dumb big bro

we all know victuuri are yuri’s dads but the family is much larger than that listen here:

big sis mila

  • suggested beating a kid for making yuri drop his ice cream
  • “cant go out because of homework?…please tell me you didnt just say that”
  • teached yuri how to cheat in class
  • “dont tell lilia”

grandpa yakov

  • gives yuri some money every time he wins something or gets a good grade
  • “how old are you again”
  • in constant competition with yuri’s grandpa
  • “did victor do something dumb again”

big bro-tabek

  • taught yuri how to ride a bike
  • “no you cant kick someone because they said cats suc- mila stop encouraging him
  • “can you make a remix of never gonna give you up with victor’s voice”
  • yuri tried to get victor to adopt otabek at least five times

vodka uncle chris

  • gives great advice but only when tipsy
  • gets in fights with his boyfriend and asks yuri who’s right
  • bonding over cats
  • “wanna see my album of embarassing young victor pics?” “hell yes”

McCree pushes Hanzo into the teleporter as enemies starts firing, he turns back and draws his gun, aiming to stall time for his teammates.

A hand grabs his serape and McCree is yanked into the teleporter. He lands on a very worried and very angry Hanzo.

That was close, McCree wants to say, but he choked on his word as a bullet follows him through the teleporter

I’ve turned you into the best kind of bro there is. A muscle bro.

How’d I do it? Well, you know all those gym playlists I’ve been making for you? I’ve been slipping a shit ton of subliminal messages into them. Messages that have made you think you’ve always been like this, always been a big, dumb bro obsessed with working out and getting bigger.

And those muscle growth supplements I’ve been giving you? Let’s just say, I think they’re working better than I could have ever expected.

Now put those headphones on and go have an awesome workout, bro. See you in the showers when you’re done.

anonymous asked:

Hey sasha this is one of the tweets i didn't see it get talked about. I think maybe the written q&a wasn't in person. And his team was the one to answer it all.. it does sound like someone WANTING to sound like liam. twitter(.)com/julianbulian/status/642415754076286980

I think this is just an attempt to make Liam the fall guy for yet another 1DHQ fuck up. Once again, Julian’s playing like he doesn’t know how this works. He knows and we know. Liam’s team read the article. Liam’s team approved it. The questions weren’t random and the answers weren’t random. This is exactly what they wanted out there. I’m pissed that Julian is talking outta his ass helping trick the children into believing big dumb dude bro Liam fucked up again. Fuck this dude. 

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this wasn’t an in person interview, but just a Q&A designed and answered by Simon Jones and company. It’s such a shady mess and Attitude was 100% in on it. Soooo…