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Casual reminder that the first actual heist Leonard Snart planned after reuniting with Mick and giving him a weapon equal and opposite to his own was the theft of a famous painting said to represent “the dichotomy of being” that depicted a joining together of their respective aesthetics.

Honestly, just propose already you dramatic fool


It’s the small hours of the morning. They lie under soft flannel sheets, curled into each other like parentheses. Stiles traces the lines of Derek’s face with the barest press of his fingertips, marveling at his tousled hair and unfurrowed brow. Derek sighs in his sleep and chases the contact, fitting his cheek more firmly against Stiles’ palm. The small, unconscious smile that blooms across his face makes Stiles’ heart hitch.

tbh this is just to illustrate an au idea based off of @zeearts dragon Genji

AU where the local villages have to offer sacrifices to the Gods of the North and South Winds. Each year is a new village sacrifice, and one year Angela’s village sacrifices her bc of her healing abilities and she is Not. Happy.

tfw the God of the North Wind is a fuckboy