dumb & dumber 2


Selection Of The Week #9

Just Wanna • Amber ft. Eric Nam
Beautiful • Crush (Goblin OST)
Promise • EXO
You, Who? • Eric Nam x Somi
Go Higher • GOT7
Never Ever • GOT7
It’s Still Beautiful • Highlight
Dumb & Dumber • iKON
Back 2 U • NCT127
Paradise • NCT127
Always • Rap Monster
11:11 • Taeyeon

Spotify (without GOT7 and RM’s songs)

anonymous asked:

Sure, Renee ... you can jump as far as you can sell slaps well. But nice for Dean that he had to endure Renee and DBry aka Dumb & Dumber just for a short time.

It was less than 2 minutes. He came in said excuse me talked to Baron seemed a bit sarcastic when saying this was his favorite show. 

My bias is going to the army soon and i don’t know what to do, i always thought rationally and was kinda prepared and was hoping my bias goes and comeback quickly but now it’s really nearing and happening for sure i don’t know what to feel, 2 years without my baby without smiles, without cheesiness, without childish fight, without care, without silliness, without sweetness, without funniness, without love, without everything, 2 years without dumb and dumber what am i going to do without EUNHAE?

So. This little number popped up in my newsfeed on FB. While I can’t agree with it more I’m just dumbfounded that people do this to him. I get being caught up in all the excitement, but please don’t cross the line :/ I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jim Carrey and despite my internal freak out I still respected him enough to ask for his autograph, a hug, and a picture with him and my husband. I asked for those things, I didn’t just outright do them.

(I sat outside watching them film Dumb and Dumber 2 for hours for the chance to meet him. The production company allowed people to watch. The sunburn was worth it.)

And as far as insulting his friends goes why do it? Why honestly do it? They’re great people who don’t deserve that at all. I absolutely hate it when I see people do this online.

At the same time though this makes me worry about if I ever meet him or any of them for that matter. Approaching them scares the crap out of me (However I live in Ga and I don’t see any of them coming to any of the cons down here. Le sigh). I want to treat them as normal human beings and not act like an awkward freak. I don’t want to piss them off or annoy them ;-;

Sorry, I started rambling. Anyways. Just remember to be respectful guys. With anyone.