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The original creator of that edit wasn't "fantasizing" about Ian and Max being the Columbine shooters. It's insensitive but it's also a fucking meme that's been in the fandom for years. If you did research, you'd know that Ian made this edit first. Someone just extended it and put different music to it. I get your point but that video isn't what you think it is. Plus, our fandom wouldn't be so insensitive about it. It was Ian himself.

I am completely aware that Ian made the original edit. However, I think context is important here, because he was using the school shooter meme + the video edits as the joke there. His edit was ten seconds!!!! It wasn’t glorifying the shooters, it was Ian making a statement about how dumb these video edits are and using a shitty controversial meme about himself…..

Kind of hypocritical to tell me to do research… As for the meme being in the fanbase for “years,” the picture of Max that’s been commonly compared to pictures of Dylan Klebold wearing the backwards baseball cap is a screenshot from the video “I AM POKEMON,” which is also the source of the clips used in the video edit. The video is only eight months old. The meme can only be eight months old maximum. 

I find it quite ironic that someone extended the edit when the idubbbz video that the original edit came from was specifically about fan edits like this. I suppose that gave everyone the idea, because if you look up “idubbbz columbine” you can find a ton of edits including one that’s almost THREE FUCKING MINUTES…. you can’t tell me the person who made that isn’t a fan of school shooters. Anyway, the thing is, the source for the video, the person that I reblogged it from, wasn’t even the person who made the edit. The source was a true crime blog. Which means yes, people are fantasizing about Max and Ian being the shooters, because that person most likely stole it from the blog or twitter of someone in this fanbase (and didn’t credit them either lmao)

It wasn’t even tagged with “maxmoefoe” or “idubbbz.” It was tagged with columbine specific tags.

People were reblogging this from other columbine/true crime blogs. The post didn’t even have any interaction with our fandom until someone asked who Max and Ian were. 

That first person who reblogged it and said “lmfao max as dylan killed me” knew who max was, but regardless, they’re a true crime blog. A filthy frank/cancer crew blog that I follow reblogged it from the source, so I assume they follow them, and to keep that person out of this, I reblogged it from the blog that posted it. Before the person I follow reblogged it, the only people that had interacted with it were true crime blogs. So tell me “that video isn’t what you think it is,” because it wasn’t even floating around OUR FANBASE.

So yeah, it’s all the same to me. I don’t really give a shit whether they’re fantasizing about the boys being the shooters or not, it’s still gross as fuck and has no place in this fanbase. And it’s a complete overgeneralization to say “our fandom wouldn’t be so insensitive about it,” our fandom has tons of transphobes and antisemitics and racists and I know for a FACT that there are people in this fandom that blog about true crime but more specifically, the columbine shooters. People talk about how hot they think Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are, so I don’t doubt for one second that with all the school shooter jokes about Ian and everything else taken into consideration, there are people that fantasize about Max and Ian being school shooters.  

I’m just …..this whole thing is disgusting and these teenage girls glorifying and romanticizing two people who killed so many innocent kids…do they understand that they all thought it was a normal day? parents sent their sons and daughters off to school that morning, some not even getting to give them a hug or a kiss goodbye before they left, and then a few hours later had to get the news that their son or daughter was dead? and they have to live with the fact that they didn’t say goodbye to their kid that morning, because it was supposed to be just like any other morning, but it wasn’t? and even the parents of the kids that were safe, hearing what was going on at the school and praying for their child’s safety, you don’t think that that effects them, years later??? and the kids who survived, how emotionally damaging that must have been ???? do any of these teenage girls who fawn over how cute dylan and eric are ever stop to consider the pain that these families went through, and as a result of those killers actions, will likely suffer with for the rest of their lives ??? ?

Just like the fact that YOU tried to come at me and tell me that I didn’t do my research when the post came from a columbine blog and was tagged with only columbine tags……I’m honestly laughing