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Naruto ending...........

so what if i have tons and tons of work and responsability

do you think that will stop my weeb ass from watching the last episode of naruto and crying………….

it’s more than a show to me . it’s a complete 11 years of watching cheering and crying along side that one dumb blond kid .

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he followed me from childhood to my teen and now to adulthood

i won’t say the ride was all candy and flowers but it was one hella of journey…………..and it ends….yes it ends with that dumb kid turning into the adult we all long time fans are now

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it ended with the boy getting married while surronded by everyone he love        ( well mostly everyone…sasuke you little shit ) and i can’t see better ending than this

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and one day i too will have a family and when my kid reach the age i will pass him a 720 episode to watch like naruto passing his head protector to boruto

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Farwell naruto………………and thank you…………………..for everything





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who do u hate more? Zane or Garroth


Mcd!Zane is a decent villain, Mystreet!Garroth is just a dumb blond trope, and MCD!Garroth is a complex character who’s a xenophobe but I hope they educate him enough to stop being a dick.

But CERTAIN Garroth Fans, specific ones (You Know The Ones), have a special place in my heart. And that special place means I want to fight them.


“I don’t see color” is saying “I judge everybody by my lens and white culture, I judge everybody based on how they conform to white ideals”. That’s pretty…. racist. You should see color, you should see that people come from different backgrounds and have lived in a world that treats them differently. You should understand that your culture isn’t more important than other people’s culture. And you definitely shouldn’t ever judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. All people deserve the same respect for their heritage and background.

Tomi Lahren, you are truly one of a kind, and not in a particularly favorable light. You have compared the BLM movement to the KKK yet your Preacher Man rhetoric is very much of a Neo-Nazi Bible Thumper. Question: Do you see genocide, mass murder, a diaspora, a permanent displacement of home and country, an ethnic cleanse, political asylum, an aberration of freedoms to choose our religion, speech, pathology, and the way we think and the way we feel? If so, do tell because what I see is a narrow-minded privilege to the Aryan culture you were born with and a flagrant disregard to the other sides of life where hair extensions, fake lashes, and lip dermal collagen is not an everyday trip to the Cut-Copy-and-Paste Dr. Plastic. People all around us in America have the freedom to protest because we were dubbed inferior to the likes of you. Worst, there are people in disparaging harrowing acts of magnanimous sorrow, where the worlds are crashing beneath their feet and they are being labeled as terrorists when all they want is a refuge to make another place called home. You’re just a teeny-bobber airhead who presides in her laps of luxury as a chosen one when in reality, people like me feel sorry for people like you. Because of the color of my skin, I am presumably subservient to your “entity.” And we laugh at you because you don’t have the brain to buy a clue that you’re a sheep, being used like a Hermes bag that is so last season. You got your degree from Tump University and you have done absolutely nothing in life except to pander to the psycho right wing crap to conservative baby boomers who haven’t had an erection since the Reagan Administration.   Good job being a common-law Reaganomics whore.— Jennifer Brigitte

Ghostbusters and Objectification

Okay, I want to talk about Kevin from Ghostbusters. He’s the blond bombshell, the dumb blond, the insanely attractive, tightly clad secretary. Where he came from, why he’s there, why he’s the way he is, what he wants out of the world—none of that makes it to the screen. He’s basically window-dressing with no real purpose other than to have someone of his gender on the screen.

In fact, he really has no purpose or reason to be there at all except for:

1)   A prop for jokes

2)   Eye candy

3)   Damsel in distress

It is such a blatant wink-wink, nudge-nudge to the roles women have played in film for so damn long. (The only more blatant thing they could have done was kill him so the ladies had extra angst.) Even the ways in which the Ghostbusters themselves interact with Kevin is a really interesting interpretation of this phenomenon.

Abby- She gets to be completely annoyed and even angry over his incompetence, yet almost paternalistically resigned to it.

Erin- She lusts after him.

Holtzmann- She pretty much sees Kevin as a really adorable puppy she can’t believe they get to keep around the lab.  

Patty comes in after he is already hired, but manages to treat him the most human of all of them. Though she does embody the “We have to save our Kevin” role a bit. Heroic rescue and all that.

What’s interesting about this is also the differences that sneak in. While Abby is annoyed by Kevin’s ineptitude, instead of seeing him as typical of all men—‘they’re just not cut out for anything more complex’—she actually sees him as an individual. It’s Kevin who is dumb, not All Men. And Erin’s flirting and lusting is not simply a given reaction to Kevin or any man showing skin. We see it as skeevy, particularly as repeatedly pointed out by Abby and others. (“This is a law suit waiting to happen.”) But not just from a “the PC police say this is wrong” POV, but from an ethical standpoint. We laugh at Erin’s lust, but also are made uncomfortable by it.

And the thing that I can’t escape is how the pure flip of putting a man in a woman’s stereotypical role doesn’t really work. I mean, it’s genius at drawing our attention to how women have been treated for so long, but the fact is, we as an audience are really incapable of completely objectifying men. Even when everything in the role is about turning him into a one-dimensional trope, our brains can’t see him as anything less than an individual, a human, a subject. We have been trained from birth to see (white, straight) men as fully realized individuals. So in this film, he never fully becomes a caricature or an object or representative of his entire sex. We aren’t equipped to take that leap. While at the same time, female characters, even when they ARE given agency and their own story, are still easily dehumanized. It’s muscle memory. And if you want evidence of that, the hatred of the very idea of this movie, the disgusting hate Leslie Jones has suffered on twitter, and the True Fan Boy Tears that have flooded the internet should be more than enough.