dumb and cute

Okay so I could probably do like a deep post about how the Vision has a really hard time understanding arbitrary human judgements of beauty because he sees beauty in all things and everything is miraculous to him and he’s at this higher plane where ascribing value to certain superficial traits is just ridiculous

But all I can think about is how frustrating that would be in a boyfriend? Him and Wanda are running late because she can’t get her eyeliner right or her hair isn’t doing what she wants or she can’t find this one particular necklace and Viz is like “Wanda, it doesn’t matter. Beauty is an arbitrary and abstract concept that doesn’t have any grounding in reality now will you please just throw something together and get in the taxi?”

Wanda doesn’t budge an inch from the mirror and darkly mutters “In about two seconds this relationship is going to be an arbitrary and abstract concept with no grounding in reality”