight Jennie has bought. ‘She always thinks of everything’ Lisa thought.

After some time wondering inside the store, they’ve found a big flight of stairs, heading to the roof. They smiled at each other and went all the way up the stairs. 
Lisa was the first one to get up in the roof. She walked closer to the edge and sat on the floor, followed by Jennie.

“Wow.” It is beautiful in here. “Lisa said mesmerized with the way Seoul city lights looked at night. It was a sea of lights, of all colors; Some were bigger than others and some were brighter than others. The muffled sound of cars and people was the only thing they heard. “It’s so peaceful.”

“I told you.” Jennie looked over at Lisa and seeing that she was shaking, she opened her arms to her, “Come, I told you to bring a coat, it’s cold.” Lisa crawled to Jennie and rested her head on her shoulder while Jennie hugged her.

They stood like that for some moments until they heard noises down in the store, “Shit, what was that?” Lisa asked, getting up and helping Jennie get up.

“I think it’s the security guards.” Jennie got her bag from the floor and Lisa froze. “Guards? Why didn’t you tell me there where guards?”

“I don’t know I thought they were off today.” Jennie grabbed Lisa by the hand and they started coming down the stairs, making absolutely no noise.

They opened the stairs door carefully and noticed that the store lights were on. As they were walking towards the front of the store, they’ve heard a male voice screaming at them.

They started to run as fast as they could. When they were about to walk through the door, they saw two big guys running after them, making them almost stumble on each other. They got out of the store and managed to escape from the securities. Luckily, Lisa had parked the car close to the store where they had breaked in.

“Get in the car!” Jennie threw the bag inside their flashy pink car, getting in right after.

As Jennie were getting inside the car, one of the securities of the place ran over to them, making Lisa desperately step on the accelerator, almost hitting the dumb security guard and making him fall on the floor.

Jennie looked out of the window and saw the three security guards standing at the front of the store, watching them get away.

“Suckers!” Jennie screamed at them, making Lisa laugh at her and pull her to back in the car.

“Apart from the fact that we almost got caught, that was amazing.” Lisa looked at Jennie and then turned her attention back to the car. “It was fun, we should do that more often.

"Yeah we should. The girls won’t believe it.”

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Do not ever stop being salty! Your blog posts are giving me life. Post more!

Oh hell I will! Ain’t never gonna stop being salty about what we’ve been handed in S7 - since you asked… imma bring the SALT on!!

*Spoiler rants under the cut*

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Sing Along- Roadtrip AU

This is (kinda?) a roadtrip AU for Jily Valentine’s Week because it’s still Friday in some parts of the world. It’s modern day muggle (and also possibly American? idk if this is a realistic portrayal of British marching bands or popular songs they would sing) and a lot of inspiration was taken from my high school’s marching band trips. 

“I MUST CONFESS. THAT MY LONELINESS. IS KILLING ME NOWWW.” Nothing said 3-hour bus ride with a bunch of band geeks like screaming Britney Spears on the top of your lungs.


The students of Gryffindor High had already sat through an hour of tedious driving, all much too tired to do anything more than breathe. Everyone except James Potter, of course, who waited impatiently to give his bus-mates time to re-coup from their 5:30 A.M. meeting time. They were on their way to a competition and had to leave at 6 in order to make it on time. Once he saw a bit of life in his best friend and sitting partner, Sirius Black, James immediately began shouting out tunes, hoping it would catch on.

It always did.

Lily, who was pleasantly snoozing on Alice’s shoulder, jerked awake as half the bus was singing ‘Uptown Funk.’ After a few minutes of grumbling about obnoxious boys, Lily was dragged into the sing-a-long by a very persistent Alice.

Laughing at everyone’s horrible attempts to hit the high notes, Lily turned in her seat to find the boy who started it all. James was sitting in the middle of the coach bus, as always, because he wanted to make sure his efforts to liven up the trip would reach everyone. His hazel eyes were clamped shut as he passionately sang into a drumstick.

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I really like this one! Also you were really specific, so good job!

• • •


- Are bugs considered pets?
- Because they are now.
- Probably can’t get anything but bugs, because he doesn’t want other animals eating them!
- Unless you want a fish.


- He loves the idea!
- He’s always wanted a child, but since he’s a robot that obviously can’t happen.
- So a pet is the next best thing!
- You two settle on a puppy.
- A little golden retriever!
- He plays with the puppy so much, and it brings you two so much joy!


- A pet? He likes the thought!
- So you two get a cat!
- He loves having it on his lap, and petting it.
- You two love your new cat child together.


- He likes the idea!
- The first thing that comes to mind is a sphynx. (Hairless cat)
- They have so much folklore behind them, and they’re so easy to take care of.
- And he loves it!


- This guy wants a daschund.
- Yeah, a freaking wiener dog.
- And you get one!
- Actually, two!
- Help.


- YES!
- Congratulations, you two have a pitbull.
- He probably gives it some really dumb name.
- It’s a guard dog, hooray!


- He loves the idea.
- And somehow you end up with a snake and cat.
- The snake is so cool, and the cat is fun and playful!


- A pet?
- Sure?
- You two get a guinea pig!
- ( Gundham, cheering in the distance )
- Don’t compare the guinea pig to Hoshi.