dumb animations

i wanna make grilled cheese w you at 2 am, i wanna take you out on cute dinner dates and buy you dumb cute stuffed animals. i wanna love you like nobody else ever has and i also wanna fuck you until you’re shaking.


you think people can’t tell

more watery aesthetics I guess

its tea

second ones transparent

Do you ever just–

LOL dysphoria’s been hittin’ like a bitch lately what’s up with that


everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy
playlist full of songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

8tracks - spotify | unedited image source



Read the tags on this post, you fuckin’ weenies

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do you love hotdiggetydemon like i love hotdiggetydemon because he's honestly great sometimes

as an artist/animator, his content is cool, but as a human fuckin no dude hes kind of a fuckin prick. like, i dont know if theres a single thing hes made thats not tainted with cringy edgy racist sexist tryhard jokes. i rly like his animations but his whole .. personality, i guess? ruins it for me


5 Disney Film Meme:

Favourite Male - Kenai (sassy, racoon-butt-kicking-machine)

Saw a little post swing by about “popular flavors of fat as told by the media” and one of them was “ugly fat villain”.

This was more or less a calling out of the media post to demonstrate reoccurring tropes in media as well as fat character archetypes. 

The post acted like how there’s no such thing as an attractive fat villain. 

Did they just forget about animations sexiest man?

Let’s remind them shall we?

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damm u tumblr famous and youtube famous? need me a freak like that

it’s funny cuz it happened for completely unrelated reasons on each site & now i get ppl on the regular making the connection that i’m the same person as myself