dumb faced pretty boy

I'll Get Over This in a Lily Bit

@inell | AO3Hey inell! Just wanted to let you know that I love your work and I think you’re super awesome! I was thrilled to see you were my secret santa. I really hope you like your gift! Happy holidays :) - @voubledision

So Derek has been Stiles’ number uno enemy since like day ONE okay nothing aggravates him more than seeing Derek’s dumb jock pretty boy face every morning of every day of high school. In fact, Stiles hates that fucker SO much that he’s been on a quest to give Derek the most fucked up flower bouquets for his girlfriend that secretly mean “I hate your guts” or “you smell like a toilet” or whatever.

So here’s the thing. Stiles hates Derek Hale’s guts.

And no, not “hate” his guts where he could probably (probably not?) learn to be civil and talk to him about the weather and shit and pass the time this way until they graduate to never see each other again. No, Stiles HATES Derek Hale. Hates him and his merry band of jocky cocky assholes he calls friends. Hated him since the day he and his moronic band of friends broke into his mother’s flower shop for kicks and ruined her hydrangeas. That shit was hard to grow alright? His mother LOVED those things and when Stiles had walked into the shop the next day he had to stare in horror at the dirt left on the ground and the crushed flowers that were left on the ground by Derek Hale’s ugly gigantic feet.

(It was at this point in the story that Scott stopped him to make an UNNECESSARY comment about the size of a man’s feet and Stiles had to kick Scott to stop him from laughing so hard.)

There was nothing more that he wanted than to walk up to Derek Hale’s face and stuff a Venus fly trap down his tight pants. Would he even be able to fit anything else in there??? How did he walk in those things anyway—

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