dumb and annoying~

I’ve sucked it up and done some dumb annoying pointless shit for people’s birthdays. Whatever they want, it’s your day. I suck it up and put a smile on. The fact that not one of my “friends” can for one second even focus on anything but themselves when it’s my birthday shows a lot. This is why I don’t fw my birthday, never did never have. Just one year closer to dying.

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

That’s what would happen if Cupcake and Pudding had to raise a dog to learn how to take care of something. But they fight instead… of course they do.

Bad translation: xd Both: *look at dog and shit* *then at eachother* Pudding: What is THAT *points at shit* Cupcake: *thinks he meant the dog* A Dog. *sparkle sparkle* Pudding. That wasn’t what I meant There is. SHIT. Cupcake: … So I am shit to you?! Pudding: … Uh. How dumb are you?! Cupcake: I am not dumb! Pudding: … *points at shit* Cupcake: … OHHHHHH Pudding: IDIOT

Uf!Goth/ Cupcake: @nekophy
Uf!Palette/ Pudding: @angexci

you know what pisses me the fuck off with the raven cycle? the prophecy was that blue would kill her one true love when they kissed but everytime they referred to her one true love it was a “he” why couldn’t it be a she smh,,,,

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Jori was one of the first f/f ships I ever got into hardcore omg. I miss Victorious so much

I don’t think I have time to miss it because I’m pretty sure I’ve just been shipping the same pairing since I was five.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Aaaaand Exhibit D

Ladies thinking the other is dumb and/or annoying af while also flirting outrageously with them is apparently my aesthetic.

I don’t think I can draw today but I will try to :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Hey! This GIF is …ummmazing!!!!

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just a lil psa bc im annoyed

if you don’t like how someone’s channel is becoming, then just unsubscribe. don’t go around spreading hate because you’re annoyed. im not gonna make a most defending the boys because it’s pointless. it’s simple: if you aren’t happy with what they’re posing then leave because hate isn’t wanted here.

that’s all i have to say.