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what's so iconic about the Viscosity Exchange ??

listen here. LISTEN. hERE. it’s just so good. (for anyone who wants to watch it back it starts at like :33 of the first undertale video.) okay first of all. the second phil first says viscosity dan immediately breaks off and turns to him with the crinkliest eyes and a lil wrinkled nose and it’s already aggressively cute and we are like a quarter of a second into this exchange. incredible. beautiful. to me it was such a significant thing that he doesn’t mock phil’s word choice to US in the way that he used to on dapg ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but instead he turns to PHIL and rather than mocking him he just does that cute confused face and kind of asks phil to clarify why doing a let’s play would involve viscosity at all. 

CUTE!!!! and then there’s A JUMP CUT!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? it HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY! when we cut back, dan has completely dropped his on-camera voice and his body is pointed a little more inwards at phil. amazing. what happened in the lil bit that was cut out of this? we can ONLY GUESS. so then dan proceeds to ask in his much deeper/softer off-camera voice, “how can a let’s play have viscosity?” and honestly i am just left asking “how can such a dumb fucking question sound so soft and enticing wtf.”  and then phil tries to explain it in his silly way, he’s saying it’s “deep and sticky” and dan just gives a TEENY TINY SMILE and then turns to share it with us and THIS IS HOW HE IS REACTING TO PHILS WEIRD BRAIN NOW it’s no longer MOCKING it’s SOFT AND FOND and he’s smiling at us to sort of tacitly communicate how adorable he finds phil’s mind and i want dEATH and then, as if this weren’t enough, his voice drops even further and gets all hoarse as he asks phil, “do you know what viscosity is?” and just turns that same fond smile towards him 

and honestly if at this point you haven’t gone back to the video to watch this you really need to just for this part because holy shite man,,, that voice dan uses is Something and phil himself looks a lil shook and he gets all flustered and giggles 

and dan giggles while watching phil giggle and then phil says “let’s keep going!!!!!!” rly promptly and phil’s whole reaction was so unwarranted based on the actual words they are saying which makes me feel like phil is just reacting to dan’s flirty voice and basically wow this whole scene is everything to me ok you need to rewatch and appreciate it fully i still wake up in cold sweats thinkin about it

Close Your Eyes

Summary: Halloween AU. Reader and her friends attempt to watch The Conjuring.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 1,827

Warnings: language, horror, movie spoilers, fluff, reference of not at all nice death, attempted scary stuff where the only scary thing is my bad writing, and oh yeah there’s a gif of Annabelle under the cut…Did I mention MOVIE SPOILERS?

A/N: This is for @rotisserierogers Halloween challenge. Sorry in advice Kumi love. My prompt was “Close your eyes.”  PS I tried to watch this movie and this is what became of it. Reader shares my feelings. LOL

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I don’t even care what anyone says ok Han Solo is a DOOMED man ok his ass is so far gone he meets Leia and the poor guy doesn’t even know what hit him one second he’s going about his mercenary smuggler business with Chewie and next thing he knows he’s off running cargo and missions for the rebellion that he supposedly didn’t even believe in and he’s like nervously sweating the whole damn time trying to convince himself that Leia Organa hasn’t completely WRECKED HIS ASS but she 100% has and everyone knows it except for her legit people just snicker behind their hands watching Han Solo alternatively bicker with her and grumble obscenities under his breath and watch her walk away from him like a lovesick puppy and literally the entire freaking base knows that Han Solo would do ANYTHING for the princess like GEE SOLO SIGNED ON FOR ANOTHER PERILOUS MISSION HMMM WONDER WHY DEFINITELY NOT TO MAKE SURE NOTHING HAPPENS TO LEIA OH NO COULDN’T BE THAT MUST BE THE “”“”“"MONEY”“”“” YEAH OK

Like poor bb is walking around with “I’m in love with Princess Leia Organa” essentially tattooed on his forehead while simultaneously shouting to anyone who’ll listen that he’s not in love with her

Han: The princess???? What a… high maintenance… stuck-up… naive… idealistic… condescending… UGH and the way she just… I do NOT like her NO WAY DEFINITELY NOT she’s too… WE FIGHT ALL THE TIME DIDN’T YOU NOTICE… her braids are DUMB they’re not cute at ALL ok she’s so SHORT too and… and… infuriating woman argues about EVERYTHING she’s so

