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ooc. honestly if you’re somehow a person that hates togedemaru bc she’s not buneary then you might as well unfollow my blog lmao. @ the anon who messaged me with why i don’t reblog l*gomorph stuff? it’s in my rules. i don’t ship it. i respect those that do but i’d really appreciate it if people read my rules, saw that, and didn’t try and force it on my blog. let me enjoy a ship i like and don’t try to force one on me that i expressed i’m not a fan of.

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….


When I heard the song I imagined these two immediately

Song - https://soundcloud.com/dr_saturn/singing-dumb-youtube-comments-2

types of star wars bloggers you find on tumblr
  • Big Name Bloggers (Type A): Canon url. Only make their own posts when it’s to be critical of something. Kinda rude. Complains about the popular fandom memes. Probably made a lot of original content to get where they are today but now doesn't do much. Overrated.
  • Big Name Bloggers (Type B): Also canon url. Seems intimidating but are actually really cool. Been here forever. Makes really funny shitposts and memes occasionally. Always on the right side of the discourse. Answers a ton of helpful asks. A lot of lesbians.
  • B-listers: may or may not have a canon url. If they do, they’re probably hoarding it. Run in very tight circles of friends who post similar content. Responsible for most of the memes and shitposts in the fandom. Host a lot of streams. Run all the ship and character appreciation weeks and have a ton of sideblogs. Prisoners of this fandom who will never leave.
  • Edits and Fanart Cryptids: Make amazing gifsets and edits, or fan art so beautiful it belongs in a museum. Posts almost exclusively that. You know almost nothing about them, and freak out when you realize they’re only like 15 years old. Really sweet people who never start drama.
  • Reylos and Kyluxers: A lot of people who weren’t star wars fans until TFA came out. The reason you never go in the tags. If you’re lucky, you sometimes forget they exist, until they start drama over something awful.
  • Good TFA Fans: A lot of people under 18. Responsible for the majority of fan art and fics in the fandom. Read all the comics. Most have <1000 followers. A lot of finnpoe shippers. Seasonal sw bloggers who become parts of other fandoms during the off-season.
  • OT Purists (Type A): Lawful evil. No one’s sure why they’re even on tumblr because it seems like they’re just here to complain about things. Literally do not know how to make their own posts. Constantly derails other people’s posts with dumb comments. Have <100 followers. Straight women in their 30s. Don’t understand fandom memes.
  • OT Purists (Type B): Lawful good. Make intelligent text posts. Lots of character meta. Has their own preferences but stay in their lane. Good source for old behind-the-scenes stuff and trivia. Luke Skywalker Defense Squad.
  • Uncritical Prequel Stans: Either an obikin or an anidala. Some version of “anakin” in their url. Takes themselves too seriously. Really good at making gifs and memes. Probably has you blocked.
  • TCW/Rebels Fans: The part of the fandom with the least discourse. Love Ahsoka and very protective of the clones. Tons of rarepairs. Good people for the most part.
  • Rogue One Masochists: Still not over rogue one and cry about it daily. Frustrated that the rest of the fandom seems to have moved on. Lots of fic-writers. Tight-knit communities.
  • The Shitposters: Either have 5,000 or 12 followers, you really can't tell. You don't know what the fuck is going on on their blog 90% of the time. Post erratically. Have tight circles of friends they shitpost with. Responsible for whatever the meme of the week is.

Flug has to learn a lot about his new powers as a Dullahan~ The first thing is to summon his ‘horse’ but since he is a newbie and not that skilled, it turns out to be a black paper plane ❤ 

Flug named it Gale and it dislikes Black Hat~ So whenever he makes a dumb comment or treats Flug bad, Gale will not hesitate to fly into his eye~ (hehehe!) And since it comes back again every time he destroys it, there is nothing he can so~ 

I cant stand when a mutual reblogs something and doesn’t remove the dumb comments like why did you leave that for me to do? Do you not think I have other things to do? Are you shading me?

  • me: hey man if you're not part of this marginalised group then you don't really have authority to say what is and isn't hurtful to them because you've never experienced it
  • yall: wOw yaknow hate doesn't stop hate i can't believe i am experiencing such discrimination here in the year of our lord twenty sevoonteen!!! no need to be so close minded wow open up your heart and love your oppressors what did they ever do to You

so I heard it’s kakpol week

please accept this offering of the two of them being idiots FOR A CHANGE

Maybe Chase secretly really loves Jack’s alternative style. I mean, lots of black and skulls and spikes probably. Very flashy and very sinister and fit for an eeeeevil genius. And maybe as Jack ages he really dedicates more time to his style and Chase always looks forward to whatever he decides to experiment with next. I just really love ridiculous and unapologetic goth Jack Spicer, and so does Chase. But you know, it’s not like he’d ever admit it.


Here’s a comic wip of a Grif Siblings reunion (i need this so bad…..) I'm so bitter for both of these two, they have both been abandoned by everyone… they really deserve so much better! Hey! reds and blues, get your shit straight and stop treating all of your friends like actual garbage!!!! I mean Doc is finally fed up. (I'm not hating on the reds and blues, l love all of them but they are just…. the worst friends unless you are Church)…Also, I headcanon that Kai fakes a lot of her dumb/shocking comments in the same way Grif pretends to be incompetent to keep everyone’s standards as low as possible so that’s why shes like…. and actual character here? I feel like the Grifs together have so much potential and I would love to see that in canon (but im not really counting on it…) I really hope you can at least get the gist of the dialogue, my handwriting is trash haha.

And if you are wondering… yes Locus is super uncomfortable with this level of intimacy and does not want to be here lmao…

(also, fun fact! the head/nose touch at the end is a hongi/honi which is a traditional Polynesian greeting representing the exchange of the breath of life and mana)