dumb as hell yo

like don’t get me wrong straight women who fetishize male homosexuality are gross af and i hate them all but it’s dumb as hell to pretend a 13 yo straight girl posting a drawing of a two fictional male characters on the internet is in any way comparable to the thousands of adult straight men who’ve built a multimillionaire industry off of the sexual exploitation and rape of real lesbians and bisexual women and profit from it.

so @ gay/bi men who say shit like “straight girls shipping fictional gay ships are just as harmful as straight men who contribute to the lesbian porn industry” get your shit together, children making fanart are not threatening your life/health or contributing to your rape or profiting from your oppression, stfu.

yo this gon sound dumb as hell but i think i figured out why i constantly wanna go explore at stupid o’clock???

like since my sleeping pattern is all fucked again (thanks anxiety) i’m a lot more awake in the night… and considering i’m asleep a lot of the day i feel like i sorta miss out on a lot and i get lonely. and goin into the city, even if it’s like 2am, makes you feel…. less lonely and isolated ig???

this prob makes no sense cos it’s like 1am and i’m knackered but HUH interesting

mustardprecum replied to your post “yo this gon sound dumb as hell but i think i figured out why i…”

Kinda like it’s lonely when it feels like the whole world, or at least your surroundings, are asleep while you’re awake? Because I get that. And in the city, someone is pretty much always bound to be awake and it makes a difference lol, or nah?

yes exactly! like, when it’s 1am, everyone’s usually asleep. you go to the busy areas, people are always around and it’s somewhat grounding/comforting if that makes sense haha. thank god i have my lovely flatmates though othherwise i’d probably go insane with loneliness xD