Rebel: Yeah so Leia twisted her ankle and–

Han: ???!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sweats* *panics* she twisted??????? her tiny????? royal?????? ankle??????? What sonofabitch… who let her WALK in the first place if I was there I would have told her NOT to do risky things like WALKING that stubborn!!!!! that hardheaded!!! Put herself AT RISK that’s what she did DOES SHE NEED ICE?? SHOULD I CARRY HER TO THE MED CENTER?! I’LL BET SHE’S STILL //MARCHING// ON IT THE NERVE OF HER doesn’t know when to quit

The Bar Series: Luke Pretends to be Your Significant Other

So… the Bar Series, where it all began. This is the first part to the Luke story I am writing. I was posting it on my personal @mcfierce87 but it’s been decided to move it over here. Enjoy!

“Babe, wait up!” You hear the footsteps pounding closer to you, and your instincts are telling you to run. But you look back and a tall, lanky dude is quickly catching up to you.

His hand quickly finds your waist and you look over at him. His eyes are a shining blue, his hair blonde and slightly curled, falling in his face. He grins at you, “Names Luke.” He greets. He looks over his shoulder and back at you, “It’d be great if you could go along, I just told like 5 girls back there that we’re dating and I had to catch up. Because you’d definitely leave me and have done it before.”

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We've seen headcanons about pooping, but what about how the RFA boys react when MC farts in front of them for the first time?




◉ Yoosung

  • You were sitting in bed together
  • When you couldn’t hold it anymore
  • You farted
  • omg how embarrassing
  • Yoosung swayed side-to-side for a minute
    • “Hmm? This bed is getting creaky. I think we’ve “rocked it” a little too hard, MC. Maybe we need to get a new frame?”
  • O thank god
  • He was too cute and clueless to even consider you farting as a possibility
    • “Whew, I stink. Why didn’t you say anything, MC?” he got up. “Wanna join me in the shower, make sure I get nice and clean?”
          • Bonus: He knew the whole time. He’s just too freaking sweet to ever let you be embarrassed about something like that so he played dumb.

◉ Jumin

  • You were just finishing dinner and getting up from the table
  • Something inside you shuffled wrong and as you stood from your chair
  • and
  • It happened
  • He did the slanty-head closed-eye thing
    • “MC, is your stomach bothering you? Are you gassy? I’m going to speak with the chef and nutritionist about this right away. I’m very upset that the meal plan they’ve set for you is causing you discomfort. Please excuse me, my love.”
  • Now the staff was about to get bitched out because you farted

◉ Zen

  • You guys were sitting on the couch just hanging out and drinking
  • You were pretty drunk
  • And it just happened without warning
  • Zen spit out a mouthful of beer
    •  “Did you really just…”
  • He bursts out laughing
  • You both are just batting at each other and you’re screaming for him to stop and he’s just giggling
    • Zen I swear to God, if you ever tell anyone about this I’m going to cut off your ponytail while you sleep!”

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys were hanging out over coffee
  • Everything was going fine
  • Until
  • You sneezed and it forced a loud fart out of you
  • She just…
  • Stared at you
  • And you stared at her
  • And you were locking eyes and not saying anything
  • She cleared her throat.
    • “Excuse me, MC. I suddenly remembered some work I have to get done.”
  • And she left

◉ Saeyoung

  • You guys were tickling each other in bed
  • And you were begging for him to stop but he just wouldn’t let up
  • And without warning it came bursting out of you
  • He jumped a little
    • “Woah! Was that an earthquake just now? Did one of my baby cars slip into the sheets? No…that was even louder than my baby cars!”
  • You punched him in the ribs and he rolled off the bed
    • “Ow! Fine then,” he rolled around on the floor, “I’ll just roll to the window and open it.”
    • “I really hate you.”

◉ V

  • You guys were snuggling on the couch together
  • But your tummy was really upset
  • One wrong shuffle in your seat
  • And it happened
  • You wanted to die omg
  • V’s face got a little red
  • Your face was red
  • It was quiet for a moment but he chuckled
    • “It’s okay, MC. It happens to the best of us.”
  • He kissed the top of your head and pulled you in closer

◉ Saeran

  • You were straddling him on the bed, giving him a back rub
    • “Harder, MC.”
  • O god
  • You pushed a little too hard
  • And farted on his back
  • You rolled off of him and covered your face in your hands for a moment
  • He didn’t say anything
  • He didn’t even make eye contact with you
  • He just got up from the bed and left the room
  • Then left the apartment
  • He needed to go for a walk after that

Falling in love with his best friend was not a choice, no. If you ask Jungkook, he’d say it took him by surprise, his heart had already made up its mind and now, he is smitten. It wasn’t his fault really. Jungkook likes to think he’s pretty down to earth, he likes to think he’s able to control himself but oh boy he can’t do the slightest thing about the mushiness that’s happening inside his heart right now.

