dumb black people

Hate towards Yana

I’ve seen so many people saying that they ‘don’t like’ the newest chapter and that it’s forced.Frankly,it’s not Yana’s fault that the ones saying this kind of things could not pick up all the obvious hints in EVERY ARC IN THE MANGA.

She made it so clear that our!ciel wasn’t an only child that it’s excruciating for me to see all the 'fans’ hating on the chapter and Yana herself.If you do this kind of things,you’re just embarrassing yourself by showing that you pay no attention to what you’re reading.

If you have anything negative to say about this matter,just stop reading the manga and don’t bother Yana anymore.

this is the reason why I hate niggers and blacks so much .. all of them should be bourned … it makes me angry to see this and breakes my heart. 

Auschwitz ist Perfect for all blacks.

Stop white genocide, start black genocide. All black have to be slaves again they will love it… They pick up our cotton with their whole family.

and I have the perfect song for the work.


A 19 year old MAN ( because the media is trying to call him a boy) shot and killed his mother because she did not want him to keep a puppy in her home. She told him that the dog could stay at his father’s home, and went to sleep. Didn’t even completely deny him of having the dog. He grabbed a rifle and as his mother slept, he shot and killed her.

Anyone want to guess his race? I’ll wait.

You know what’s crazy? Realizing that because you’re black , 90% of the people in the community that you’re apart of won’t fuck with you! What I mean is : if I was exactly the same person I am now but white then I’d be respected/liked more and taken more serious. Simply because we live in a society that makes white boys the face of EVERYTHING! I used to hate my skin color and wished I looked like one of those Tumblr white boys but I grew up & realized that black is beautiful! I cringe every time I see someone post “I just need me a white boy who …. ” & they’ll be describing who I am but want the white version. It’s sad because they have no idea what damage that does to black boys/men! This country makes us blacks feel so unloveable but wonder why a lot of us have confidence issues. But let me add : IF YOU THINK THAT SKIN COLOR MAKES SOMEONE A BETTER LOVER THAN YOU ARE DUMB.

Just to let everyone know:
Outside of Tumblr, no one cares about these issues.
•No one cares if you think “dumb” is an abelist slur.
•No one cares that you’re an agender transmasculine panromantic asexual who uses they/them pronouns.
•No one cares if you think that “unsolicited compliments” are harassment.
•And mostly no one cares if you think all men are scum or all white people should die, they’ll just think you’re an asshole and go on with their day.

This is website is a tiny crank just trudging along in the grand scheme of life.


“I don’t see color” is saying “I judge everybody by my lens and white culture, I judge everybody based on how they conform to white ideals”. That’s pretty…. racist. You should see color, you should see that people come from different backgrounds and have lived in a world that treats them differently. You should understand that your culture isn’t more important than other people’s culture. And you definitely shouldn’t ever judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. All people deserve the same respect for their heritage and background.

Tomi Lahren, you are truly one of a kind, and not in a particularly favorable light. You have compared the BLM movement to the KKK yet your Preacher Man rhetoric is very much of a Neo-Nazi Bible Thumper. Question: Do you see genocide, mass murder, a diaspora, a permanent displacement of home and country, an ethnic cleanse, political asylum, an aberration of freedoms to choose our religion, speech, pathology, and the way we think and the way we feel? If so, do tell because what I see is a narrow-minded privilege to the Aryan culture you were born with and a flagrant disregard to the other sides of life where hair extensions, fake lashes, and lip dermal collagen is not an everyday trip to the Cut-Copy-and-Paste Dr. Plastic. People all around us in America have the freedom to protest because we were dubbed inferior to the likes of you. Worst, there are people in disparaging harrowing acts of magnanimous sorrow, where the worlds are crashing beneath their feet and they are being labeled as terrorists when all they want is a refuge to make another place called home. You’re just a teeny-bobber airhead who presides in her laps of luxury as a chosen one when in reality, people like me feel sorry for people like you. Because of the color of my skin, I am presumably subservient to your “entity.” And we laugh at you because you don’t have the brain to buy a clue that you’re a sheep, being used like a Hermes bag that is so last season. You got your degree from Tump University and you have done absolutely nothing in life except to pander to the psycho right wing crap to conservative baby boomers who haven’t had an erection since the Reagan Administration.   Good job being a common-law Reaganomics whore.— Jennifer Brigitte

9 Times ‘Dear White People’ Kept It Real (Photos)

Heteronormative labels

At first not even Lionel Higgins was sure if he was gay or not after he started masturbating to his roommate having sex, but then he was invited to a party where it seems like everything made sense.

Higgins meets a guy who tells him: “I don’t subscribe to heteronormative labels” which instantly becomes a pick up line.

The N-Word

Reggie Green (Marque Richardson) is at a party hosted at his white friend’s house when a song starts playing that includes the N-word.

The white friend sings the word — because it’s part of the song — and Reggie tells him not to do that because it’s not cool … even if it is part of the song, just hum over it or something.

Don’t Touch My Hair

Lionel is hanging out at his new kinda friend’s house when his white female roommate reaches her hand over to touch Lionel’s fro all the while saying “you don’t mind, do you?”

Yes, white girl. He minds.

All Black People Look the Same

Reggie was walking down the hallway when the school’s coach told him he’d see him at practice later … only thing is that Reggie isn’t on a sports team.

Even after a bit of back and forth, coach still couldn’t seem to understand that Reggie was not who he thought he was.

Black Movies

They’re all pretty low quality and once in a while you get a gem like “Get Out.”

“Dear White People” perfectly illustrated the lack of representation in movies when the squad went to see one and said that most black movies can pretty much be split into two categories: “cheap urban drama or tragedy porn.”

Being Woke vs Assimilating

After Reggie had a gun pulled on him, the Black Student Union gathered to brainstorm action plans and that’s when Coco stood up and spoke her truth.

She said it didn’t matter if you were woke if you ended up dead and that sometimes it’s better to basically shut up and assimilate because then at least you can survive. *snaps*


The entire series is filled with instances of microaggressions, but the greatest was when Coco was reminiscing about her friendship with Sam.

The two shared a room in which Coco’s white friends would come over sometimes and during a particular hangout session, the ignorance was at a high and we knew it would be so when the friend started off with “can I ask a dumb white girl question?”

Black People at a University

The excitement and inner joy you feel when you see a fellow black classmate walking down the halls is beyond real — like sometimes you feel like running up to them and embracing them in a bear hug, but that would be too awkward.

Sam, of course, didn’t care. When she first saw Coco she exclaimed: “Black person!”

Light Skin Privilege

Yes, there’s privilege within the black community as well and “Dear White People” just addressed it.

After one of Sam’s radio broadcasts where she plays Coco’s rant on air, the latter called her out for her light skin privilege telling her “Imagine the reaction if your divisive revolutionary drivel were coming from the mouth of a real sister. You get away with murder because you look more like them than I do.”