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au where both blaise and pansy (on separate occasions) confess to draco that they fancy ginny. he tells harry who isnt sure whether to be upset or laugh at the fact that both his boyfriend’s best friends have the hots for his ex


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Final Fantasy Type-HD Release: 10 Days Left.

Why are people so focused on Eren bringing up the ocean when pleading with Levi to save Armin and treat it as Eren’s only reason for wanting Armin to live is to see the ocean? Like - do people actually think that in a situation like this, Eren would say ‘but Armin wanted to see the ocean so he should live’? Give the kid some credit. Hes dumb, but hes not that dumb and definitely not that selfish.

Like everyone takes Eren’s words so literally and just - you know whats needed to see the ocean? Freedom for humanity. No titans. Literally, Eren saying Armin wants to see the ocean was him saying Armin wants to free humanity and get rid of all the titans. And hes telling Levi that Armin is the kind of person who could lead them to that ocean, aka who would lead them to humanity’s freedom and to eradication of titans.

And the very next thing he says is that Armin will be the one to save humanity - not Eren or Erwin, but Armin. So the statement about the ocean is not literally making a beach trip but its their promise to free humanity and get rid of the titans because if you remember, Eren was always pretty focused on that part. And Eren is literally saying that Armin is the kind of person who always had this goal, who is not a passive soldier who will follow orders, but someone who has his eyes set on a big goal and is working towards it. Because next to Erwin its so easy to dismiss Armin, especially for Levi and Hanji who had only limited contact with him.

But Eren? Eren’s been there for it all. He’s seen, over and over again how Armin comes up with plans that save people. How he figures out the most important issues (hello,  Annie?). How hes ready to sacrifice his life just so humanity can take another step forward. Eren, unlike anyone else, saw how much potential Armin has and how much hes done when hes given the chance. And you know, its easy for readers to dismiss Armin too but Eren didnt have all the insight a reader does. His view on Erwin is limited, just like Hanji and Levi have a limited view on Armin.

And you know what, you can disagree, say that Erwin would be of more benefit. Hanji thinks so. Levi thinks so. Not everyone shares Eren’s view. And thats fine, but I wish people would stop saying Eren was selfish and chose what he wanted and doomed humanity. Eren firmly believes Armin is the one capable to save humanity. Eren never threw humanity under the bus, he just believed that picking Armin is better for humanity just like Levi and Hanji thought about Erwin.

Was Eren biased? Absolutely. Were Hanji and Levi biased? Absolutely. And they both had different views on what will ultimately benefit humanity better. They both had biased views on what choice would be better and Eren is called selfish while Hanji and Levi are called reasonable because Eren’s choice is one you dont agree with on your own biased, personal level.