Jimin is talking to him, Jungkook knows he is, but when did his eyes become so sparkly and pretty? It’s a dumb question really, because even before feelings came to wreck his sanity, Jungkook knew his bestfriend was stunning. But back then, he still had a semblance of self control. Now? Oh now, he can’t help losing himself in staring, he just stares, and he knows it’s only a matter of time before Jimin notices so he gathers up all the strength he has and adverts his eyes, or at least tries to.

“Were you even listening?” he says, though he clearly knows he wasn’t, he has been spacing out a lot lately and he’s honestly worried at this point.

After a moment that felt like an eternity, Jungkook manages to blurt out a not so convincing yes. But Jimin is having none of it, he’s slowly crossing the space between their faces, staring into Jungkook’s eyes as if he’s trying to read into his soul. “Are you sure?” he asks, “You’ve been spacing out a lot lately” he adds, bottom lip caught between his teeth in worry.

And Jungkook’s mind short circuits because clearly his sanity is being tested. And he knows he should just brush it off with a laugh and he knows he should definitely step back but his pillow lips are so, so inviting. He’s so close, just centimeters away he could just literally steal a quick peck. And it’s a dumb idea Jungkook knows it but before his brain can come save his ass from his dumb heart he’s leaning in. There’s no spark or fireworks but a feeling of belonging, it just feels so right. Their lips melt together as Jimin lets out a gasp obviously startled by the turn of events but he doesn’t pull back. He doesn’t and Jungkook is kissing him like a starved man. Enjoying the feeling as much as he can because fuck he did not mean to do it but now that his soft, plump lips are against his own he wonders why it took him so long to close the gap.

When they pull back, he’s ready to blurt out an apology, but Jimin just sushes him by pulling him in again. Jungkook thinks that maybe his heart is not that dumb for letting this happen.

episode 16 of the bright sessions always makes me laugh & smile because. caleb is so short tempered and so DONE with EVERYTHING and so preoccupied that he’s like. so DUMB. he texts adam and basically decides that if he doesn’t reply god is dead but then when he DOES reply he says “oh no” and then when adam CALLS him he’s so confused “why is he doing that what no why is this happening” and dr bright is there like ……..dude. and then once they start talking things are less infuriating and just sweet and cute and that’s good too. what an episode.  

So it looks like nobody did this yet so:

i used some shitty screencaps to look at each and every pic of bill and compare them to the originals

ok so first there’s bill making a pretty accurate impression of Gideon

then he did this horrible thing, i think it was his attempt at a smile

i’m not sure about what went wrong here

another spot on impression

this is p cool but look at him also being in the face of Alex

ok is that a drop on the picture or someone next to bill, also i don’t really get why he is upside down?

rawr look at me i’m a dinosaur!!!

ok seriously he had no excuse for this one! it has nothing to do with a hand, let’s face it, he just wanted to take this picture

look at me i’m a cute baby vampire dorito

accurate AF

Overall: Bill Is a teenager taking a bunch of selfies, this is his instagram, he even uses dumb filters

spiders, Seth x Reader

so I’ve been really inspired to start writing here recently, so this is my first one shot. bare with me pls and thanks :) also this is based off of a post break up au prompt from @ nadiahilker   

Seth Rollins x Reader

you keep calling me over to get rid of spiders from your apartment and i’m pretending i don’t know you’re not afraid of them at all because i miss you too”

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literally started this right before watching the episode that we don’t like to talk about bc I thought ‘hey I haven’t done anything for this dumb dumb show so why not’ but then the thing happened and i couldn’t bring myself to finish it until now

so yeah… one last time for allison i guess :*(

can’t you just picture being the 5th member/only girl in the band and doing an interview? it’d be so cute oh my. fans would send in questions and when someone asked you which boy was your favorite to cuddle with, you’d be hesitant to answer because you didn’t want to offend anyone but all the boys would be looking at you and hoping you’d say their name. luke would probably cockily lean back and drape his arm over you while pulling you closer to him and be like, “i’m her favorite, no doubt about it” so you’d reciprocate by saying, “just because you’re being ridiculously stupid, i’m gonna have to say you’re not my favorite. it’s cal.” that would cause calum to turn bright red and a playful fight to break out between michael and luke because they weren’t chosen and finally ashton would shut everyone up by going, “LISTEN, HERE’S THE THING. who she cuddles with depends on her mood. i don’t really think she has a favorite.” because michael’s cute, he’d most likely start talking about how much he loved when you cuddled with him and make all the fans in the audience collectively shout “AWWWW!!!!!” calum would be uncomfortable and want to quit talking about sappy stuff, so he’d say, “she’s like….a serial cuddler”, causing everyone to break out into uncontrollable laughter. then it would be a running joke in the 5sos fam for the rest of the band’s existence omg i want



I’ve talked about this somewhere else before but can’t help bringing it up again.

So…I’m Chinese but I didn’t know any local musical theater fan community until I started uploading musical related stuff to a Chinese website recently. And the most precious thing in Chinese musical theater fandom turns out to be the really hilarious nicknames they give to actors and characters. Crack me up every time without fail. Here’s a list of everything I’ve seen so far. Will add more when I find new ones.

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I just found a folder named "Cashton af" on my laptop

Oh hell yeah, you know what’s coming. I have no idea where this folder came from or what’s inside of it, but I’m about to dive in and share my findings with y'all.

Listen to me this is sweaty ashton and annoyed calum please send help

Oh look the gods have blessed us with a front view

And here’s the less sweaty backwards version

It’s 2015 and I still have no idea why the fuck this happened or why this needed to happen or why Calum isn’t wearing pants but is otherwise completely dressed or why Ashton isn’t wearing any clothes at all like???????

And then there was that one time Ashton tried to- Actually I have no fucking idea what’s going on here either 

Me every time Ashton breathes 

I have nothing to say just punch me


And we’ve all seen this stupid picture/wondered why it happened/contemplated laying in a puddle of tears because of cute lil fetus boys

Look at their cheekbones and jawlines and tiny matching hairstyles

Calum just fucking let’s him like whatever b ro feel me up it s fine br o

More giggly babies (ft. curls)

Look at their dumb hair please send help look at their curly little heads what is this the curl squad

Another unnecessary cuddle sessions aka remember that time Ashton said he usually stayed out of cuddles



speaking of, here’s a fight 

Serious band has serious fights

Y'all knew this was comin too dont lie

(curl squad back at it)


Hooookaaaaayyy more selfies 

Alternatively titled That One Time Ashton Stole and Made a Wish on Calum’s Eyelash (ft. fond Michael and Luke)

Another iconic moment in which we realized how fucking cute the curl squad was and what they do in their free time

Ashton sliding in out of nowhere for no reason and making Calum giggle 

And this stupid thing they do literally stop fondling air balls ohmygod

Finally my fav Cashton moment in the history of the band

Okay I’m done please and thank you for taking this sould finding journey through the deepest pits of hell aka that “Cashton af” folder I was unaware of

I hope you all made  the dumbest faces like I did have a nice day

Umm, I must be dumb or blind

So yesterday, I gave the writers praise for finally letting us know that Jean wasn’t the housekeeper anymore. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise. HAIR, MAKE-UP AND WARDROBE HAD BEEN SCREAMING IT THE WHOLE DURN TIME.

I mean, Jean hasn’t worn her usual work clothes all season and, although everyone commented on how cute she looked, I don’t think I read any comment questioning why. They got us. Oh so, so sneaky with the production. Love it!

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And follow me back to season 4. She was half in work clothes and relaxed hair styles, then there was the kick ass red set but then Mei Lin came back and it was back to the work clothes. So we had fair warning that this would happen in Season 4 and I totally missed all of the obvious clues.

I need to do better.

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Topp Dogg: when you use pickup lines on them

P-Goon:  looks at you stone faced, unable to comprehend what just happened. He didn’t know if you were trying to hit on him or make yourself look like a fool on purpose, but he’d laugh if he saw your embarrassed expression, saying you’re just too cute to handle.

Hojoon:  tries to stiffle a laugh, he just doesn’t know how to respond tbh. “Why would you think I’m from Tennessee y/n, you know I’m korean.” He’ll play dumb until you’re dumbfounded and trying to explain the joke to him.

Sangdo:  gets excited at the sight of you trying to flirt with him, it’s like when you first started dating all over again. He’ll sit back and watch you act like a dork while you try some classic pick up lines, and laughs along when you make up ones of your own.

Nakta:  "we’re already dating, y/n, I don’t have understand why you need to embarrass me like that.“ Low key LIVES for your cheesy flirting jokes, and plays along when you ask him questions that he already knows where they lead to. He’ll shake his head in amusement and wonders how he ended up with such a dork.

Hansol:  flirts right back at you, sometimes not even making sense bc he fires back so quickly. He rests his chin in his hands and stares at you in a challenging way, as if he’s egging you in to say something back to his somewhat inappropriate remarks. Always leaves you blushing and rolling your eyes at his childish behavior.

B-Joo:  he always tries to one up you with his own lame pick up lines, but fails when they’re not even making sense or even funny in general. Scoffs at your bored expression and turns to Google for help, in hopes of knocking you off your feet with another lame joke.

Xero:  can’t help but laugh and find it amusing that you can be this dorky yet make his heart race this much, he absolutely can’t resist you when you act like this. He esp likes it when you use the ones that compliment his, bc this boosts his ego and you’ll be getting so much affection in return.

A-Tom:  not amused, unless you’re using them to compliment him or make him blush. He’s probably just butthurt bc he’s used the same ones on you, yet they never seem to have any affect, so he’s given up.

Yano:  he always finds some way to make them unfunny, like using logic instead of just accepting the fact that you’re hitting on him. Though he’s just trying to impress you, he doesn’t mean to sound like a dork too.

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-Listen, I’m sorry I stole your car! Believe me, I’m sorry. If I get a kidnapping rap pinned on me, I ain’t gonna be able to handle it.
-That’s not my problem.
-Can you just call your family? I’ll drive you there and you call your family and you tell ‘em you’re fine. 

Dean thinking to going public with you.

       “Yah, are you sure you will do that?” your pupil dilated as you heard what he’s talking about. You were really had no idea what he was trying to do, but it could be joke, right? Cause Dean is actually prankster, and he’s the worst prankster all of ever.

        “Do I look like I’m joking?” he gave you deathly stare as if he wanted to kill you, he looked mad. And that’s his typical face expression when he’s about to explode, stiffen jaw line and death stare comes along automatically.

        At first, you didn’t know how to react but now you are used to face this situation so you choose to calmly answer him, “That’s not solving any problem.” Your hand automatically reached his hand and caressed them, tried to make him calm and reduced his anger.

        There were rumors hit the two of you.

        First is rumor about you dating another rapper since you recently agreed to be his model for MV, he was nice and has really good manner toward you and any other girl but seems like media saw it as special treat from him to you, that’s why the rumor started and became a huge issue for a while.

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Psst you know what you should draw? Crymini all flustered in a wedding dress. Maybe getting married to Baxter? ;3c

Okay I’m not saying I WON’T do a comic on this… But when I scribbled a panel of it Crymini looked like some alternate version of herself…

…and then I had a really dumb idea to draw an Anti-Crymini, Laughmini XD

I’m not saying you people won’t get a cute comic that some how involve Crymini in a wedding dress for at least one panel, just that it won’t be happening today XD

Plus I really can’t see Crymini wearing a dress. …unless it’s a dream sequence. …or Charlie or Niffty force her into one. X3

…or an end of season drama bomb episode where Crymini tries to be somebody she’s not but then realizes why that’s stupid in the end and starts ripping it off just as “Smile” by Weezer from the “Green Album” starts playing in the background, and then I finally give you all the CryminixBaxter ship you’re starving for in the most awkward yet beautifully genuine way possible. …not that I’ve put thought into this before or anything <_<

Anyway this week’s gonna be really busy but there are plenty more Hazbin Hotel comics on the way!

Crymini, Baxter, Niffty, and Molly all belong to @vivziepop. I LOVE playing with here characters, she pours so much soul into them, each of them is just so charming in their own unique way from their personality and mannerisms to their body types and poses. (OH AND SHE’S LIVE STREAMING RIGHT NOW! GO MAKE A DONATION IF YOU CAN!) XD